Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Why the Scottish hate the English

Note: the following is a piece of tongue-in-cheek nonsense written as part of a tongue-in-cheek, nonsensical series of articles about why different nations hate the English.

If you are one of the apparently hundreds of enraged Scots who has come here by Googling "Scottish hate the English" or similar, please (a) grow a sense of humour and, preferably, find something more worthwhile to do with Google; or (b) find somewhere else to vent your spleen. Thank you.

The Scots, in contrast to the Australians, hate the English far more than they ought to.

The ‘Scotch’ – as they loathe to be called – have for far too many centuries been hitching a ride on the wealth and productivity of the superior nation down south that in 1707 (or 1603, depending on how you look at it) so kindly annexed and finally civilised what was, to all intents and purposes, an unruly rabble of drunken, hairy hooligans.

Not content with being massively over-represented in the Houses of Parliament, nor with having eternal control of the UK’s purse-strings through the absurdly long-serving Chancellor, Gordon Brown, the Jocks have in recent years successfully demanded the right to royally screw up their own affairs with the creation of a Scottish Parliament. (Farcically, this screwing-up process began almost immediately with the financial disaster of the Parliament building itself).

Naturally, the English are only too pleased to allow their northern cousins the chance to strike out alone. (Here one recalls the famous parting remark of Edward ‘Longshanks’ on returning over the border from Scotland in 1296 " It does a man good to be shot of a turd.")

Nonetheless, there is no doubt that the Scottish Parliament was washed up in 1999 by a rising tide of nationalistic fervour. But what does it mean to be a ‘patriotic Scot’?

Virtually all the trappings of Scottish culture, bar perhaps the haggis and the sporran, are phony. The legend of the clans and their tartans were largely invented by romantic writers like Sir Walter Scot, while the bagpipes came from Ancient Rome via Turkey.

No, the only thing that unites the Scots is their shared hatred of the Sassenachs ‘doon Sooth’. Scottish nationalism is defined by, indeed cannot exist without, anti-Englishness.

As with the Australians and the Bodyline Series, today’s anti-English feeling among the Scots can be traced to single trigger event. This event occurred in 1995, but the conditions were right and the pot had been simmering for some decades.

As ever, international sport (the modern war-substitute) played its part. Of course, there has always been a natural neighbourly dislike of the bigger, more successful country next door, but as Scottish prowess on the world sporting stage has declined, so has resentment of English success, however punctuated, grown.

By the late 1980s, the stream of outstanding Scottish football talent that produced the likes of Denis Law, Jim Baxter and Kenny Dalglish, had all but dried up and the Scotland national team has become a laughing stock (while England sit at 8th in the latest Fifa rankings, and Eire – made up mostly of second-rate English players who happen to have an Irish grandparent – are 12th, Scotland have plummeted to a dismal 88th, behind such footballing luminaries as Burkina Faso, Canada and Gineau).

The rugby team is little better, with Scotland’s Six Nations challenge essentially amounting to an annual battle for the wooden spoon with Italy. England meanwhile, recently became the first northern hemisphere team to become World Champions.

National humiliation breeds great bitterness. By the 1990’s, young Scottish men must have been at an all-time low. The time was ripe for a Scottish Messiah.

Enter Mel Gibson…

How the Risible and Historically Inaccurate movie Braveheart made in Wales by a Hollywood-based Australian gave Scotland a Renewed Sense of National Identity based upon Hatred of the English

Purporting to tell the story of William Wallace, who led Scotland against the English in the late 13th Century Wars of Scottish Independence, the historical inaccuracies in the film Braveheart are many and wide-ranging even by Hollywood’s silly standards. (Perhaps the most absurd being Wallace’s affair with Isabella of France, implying that her son, later King Edward III of England, actually came from Braveheart’s bloodline – when in fact during the period in question Isabella was a mere infant, and in France).

In fact, virtually every scene and certainly every battle is historically wrong. Harmless fun,of course. A bit of entertaining fluff. A good yarn.

Except that few could have predicted just what a hoo-hah this harmless fluff would create, and how seriously the Scots would take it.

Suddenly hordes of Scottish men are daubing themselves in the movie’s (anachronistic) blue and white face paint to attend football matches.

There are reports of over-excited Jocks, tanked up on Irn-Bru and ‘Heavy’, spilling out of cinemas across Scotland and beating the living haggis out of anyone with an English accent.

Inebriated ex-pat Glaswegians pour out of their luxurious offices in Canary Wharf on a Friday night and bellow “Freedom!” at their hated Sassenach oppressors.

In other words, Mel Gibson did for bitter Scots what Michael Moore did for Guardian-readers: peddle them the overblown fictitious nonsense that they’re all-too-eager to hear until truth and common-sense become buried by the sheer vividness of the legend and everyone is nicely stirred up into a frenzy of self-righteous indignation.

Gibson gave Scotland a new mythology, and a new identity, and he based it on a bastardised version of a battle that occurred 700 years ago.

And that is Why the Scots Hate the English.


martpol said...

I was in Scotland last year, and thought I'd visit the Wallace monument near Stirling. It's an incredibly impressive architectural feat, but more entertaining is the sculpture that stands outside the shop there - a statue of Mel Gibson as Wallace in Braveheart!

Anonymous said...

well i'm an english girl and i've fell head over heels with a scotsman all his "pals" tease him rotten he's even got bravehearts pic tattoed on his arm! But he's a true gentlemen to much to write on here what he's done i just hope i'll cope movin in two years from noo from doon sooth to dunfermline toon

Anonymous said...

Here one recalls the famous parting remark of Edward ‘Longshanks’ on returning over the border from Scotland in 1296 " It does a man good to be shot of a turd."
PMSL. Very funny. Not that I care one jot about Scots hating the English. As you say, take that away from them and they cease to exist.
Its not funny though, when a Scottish PM and his jock Chancellor will not England its own Parliament and then push Scottish MPs into English seats as well. No, not funny at all and they will pay a price for stealing our taxes to featherbed Scotland with free services that the English themselves are not allowed.
It seems fair play wasn't British value after all. Only an English one.

Home Rule for England said...

How about an article on why the English hate the Scottish?

kuniva said...

Whoever wrote this biased one sided article has just proven of how the Scots get up the English nose. Listen to the way he tries and belittles everyone in Scotland with his implicit naive opinions. The English get so wound up over how we show our pride in our country, it's laughable, but we do love winding them up.

Brit said...


If you look around my site, you'll notice that there's nothing particularly unusual about the Scots, other than, apparently, a sense of humour bypasss.

Redlion said...

Poor English muppets. They can't even run their own so called country. They don't have a culture of their own, they beg and borrow from any and all other cultures to make up a mongrel nation. They are educated in the gutter, they drink and take drugs without any self control, they abuse their children to an unbeliveable level. They are truly the scum of the Earth.

