Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dear Points of View, I wish to complain....

...about the plummeting standards of journalism on the BBC News website.

One element of my day job (now only an occasional element) is to fire off digestible little daily business news stories for various websites. Coming up with these used to be a cinch because you could simply re-hash the Beeb's efforts a bit. But take a look at this risible piece of 'Peter and Jane' writing posted in the Business section today:

The government will now pocket the money raised instead. The British Property Federation said this was unfair. The government said money had to be raised from somewhere. The scheme in question is called Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC).

Blah de blah. The cat sat on the mat. Then I woke up.

Doubtless this decline in standards is due to the sheer quantity of daily verbiage expected of news websites these days and they're now farming out copy to Indian schoolchildren but really, things have come to a pretty pass indeed when the Beeb isn't even worth plagiarising.


Willard said...

It's like I keep saying: there are just too many words and good prose has become grossly devalued.

Susan said...

Brit, if you haven't already, do listen to yesterday's episode of An Audience with Ed Reardon, in which he reads some of his "letters to the newspapers about the pitiful decline in standards of literature."

Peter said...

London--Oct 21st--Reuters

David and Nick spent a fun day slashing budgets at Westminster. Then, tired but happy, they boarded the bus.

zmkc said...

At least they didn't use 'then'