Anonymous said...

I loved this article so much... Why do we Scots hate the English? Because yer all jist wee bastards!
Haha I am joking of course. I think this article proves that actually there is a lot of unspoken resentment from the English that us Scots get to coast along so nicely with our free higher education and the such off the English backbone and I'd say that resentment is pretty justified... but we can't help it the people we get into parliament to represtent us are clearly far more intelligent than the politicians you English have so we end up with the cushty deal!

Anonymous said...

whoever did this stupid report is obviously English, look at all the facts :
Stuck up
thinks england is the place to be (not)
obviosly loves himself
and most importantly acts like a single, computer geeky wee toerag who is soon gonna get what he's asking for !

Want to know the REAL reason the scots hate the english , well lets just put it this way.

Brit said...

Computer geek? If only, I haven't a clue how these things work. Other than that, guilty as charged, you anonymous braveheart.

we love our country said...

I have been brought up in a true scottish family (originally from scotland), and I just think that the english are stubborn and the accent thing! i cant stand its horrible.
I read a comment up there ^ saying about a article about why english hate scottish .. because we beleive in true independence everyone hates the english not just scots. Ever been on holiday and heard the irish etc speaking about it aswell? England is a greedy country with a history of greed and murder. I couldnt care less if you disagree, We are not british we are scottish!!

Jacobite said...

I am proud to have been born in Highlands of Scotland and have always had highland anscestors, I havent ever had any interest in Wallace after all he was a lowlander that spent most of his life in Europe.I hate the english for what their Royalty ordered in 1746.they werent just happy to have a battle against Jacobites and beat them 4 to 1, but they created genocide all the way back to other side of River Forth.They killed,raped and tortured men women and children many who hadnt anything to do with Jacobite Cause
and all in name of King George and his son Duke of Cumberland(Stinking Billy)English Royalty.The aftermath of the battle was biggest shame the so called British army ever had and werent allowed any battle honors for Culloden.I will always hate them for that,then in 1800s we had Highland Clearances again get rid of the Scots of the North to make way for sheep,and the landowners sell their honour for English Royalty gold and a knighthood.and right up untill the 20th century Scottish Culture wasnt allowed to be learnt by our children.Scottish History was banned in Scottish schools , even I myself can remember being told we need to learn about Battle of Hastings and Magna Carta and nothing else.even today Scots Gaelic isnt recognised on British government forms but various asian and welsh, Polish,etc languages are all catered for.Many of the Royalists of England would rather have Scotland staying quiet.

Brit said...

Thanks, Jaocobite - one of the less rabid "why the scottish hate the english" googlers.

Would you be able to answer a couple of questions for me?

1) Over what distance of time is it reasonable, or indeed, possible, to bear a grudge? Obviously we can blame each other for the sins of our fathers' fathers' fathers' fathers' fathers' fathers, but can we go back to the Ancient Romans, for example, or is that pushing it?

2) Out of interest, how many monolingual Gaelic Scots speakers are there in Britain?

Anonymous said...

There is nothing humourous about this article.
There is nothing superior about England at all.
Other than the fact a very rich wealthy german family came and took over the country and used it as a tool to keep the masses as poor working class and then cunningly plunder the rest of the world.
This family are today known as the 'illuminati'.
If you are a working class white English person taking in pride in your so called greatness, you need a reality check. The elite think you are nothing but a working class slave to them

Anonymous said...

To 'we love our country', your comment "We are not british we are scottish!!" couldn't be more correct. In my opinion we should just let the Scots break away from the rest of the UK if they want to, it would mean so much more money staying where it should (and came from). Though I don't think they would do too well as an independant...

And to 'Jacobite'who says "I hate the english for what their Royalty ordered in 1746", I have one thing to say - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, are you serious!? You hate an entire nation for what happened 263 years ago? You must be the oldest person in the world! (or you're just really pathetic - one of the two)

Oh and Redlion - have you heard of the pot calling the kettle black?

I would like to add that I know many Scots who are proud of being British and don't give a damn where someone is from (or who did what over 250 years ago), and would also find many of the comments here laughable.

Anonymous said...

it's amazing how many jocks hate the english, yet they marry an english person ,have kids who are born in england and live and work in england. If you don't like it you know what you can do. Oh I forgot that's why you are known in Australia as the scottish boomerangs. You can throw them away , but they never come back

Anonymous said...

To whoever said the money will stay where it came from youl need that money to buy oil off scotland since most of it comes from the north sea and in either scottish or norweigen territory. i cant say for sure but im pretty sure there with the masses and hate you you aswell.

O Flower Of Scotland said...

If Scotland seperated from the Uk the army would be in a poor state since the English cant fight for toffee.A nation of big headed arrogant arsehole who when it comes down to it are all talk.

Soph said...

These comments are upsetting. I'm English and I had this romanticised dream of Scotland when I was younger, I couldn't wait to go there. Then I grew up and my dream was crushed, I went to Scotland and as soon as people heard my english accent they didn't even look at me as they served me in a shop or help me when I asked for directions. I have no hatred for any nation, and it's so sad to think that I can't go anywhere without being judged because I'm English and naturally that must mean I'm bigheaded or stuck up or stupidly proud of England. I'm none of those things, I just want to travel and meet nice people but it seems that because I'm English that's just not going to happen.
Please people, stop's so short, why waste it being angry.

Anonymous said...

btw that isnt even the proper reason y we dont like the english

1. if someone scottish wins an important event such as a gold medal at eh olympics or suhin hes british, as soon as he loses hes scottish again.

2. if england win anythin suddenly they are the best in the world and the media go on n on n on about it

3. yeez have yer heads shoved so far up americas ass

4. yeez think ye r superior to every other country

5. everytime the world cup comes around ye hink yer gonna win when ye always seem tae get put out after the group stage

6. yeez hink there is suhin wrong wae scottish money when its clearly legal tender

7. aw yer wee 'chavs' hink theyre ment

theyre is so much more a could say but a canny be arsed

Brit said...

That's the most coherent justification for anti-English sentiment yet, Anonymous - and delivered in a comedy Scots accent, too.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, scottish do have a sense of humor, we just dont like it when we get put down and degraded. Sometimes, you've just got to know when to stop sunshine!
And, we want our own parlament so we can have our own chance, and maybe even win eurovision one time since no one votes for the u.k since everyone hates england!

Anonymous said...

And F.Y.I, not all scottish people hate the english, the majority dont like what they did very much, but then, would you? I know it was a long time ago guys, but it doesn't mean it never happened! My family happen to be nationalists, and one of my relatives is currently a member of the scottish parlament, but none of us are prejudiced against the english. Some of my family are eng;ish and I dont hate them! I mean, it's not their fault.

Rose said...

kuniva said...
Whoever wrote this biased one sided article has just proven of how the Scots get up the English nose. Listen to the way he tries and belittles everyone in Scotland with his implicit naive opinions. The English get so wound up over how we show our pride in our country, it's laughable, but we do love winding them up.

I totally agree with you. Sorry to disappoint but I don't fit into your neat little tag of "an unruly rabble of drunken, hairy hooligans." I would much rather be known as one of a proud and strong nation than one who feels it necessary to post opinions like that. Yes teh Scots generally have feelings of enmity toward the English but it is replies like this which only encourage that feeling. Sure, you may give the age-old excuse of "You're Scottish, of COURSE you'd feel that way." But as someone who spent thirteen years of their life in England I can honestly say that its a nationwide feeling from the South of the Border. My consensus is grow up and make a valid point rather than a one-sided debate where you leave no room for the victim to retaliate.

Brit said...

Ah, the Eurovision Gambit, Anonymous. A new one.

Anonymous said...

i agree with sophs comment.from north of england and love everything about scotland more than south of england.we love to visit.its amazing.although there woz once i woz waiting in a q for a nightclub and the bouncer wouldn't let us in coz of our geordie accent. all the bad stuff happened hundreds of years ago.there woz battles all over the world.i'm not into politics,but pleased scotland has their own parliament

a.walker91 said...

I am scottish and i have no problem with the English. At the end of the day us scots get so much off th eenglish in forms of money, standing in the world and national security. Scotland can go off on their own if they want and have a massive national debt higher taxes no armed forces no standing in europe or the rest of the world . . . nice one. and all because of something that happened 250 years ago. grow up. And comments about the english being arrogant . . . reality check. Also scottish money is NOT legal tender in anywhere other than scotland and the post office! I'm proud to be scottish but will not hate the english!

Anonymous said...

My Scottish mate went down to England to work, and check his, he went to an interview with a guy who used to stay in paisley, and had moved, I shit you not this was what he told me mate "I moved down here, because there is no work ethic in Scotland" I couldn't believe it when he told me that, had I been in the interview room I would have struggled not to crack him one.

Imagine branding a full nation as lazy with no work ethic, guy needs to address himself!!

Great comments! it’s funny why the English even care, seriously just let them think its all their money paying everything, we shall see how they do without clean water since most of it comes from here, and also the oil (north sea) biggest wind farm (Scottish coast)

I would also give the English some food for thought, see the fact you think England is the only ones paying high tax, try and think for a minute of Aberdeen, the guys and girls offshore on the rigs are like on £50k at 24 and that’s just the low end of the rung. are they not paying 40% then no ? and see because England’s bigger, that doesn't just mean you pay more tax on mass, it also means you claim more benefit and take more from the pot, your mental if you think that your NHS, government, wars, etc. are all paid by you... I think Scotland would do better than you think as a free agent.

Anonymous said...

I think that Scottish get annoyed by the English not shutting up about how they are going to win the world cup and blah de blah. Anytime the comentators are comentating on another football game it's "oh, such and such played for (english team)" or "Well i don't think (team) will be on Englands priority list this year" and well, WHO GIVES A FLYING MONKEYS? Its so ANNOYING! and in the adverts its all "oh come on England" That's why everyone can't wait till they get kicked out.
I think that we should have our own Eurovision entry too! The English one is always crap. And the reason that everyone hates england is kinda true awswell.

Anonymous said...

I would just like to say to our rather annoyed friends from the north of the boarder, did any of you read the begining of this article qoute" Note: the following is a piece of tongue-in-cheek nonsense written as part of a tongue-in-cheek, nonsensical series of articles about why different nations hate the English.

If you are one of the apparently hundreds of enraged Scots who has come here by Googling "Scottish hate the English" or similar, please (a) grow a sense of humour and, preferably, find something more worthwhile to do with Google; or (b) find somewhere else to vent your spleen. Thank you.
It`s just a spoof article please get a life you english haters it`s to short to hold grudges

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but ive noticed people are reffering english and scotts as them and us as if we are differant. in the past english have needed the scottish and vice versa. if the scottish want to move out of the UK and make a scottish government so be it but they can leave england alone as we wont bail them out and we wont expect them to bail us out

Anonymous said...

I see. I was wondering why they hated us. I see its because there arrogant idiots. Makes sense.

(P.S. only the haters, not the other people)

MANOWAR1983 said...

England hates Scotland far more and this in turn causes Scotland to dislike England. England has a history of bullying and expansionism, which Scotland has always managed to defeat untill bought over by England in 1707 for the purposes of expanding Englands Empire. England being unable to conquer Scotland bribed the Scottish government, which was in debt due to English actions. Scotland could not even send trading and merchant ships out to sea without being intercepted and turned back by the English Navy. All this was designed by England to force the Union of 1707. England has lied, cheated and stolen every natural resource in Scotland.

England has stolen the massive wealth of Scotland, from its multi billion Pound Oil industry to its multi billion Pound Whisky industry. The McCrone report declassified after the set time declared that if Scotland were to leave the British Union and take its oil with it, Scotland would end up with one of the hardest currencies in Europe and be a dominant political and economic power over England. England then through ignorance believe the Orkney and Shetlands did not believe themselves Scottish so offered a referendum to Scotland and the Orkneys in the hope that if Scotland voted Independence, Orkeny would remain in Britain keeping the Scottish oil with it. All the revenues from Scottish oil are taken to and spent in the South East of England. Even to this day England continues to move the sub-sea border north beyond the the land border for the purposes of taking more Scottish oil and gas.

England is a petty country, a weak country unable even to keep up with the likes of France and Germany in economic terms. Britain now is not even among to the top ten richest nations on Earth, but interestingly Scotland was predicted by UN economists to become the 7th richest nation if Independent. England continues to treat Scotland like and insignificant and isolated backwater subsidised by the English tax payer, which is in total fact a lie. If Scotland votes independence England will take generations to recover as it will lose all Scottish resources, a portion of the army, navy and airforce as well as the money of 6 million tax payers. Scotland may in this situation struggle for say ten years, but would sooner overcome the problems of new found independence and prosper far more than England. This all begs the question - Who subsidised who? It would seem Scotland is one of the largest sources of income to the British treasury in London, which is why the Conservatives with fight with all its power to prevent Scotland from leaving the Union. And had Scotland been a subsidised nation as English ignorance believes, the British government would have kicked the Scottish nation out of the Union years ago.

Muzzerino said...

You will love this!

England is NOT a real country

Anonymous said...

i am scottish and scots hate england becuase they are treated badly by them for centuries and still are the wars have raged on for hundreds of years with no deciceve victory on each side england need to wake up and see scots are not weak even though scotland is small compared to england it is still superior in many ways people have ancestors how suffered and are not going to just forget englands war crimes that lasted hundreds of years hundreds of years of rape murder and theift and you honestly wonder why we have a problem

Anonymous said...

This is probably the funniest thing I have heard for a while,

Please remember that, it was just for a bit of a laugh, nothing serious, but all of these ideas have just been loosely thrown around.

Braveheart was the subject, I remember seeing the film and it was very much in favour of Scotland if I remember rightly. I am English so I will try to comment as nicely and as accurately as I possibly can, without directly trying to wind up either the Scottish or the English.

So far you have done the Film, the politics, the British/Scottish situation, spoken vaguely on sport but I think we should leave that one as it could be a little one sided.

Personally I know a few Scottish people living in England, nice honest people who I get on with very well. The problem, sorry no not the problem, the answer to why they don't seem to carry all this anger which most of the Scottish/people on here do is, what actually happened, when they left Scotland and entered was is essentially known as 'The Real World' they decided it was probably time to grow up.

I am not so up to date on my history, was never a strong subject of mine at school, which wasn't a bad school might I add. Maths was more my forte, so excuse me if I don't drag up the past and start chanting like an old war victim, its just not my style. As for maths though, the previous 'Brown' we will refer to him as, just 'Brown' as this appears to be a fitting colour / word, was not so great at maths and has left us with a pretty large mess. But at least, he is not with us and he has served his country well.

One other person on here, Scottish I presume also made a comment about the 'Drink' and 'Drugs' problem that England has, I must only assume that this person has never seen a stand up show of the Scottish comedian 'Franky Boyle' with regards to Glasgow?

Good meat in Scotland

so, that just about levels everything up, as I said, not in favour of either, but it's pretty clear which one came out on top, to be honest I didn't think many people in Scotland knew how to use a computer, so I can't really expect much in the way of an onslaught.

Anonymous said...

I'm scottish and I think tall, shaggy haired guys with london accents are... whhoooaaah! (Robert Pattinson! <3)

But I do happen to agree that what you've said isn't a joke, it's just nasty. People shouldn't be judged by their nationality. I think Scotland should be indipendant because I think all this fighting and argueing and offending will end when Scotland does break free.

Anonymous said...

Lived off England's wealth as they were the superior nation??? LOL!!!

We handed them their arses and then Invented and inspired their modern world, why else you think today Scotland holds more power over the UK than England does, are you seriously that stupid? lol

simon said...

Being married to a Scottish women and getting to know her family well..
It often came up if you love Scotland why dont you live there !!! (they have been living in England for 40 years).
Yes you Scots are very nationalistic, But you know which side your bread and butter and spread on.. We will always support your your country because you cant afford to yourself. OK.. : D

simon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rainy little island said...

I was born in Oxford. I never got bothered about football, or politics, it's all just fat guys shouting to me!
I fell in love with a Scotts girl, from Edinburgh, who I'm now married to. We moved to Scotland becuase I hate southerners attitude!
I AM a southerner, but to generalize that we're all softy idiots is stupid, becuase you can be an idiot or a saint from ANY nation.
Interesting thing was, I looked at my family history and my mums side is fully Scottish, and My partners mum is from Essex :P.
I picked up a tiny bit o the accent over the years.
The reason Scotts and English truly hate eachother is becuase of national problems. Big concepts like football and education etc.
The people themselves up here in Scotland are bloody awesome, chat to anyone, have you round for tea and vice versa. Down south I lived in the same house for 5 years and I didn't even get a nod from my next door neighbour.
THATS the difference. Its not the sport, the laws and all that, it's the mentality!
And most of the Scottish I know are very well educated, and quite clearly saw that Braveheart was just a work of fiction. This report just shows the drunk minority in isolated incidents. Down south I've seen a guy get smacked in the mouth becuase he tried to get on the bus ahead of this other guy.
South has loads of money, and a perpetual state of idiotism and stupid ideals. Scotland may not be rich, but we have community and bonds that never get broken. I know which I prefer.
Some guys hate my accent, but I just figure, if you can't talk to me to find out the truth, you don't even deserve a glance!
I love Scotland, I love Scotts people, and I hate English's idea that we feed from their trough. Do we bollocks, where does your oil come from eh?

Rainy little island said...

Plus, I have got into an argument with a Glaswegian guy, my partners friend. He softly dug at me all night about my accent, but its all water off a ducks back.
Then as we settled in to the evening more, he got into the whole debate of how the English came up to Scotland and we're pretty much evil gits to them. Details from that era are murky but yeah, custodian knights weren't known for their hand shaking skills, lol.
He said "Your country was arrogant, it thought it could take on the world and it got beaten back by some farmers in the field".
I said, I agree, we were arrogant, but I would like to point out that MY ancestors weren't.
He said, your all the same, power hungry, pride filled, Scott's had heart and soul!
I said, again, I agree, but the king that invaded your land was french! And MY ancestors were the people in the fields, and working on the forges, and our aristocracy was beating the hell out of my ancestors WAAAY before they came up to your end. MY ancestors hated them too, and were just made to do things with fear, fear of losing food or family. You make it sound like the English had a smooth ride, we were invaded by vikings and Saxons around 7 separate times, then by the roman empire!
We had our culture destroyed and any semblance of identity turned to dust. Direct your hate at the rich croquet playing fox hunting toff's.
He looked at me and said...never thought of it like that, he's alright Isn't he (to My partner).
She shook her head, don't get him started :P.
I said, did you know, since we are getting into the "answer for your ancestors" debate, that the clans that came to form Glasgow were paid off by the English not to fight in the resistance! They we're told they would be spared when the resistance was quelled and they could tend the land under English rule.
My partner told me that, that's why there's a Glasgow/ Edinburgh divide.

Brit said...

Thank you for your extensive comment, Rainy.

You might find this interesting.

It explains why all discussions involving 'your' or 'my' ancestry are entirely meaningless. Bring that one out next time a pub bore gives you grief.

Anonymous said...

The English are not responsible for what foriegn German kings did in their name . The English have never ruled or have been masters in their own country they are not even to this day Two Scotsman come to mind Tony Blair creator of wars and Gordon Brown both dominated England and like kings did as they pleased to the detriment of a nation but i dont hate scots . They cant be all bad

Anonymous said...

I think you're all just being incredibly rude. And as for this blog thing, I think it's a discrace talking about you're next door neighbours like that! Scotland can and will be independant one day, and I think it will be a success.

sachin said...

Saint Joan Of Arc Hated And Fought evil english people have invaded and killed and massacred and looted people in africa,india,america and france.

english are evil and they must be hated by irish and scots and french.

Anonymous said...

when i hear a scottish accent i think dole and benefits.
when i hear an irish accent i think
loads of kids, dole and benefits,
and both have plenty of drunks

Anonymous said...

I Willl tell u why WE hate you english so much!!! You are idiots who have stupid accents!! CMON THE CATHOLICS!!

Anonymous said...

We are all British and when the chips are down we bind together as one nation to face tyranny.Do not stereotype people or criticise them because of their nationality.When you are abroad,you are generally seen as a Brit or as English,albeit you may be from another part of the British Isles.I personally do not have a problem with that at all.British and proud.
Celebrate your identityby all accounts.But you are a citizen of a great island nation which is respected throughout the world.

Anonymous said...

Would Scotland be where it is today without the English? No

Would Scotland have all the freebies they have today without the English? No

Would Scotland survive on their own, totally independant or England? Most certainly not. Their main money maker is tourism, farming and oil... and oil doesn't last forever. You will find that the vast majority of Scots do not want independance. Why? Beacuse they would crash and burn.

Anonymous said...

Just so you know, Scots don't hate the English people, it is the English establishment that we resent.

Most English people I have met are fine, just as most Scottish people I have met are fine.

Unfortunately their is ignorant people, both in Scotland and England, that tend to give both nations a bad name.

Our country was stolen from us, we just want it back, that's all. If the situation was reversed and the Scots ruled over England, as a proud Englishman, would you not want your country back, or would you accept Scottish rule?

As for the history argument, that is usually ignored by saying "it was a long time ago, get over it...", as Bill Hicks would say "Bill, quit talking about Kennedy man. It was a long time ago, just let it go, alright? It's a long time ago, just forget it." I'm like, alright, then don't bring up Jesus to me. As long as we're talking shelf life here...”

Lastly, "The Kingdom of Great Britain resulted from the political union of the kingdoms of England and Scotland with the Acts of Union 1707" so this means Scotland puts the "Great" into Britain, funny that ;)

Anonymous said...

Cant we all be friends. We all want to live our lifes on this little island we call Great Britain.
England get your Mps to work harder for you.. I think its a disgrace you pay prescription charges.
Scottish girl

Sam said...

Hi all.
I am an English man who lives in the Scottish Highlands.
The past is the past and history is written by the most poweful nation at THAT time.
Clearances? You may hate the English for this utter discrace, but it was Scots land owners that committed this attrocity.

Surely both nations were as guilty as the other?? This is a beautiful country, don't ruin it with your misguided intolerance of a country which wronged your ANCESTORS. By doing so you are known only in the same way as the football hooligans and National Front e.t.c.

How sad you can't see past something which stopped having a negative effect on your families HUNDREDS of years ago! Grow up.


shaun the brummie said...

if they hate england so much why don't they fuck off back to scotland.grow some balls and vote for independence,then we could deport all the lazy,drunken,smelly shits home,to live on benefits paid for by THEIR taxes.hate the fucks....

Anonymous said...

Well, the SNP have had a great majority over Scotland! And I am pleased :-) I think Scotland should be independent, have our own EUROVISION SONG CONTEST SONG! And team in the OLYMPICS.

Anonymous said...

Sam said...
Hi all.
I am an English man who lives in the Scottish Highlands.
The past is the past and history is written by the most poweful nation at THAT time.
Clearances? You may hate the English for this utter discrace, but it was Scots land owners that committed this attrocity.

Surely both nations were as guilty as the other?? This is a beautiful country, don't ruin it with your misguided intolerance of a country which wronged your ANCESTORS. By doing so you are known only in the same way as the football hooligans and National Front e.t.c.

How sad you can't see past something which stopped having a negative effect on your families HUNDREDS of years ago! Grow up.


Sam, I keep meaning to put up a sign on the A9 for you and your. Enjoy the Scottish Highlands but remember the way home. I am sick fed up of the amount of you here.
I'm not anti-English but the number of English moving to the Highlands is eroding our culture (which to me and many is very precious). I can't tell you how often I chat to tourists from further afield who are staggered that the owner of their B & B are English. They come here for the culture and Scottish-ness the area is world known for. Why don't you all go home!

Anonymous said...

Another point, why do the English see Scotland's desire for independence as antii-English. I'm sick of the negative 'eff off and see how you fare' comments.
We are a nation - defined so by a common culture and heritage and thus deserve the right to be seen globally as such.
English counties do not share this common identity. I'm always surprised by the anti-Southerness expressed by Northern English.
I am a highlander an see all Scots (Glaswegian, Islanders & Aberdonians) as my kinsmen.
Ask an Isle of Wighter if they see this in a Londoner and I'm sure you will be quite surprised that they do not. I've asked!
I love my country. I do not have a hatred of the English population, simply a desire for my nation to be ruled by it's own.
Maybe the English are staring to get a taste of what I mean when they are ruled by Europeans from Brussels and I know how you all feel about that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jaocobite - one of the less rabid "why the scottish hate the english" googlers.

Would you be able to answer a couple of questions for me?

1) Over what distance of time is it reasonable, or indeed, possible, to bear a grudge?

Question back..when do you suggest we forget the Holocaust? You cannot undermine the atrocities commited by a nation due to the passage of time. It is essential that we remember the lessons of history.
It may be irrelevant to you but having generations of Scottish ancestory and records of ancestors at Culloden, it's not as easy to dismiss as 'history'.
My honour to my ancestors supercedes any treaties made since their MURDER.

hinging oot the back ay yur maw last night ken! said...

england steals scotlands money when we get independance england will be in trouble.

its not just the scottish that hate english its virtually the whole world the welsh the irish and americans the spanish the french the dutch n germans the turkish every country hates england

england has no national identity bar the cross of st george flag you get angry at scottish people because you see a race of people who are proud and have a huge identity and loved worldwide and you feel jealous.

statistically theres now more muslims in england than christians so in say what 150 years youll all probably be bred out and we wont have to hate you anymore.

the reason everyone hates england is your all so full of yourselves you think your the best at evrything you think your football is the best when really all you have done is ruin world football. not to mention your fans wrecking n destroying everywhere they go.
you all think your better than every other country when really you are nothing on the big stage america would wipe you out in 24hrs.

you all act oooh were english and proud my god your country was invaded and conquered by romans funny they couldnt manage to take scotland though eh?(google roman 9th legion)the royal family are german and live in la la land.they dont care about you just your money.

english are all mouth and arrogance with no backbone its bred into you all to think your the best and strongest but thats an old old ideal and news you lost america and everything you no longer have best navy in the world actually a quite pathetic millitary force on the whole your a sad little country that everyone hates you try to live on past merits

yes you won the world cup you wont again so get over it everyone hears it all the time every world cup you think you should win because you won once before who cares.

you mention haggis you know that haggis was invented in england yes? its not a scottish dish.

scotland will get independance and england cant stop it you all say scotland is crap and full of scum yet explain why your government is so keen to not give us independance?

because the majority of englands money comes from
scottish power
scottish gas
scottish water
wind farm

and just as an afterthought i was in manchester in 2008 and yes it felt fucking wonderful attacking your police and destroying manchester fun time had by all im sure wallace felt the same at york.


the media rule the people when it comes down to what you think, encouraging people to have opinions on things they know nothing about. The way many brits behave on holiday or abroad in general should be a large clue, the fact that the brits are unable to accept anything remotely different to what they know, weather it is in their benefit or not, the lack of quality education in the UK, the fact that most brits are unable and unwilling to learn or accept any type of other culture or influence, the fact that its still struggling to be like the USA and failing miserably, The fundamental problems lately like binge drinking are now trendy due to huge media hype, and the living in the past that goes on in the uk the "we used to have an empire built on tea" attitude.

England is a remnant of Tyranny.
many people think that their tyranny and oppression throughout the world is a sure symptom of satanic worship for their lack of Love in government.

the English are the ones that say its a United Kingdom, and forced the Union into being with swords and guns

england is dead you have no empire wales scotland and northern ireland hate you we dont want to be a union

scotland will have our country back you wont get money from us anymore youll fall behind us when we will be growing rich and a prosperous country england will be building mosks and taking in more and more immigrants until eventually your all outbred or white flight to spain

mind you your all romans anyway

hinging oot the back ay yur maw last night ken! said...

england steals scotlands money when we get independance england will be in trouble.

its not just the scottish that hate english its virtually the whole world the welsh the irish and americans the spanish the french the dutch n germans the turkish every country hates england

england has no national identity bar the cross of st george flag you get angry at scottish people because you see a race of people who are proud and have a huge identity and loved worldwide and you feel jealous.

statistically theres now more muslims in england than christians so in say what 150 years youll all probably be bred out and we wont have to hate you anymore.

the reason everyone hates england is your all so full of yourselves you think your the best at evrything you think your football is the best when really all you have done is ruin world football. not to mention your fans wrecking n destroying everywhere they go.
you all think your better than every other country when really you are nothing on the big stage america would wipe you out in 24hrs.

you all act oooh were english and proud my god your country was invaded and conquered by romans funny they couldnt manage to take scotland though eh?(google roman 9th legion)the royal family are german and live in la la land.they dont care about you just your money.

english are all mouth and arrogance with no backbone its bred into you all to think your the best and strongest but thats an old old ideal and news you lost america and everything you no longer have best navy in the world actually a quite pathetic millitary force on the whole your a sad little country that everyone hates you try to live on past merits

yes you won the world cup you wont again so get over it everyone hears it all the time every world cup you think you should win because you won once before who cares.

you mention haggis you know that haggis was invented in england yes? its not a scottish dish.

scotland will get independance and england cant stop it you all say scotland is crap and full of scum yet explain why your government is so keen to not give us independance?

because the majority of englands money comes from
scottish power
scottish gas
scottish water
wind farm

and just as an afterthought i was in manchester in 2008 and yes it felt fucking wonderful attacking your police and destroying manchester fun time had by all im sure wallace felt the same at york.


the media rule the people when it comes down to what you think, encouraging people to have opinions on things they know nothing about. The way many brits behave on holiday or abroad in general should be a large clue, the fact that the brits are unable to accept anything remotely different to what they know, weather it is in their benefit or not, the lack of quality education in the UK, the fact that most brits are unable and unwilling to learn or accept any type of other culture or influence, the fact that its still struggling to be like the USA and failing miserably, The fundamental problems lately like binge drinking are now trendy due to huge media hype, and the living in the past that goes on in the uk the "we used to have an empire built on tea" attitude.

England is a remnant of Tyranny.
many people think that their tyranny and oppression throughout the world is a sure symptom of satanic worship for their lack of Love in government.

the English are the ones that say its a United Kingdom, and forced the Union into being with swords and guns

england is dead you have no empire wales scotland and northern ireland hate you we dont want to be a union

scotland will have our country back you wont get money from us anymore youll fall behind us when we will be growing rich and a prosperous country england will be building mosks and taking in more and more immigrants until eventually your all outbred or white flight to spain

mind you your all romans anyway

eddy ward said...

i left england over 10 years ago i find the majority of people to be far to arrogant and full of themselves and think they have the right to everything and anything i dont understand why we think we are entitled to everything.

i live in australia now and im still embarrassed to say im english i class myself and family as australian now.

england is a small and sad little country thats being invaded slowly and outbred and will in 50 years probably be known as allahland.we have the attitude of being better than everyone because we owned most of the world in the past nowadays we have nothing bar neighbour countries who loathe us and why wouldnt they we steal their money and pillaged and raped their lands for hundreds of years why expect them to turn round now and say yes chaps its ok we dont mind lets be friends.

england will collapse without scotlands money and if scotland get the european court to help them then england will have no power to stop their independance as england will be forced to submit.

the english are an embarassment i see english lads on holiday here and my god they are always drunk n singing stupid songs and causing trouble.

the english people need to grow up and realise in this day and age they are nothing in terms of world power merely a tool for the usaand even then its scottish regiments and welsh that do all the majority of fighting as the english units are so poorly trained

85 percent of the sas are scottish and welsh and irish

eddy ward said...

i left england over 10 years ago i find the majority of people to be far to arrogant and full of themselves and think they have the right to everything and anything i dont understand why we think we are entitled to everything.

i live in australia now and im still embarrassed to say im english i class myself and family as australian now.

england is a small and sad little country thats being invaded slowly and outbred and will in 50 years probably be known as allahland.we have the attitude of being better than everyone because we owned most of the world in the past nowadays we have nothing bar neighbour countries who loathe us and why wouldnt they we steal their money and pillaged and raped their lands for hundreds of years why expect them to turn round now and say yes chaps its ok we dont mind lets be friends.

england will collapse without scotlands money and if scotland get the european court to help them then england will have no power to stop their independance as england will be forced to submit.

the english are an embarassment i see english lads on holiday here and my god they are always drunk n singing stupid songs and causing trouble.

the english people need to grow up and realise in this day and age they are nothing in terms of world power merely a tool for the usaand even then its scottish regiments and welsh that do all the majority of fighting as the english units are so poorly trained

85 percent of the sas are scottish and welsh and irish

Anonymous said...

One side of my family are Scottish and one side English.

However, I have actually been looking into things over the last few years as a little hobby. I think peeling the layers away will help us as Britons draw together.

For instance, my Scottish side are actually Celts i.e. Mc's & Mac's and well, my English side, to be honest, I may never know. Even so, British history is actually very surprising when look into things. Take where I come from for instance - Cleveland in North Yorkshire. That neck of the woods is Old Norse, both from the North Sea and from Dublin when the Irish kicked them out. South of Cleveland is a mixture of Norse, Danes and with the Danes no doubt Swedes. Oh, by the way, I know that there is a lot of banter about the Geordie's being Scots; however, what I am finding is that the Geordies are actually one of the last ancient remnants of the Angles. I suppose we could go on all day, for as you probably know we have the Saxons, Jutes, and
the Normans to the south.

I have many Scottish friends and I lived in Scotland for three years, went on holiday almost every year with my family and Scot's folk are as sound as can be. Or should I say, what I have found is that yes, the history is not so great between us; however, they over come old prejudices. The Irish and Welsh are as sound as can be too; however, yes, they do not forget history and once again I have found that they over come all the things that would cause us un-beneficial division.

For all our people's prosperity we must put the past behind us and look to the future. For, as an example, I would not choose Ireland to holiday, in case I bumped into an IRA man, I would rather go to Germany. I am being serious too and when you analyze things we have to some how get over all this.

Furthermore, remember as above... What is a English man? Like all us Brits, we from many different peoples with some wonderful native born folk too.

I still hope to overcome my fears though and one day visit Ireland.

We really are more interlinked than we like to think. I could on about my views on what I think we need to do for a good and prosperous future; however, that would make my piece too long. One thing I will say though, is that I would hate to see the Kingdom break up; that does seem like a disaster to me.

Oh, also, I read a English guy talking pants too on one of the posts. Ignore them, they are like your own peoples and as the some Scot's say, which is not the best term however it hits the nail on the head - they are dafties that need to be kept in check. In Cleveland they would say Wallies; big Irish population; or Dummies, which is probably Yorkshire.

McCutcheon's & Spensley's my family in case you were interested.


Anonymous said...


I apologize for my style, grammar, and spelling on piece above. To be blunt, I was absolutely knackered and I did not know whether or not, this site only gave you a certain time-frame in which to contribute.

Oh, furthermore, not to cause offence with the term "Dummies," in the sense of folk that simply have additional needs - slight or severe. It is actually quite outdated now; however, it was a common term when I was child. Yet, again, not used much because such a term can break hearts can it not?


Anonymous said...

Hi, Poddington again, just a little insight into my local regiment for the guy that thinks we are under trained. If you type into Youtube (British Infantry firefight in Afghanistan - Yorkshire Regiment) you will see them for yourself.

You cannot ask for much more than that, i.e. to hold your own in an ambush. Furthermore, as you can see they are not hiding behind walls calling in air strikes, they are actually giving the enemy a go.

Not that there is anything wrong in hiding behind walls and calling in air strikes.

Additionally, Youtube is full of British and English regiments in action, for, you could say we have been in a perpetual state of war from the 1980s and there is nothing like good and old on the job training.

Moreover, the only soldier to gain the Victoria Cross on the D-Day landings was a guy from my local regiment. He single "handedly" took a pile box, killing two and capturing twelve and in the process saving his whole regiment from having to run at machine guns. So, they have courage too.


Anonymous said...

You know I could go on all night too - I write this in good and wholesome jest.

Look at the kit we produce too. Type into Youtube - The Challenger 2. Look at the respect the Americans have for the piece. Not to mention it being a record holder.

Yes, it may not be able to move as quickly as the German's piece of kit; however, it will have been up graded to smooth-bore now making it a right force to be reckoned with.

The manufactures are a Cleveland firm and the steel comes from Cleveland too.

Yes, many of the Scots and the Ulster pilot the tanks, however, it is also an honour to provide them.

I hope you do not see this as arrogance, for, Australia more than likely use them; like we use many of your products.

In a good way, we are very proud of what we produce in Yorkshire. The Sidney Bridge was produced on the Tees and obviously every time we see it in all its glory on the news it brings a little joy into our hearts.

Our iron ore is more then likely coming from Australia now. We make some of the finest steels in the world; however, we are struggling to compete with the Far Eastern companies prices, which, are also being supplied with your iron.

You know it has been passed down from the Old Norse too - generation to generation. I think that is great.

Yeah, I hope you do not see this as arrogance, rather, interesting. After all it is probably your iron in them tanks.


Anonymous said...

I am going to write another two pieces.

I know the whole Cleveland thing is going is off track; however, it is simply a little example of putting our differences behind us, working together, and joining forces, which is why the kingdom was formed in the first place if you look into things.

In my estimation, the old phrase "there is strength in numbers," is ever so true and you only need to look at economics or warfare to understand that sphere.

Look at how the Norse have managed to survive; and they left Norway because it was overpopulated, so they did not have much of a choice in trying to setting in different lands. Furthermore, as you know Norway fifteen hundred years ago was not the Norway of today, i.e. they did not have central heating, abundance of food through trade and so forth and so on.
However, getting back to how they have managed to survive, of you look at or watch videos on Youtube of Cleveland what do you see? Well, first you see America, but look at Cleveland. If you take away, the American style housing and vehicles what does it look like? The double of Cleveland UK. And what is Cleveland all about? Steel. They have done what they do best, they managed to survive by living among a larger people and trading with them. The same could be said of Angles, for their language has survived and their models. The same could be said of the Scots, the Welsh and Irish - food and drink, music, textiles and so on and so forth. However, look at America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. What have all our peoples done to prosper and provide for their children? They have, by governing economic factors, had to become one people. Yet, they will always be of a certain seed, whether they like it or not. And you do not need to live in a highland castle to be Scots. Some Scots would say "try living among other peoples and then you will know what being Scots is all about." The Irish would say the same. It is true though, I believe, there will be some Irish living in America that will be more Irish than many Irish living in Ireland, i.e. they will know what it is to simply be themselves and survive. It seems gobbledygook; however, there is a little truth in it, it is just a little deep.


Anonymous said...

Right, my last piece - without planning; however, I hope I can manage to get things out in an orderly manner, for, I am tired, and I suppose I have a lot to say.

Where to start...

Well, I will get the Australia iron ore out of the way, for, I remember... The last time I was at the steel works my friend told me that a lot of the ore was coming from South America - Brazil, if I can remember rightly.

The tanks a little outdated now anyhow. Even so, no doubt we will buy ore from Australia in the future

I actually have a long and extensive background in business. Yes, I suppose I am young; however, my family are business men and women and therefore, you really start to learn the ways of business from a young age.

I am absolutely convinced that as Britons we must remain as a kingdom or we will destroy ourselves and our children.

My views on Scotland getting independence...

Well, it will be horrifying to the rest of the Britons - it will make them sick to the stomach.

Oh, I have traveled extensively, and lived in England, Scotland, and Wales.

The first thing that will happen is
that the English, in particular, will never cross the border again unless they feel that they have to.

They will go to the supermarkets and view the beef - for example, it will say, Scottish Beef. They will feel sick, They will look at what is next to the Scottish Beef and it will say, Irish Beef. This will not make them feel so grand either; however, they will put the Irish Beef into their baskets, for, who wants to eat something that remembers them of something awful. I could go on and on.

One thing I do know... Ulster, will never forgive you, so to speak, and to the point that anything that remotely reminds them of Scotland - they will not buy.

One post I read, a guy was going on about Scottish power, Scottish this and Scottish that.

These companies, like the rest, are privatized, so what on earth was he actually getting at? All you gain from these companies, like the rest of us, are taxes and possibly jobs.

By the way, Scottish power is not that strong in England if you must know and we actually have our own water and so forth and so on - it really is a load of shit you know. The word "shit," is now in the dictionary, so it is not swearing. Well, for most of us.

Another guy wrote, England is fooled by its media. Look, friends, I am Scottish and English, and I can tell you the English are not fooled, it is some Scots that write stupid things like that. After all, remember, I know the UK on a large part like the back of my hand, so I do know what i talking about - I only hope that you believe me.

UK soft wood, is one of the finest soft woods in the world. around 70% percent of it is grown and produced in Scotland. You are just managing to compete with European imports, and in many cases English firms will give you the benefit of doubt for being a part of the kingdom - meaning they will pay a higher price, for the sake of British business and better days. This will all stop. For, Scottish Independence will cause little global fluctuations, that will make prices rise and all the time imports from Europe, Ireland and other nations will biting at the bit to push you out of the market. Therefore, how will you compete? Will you subsidize factories for however many years it takes to get back into the market? By the way, I would say, 90% of Scottish timber crosses the border to England.

Please simply look at the above as little examples.

Anonymous said...

I have had to split this piece because the site will only allow you to write a certain amount of characters.

Before I start, I should not have used the term "a load of shit," for I know that children could possibly read this and although the word is now in some dictionaries I bet, if a young school child said to his teacher that his teaching was a load of shit he would be in big trouble.
I hope the site provider does not take it off, as it would be difficult for me to re-write that piece.

Carrying on...

The oil... I was reading a comment not so long back, when the Norwegian president, so to speak, was telling his people that the English were their crazy Norwegian brothers.
Now, the Norwegians have many views, some think this and some think that, like us all.
However, one thing is true, they were devastated when we joined the European union because we have such good trade ties with them.
Another comment I read was that, in one sense, we saved their country, and made them what they are today, by the tourist bid that they put in to us many years ago - meaning, they said, "come to Norway for a holiday, it is a wonderful country."
You will never be able to compete with the Norwegians concerning oil.
They are finding more and giant gas fields. They will undercut you and push you out of the market to a greater or lesser degree. Who will buy the oil? I know someone will buy it, but remember, the privatized companies will drive you into the ground.
Furthermore, have you seen the plans for the offshore wind farms that they have all ready started building around the UK? They are Herculean. Once again, it is the Norwegians that are helping us build them too. What may all this add up to? We may be far better off trading with the Norwegians in all that we can to strengthen our relations.

At least with Norway oil, fish, timber and so forth, it will, in part, help some of the English remember home, i.e. many of the Yorkie's for sure. Have you been to Yorkshire, it is like a little Norway or should I say, you can see the resemblance.

To be continued...

Anonymous said...

My writings seem not so good to me... I have not reviewed the latest ones, I am firing from the hip, as the term goes. I get the feeling that they are a little rough and rugged. I feel that way. Hopefully, you will be able to see that I have tried to write from a humble disposition. I will admit though, that I am tired of all the problems that we face through being different peoples and the history that we have. However, I believe our history is a success story when you really look into things.
I know I write such as... we are proud of what we produce in Yorkshire and then comment on a guy writing, the English use Scottish this and Scottish that, while implying not to feel too patriotic about such when many of these companies are privatized.
Furthermore, I feel that you have to lose some things to make gains. The post... There are too many English in the highlands and I feel that we will lose our culture, or along those lines. I understand such views and points for I suppose, for many, a perfect holiday to the highlands would not consist of staying in a B&B owned by an English man. It is capitalism and globalization, that is the way of the future and there is no doubt in my mind that we need to hitch a ride on the that train or we will be left behind to suffer.
Therefore, do you see what I am trying to say? My experience is that we are far to interlinked now to turn back. Things are so competitive that it would only take Scotland to struggle for a year and it may never recover and I suppose, those in my heart, are those immediate folk that would suffer, i.e. the Scottish businesses.

Yes, I do wonder that if in a few months I will wish that I had not written all of this...
I am not a professional historian or a professional economist; however, I am an amature, i.e. they are little hobbies of mine. Much of what I have written is hypothesis. From, the Norse surviving through supplying others with good quality steel to what Ulster folk would do if the kingdom broke apart, and my views on whether or not Scotland would proper due to such a move.
Some things I write I have great experience in and other things I have written I have written light-heatedly, lacking preciseness, and I have tried to write from a total third person standpoint, which, has been difficult.

Poddington - I am not finished mind...

Anonymous said...

Oh, the term "dafties that need to be kept in check," I mean "dafties," the "kept in check," I added.

Personally, I believe it will be the youngsters that will destroy Scotland - by way of independence, which, yes, may very well destroy the rest of the Kingdom and Ireland.

This will be due to a desire of wanting to go to college for two years and university for four years free of charge.

I cannot stand some parts of politics. There are old ladies that would vote for a party to get a bus pass. This feeds the political parties to offer short term sweeteners, bungs, and offerings to the detriment of long term prosperity. I do not like democracy. Winston Churchill said, "It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried."
I suppose, I believe in an autocracy.
What I feel we need to do is form a united Britain and Ireland and then join the Euro under that mode and I feel Europe needs to mirror the United States of America.
I know through history that many could prove such a theory as bad government and furthermore, yes, many believe China will not become so powerful to the point that it or they, will affect the rest of us too greatly. I believe that we should not give them the chance. There are strength in numbers. I think history proves that to.

I love the Chinese mind, the Germans and French too. I will get onto that.


Anonymous said...


This is the last piece I will write.
Where to start...

Maybe one or two of you will laugh at this and it concerning English landlords...

I actually have a relative that thinks that he owns Scotland, i.e. he's a poacher; however, he believes that he has the right to take from the Scottish land what he likes to a greater or lesser degree. He was poaching one day, up the highlands I believe, fishing a river and a landlord confronted him and told him to get off his land. Well, you can image how long it infuriated him for when he spoke in an English accent - like still today. He believes in independence. Some of my family do and some do not. How I see things, is that it is clever ones that do not.
I know of a business man from Cleveland that bought a part of a Scottish county - he must be the most powerful person in the county. He has many farms that he leases out; however, his charity work for Scottish people is more than likely second to none. He is probably one of the best things that ever happened to Scotland in recent years. You really do have to peel back the layers.
Even if the king of Saudi Arabia bought a large tracks of land in a county, you are better off taking his money and maintaining a more free market than closing your business ventures to everyone other than your own people, for, it is such like that that frightens investors away, you only need to watch the Dragon's Den show to understand that, i.e. the slightest hint that a pitcher will not play the game according to the rules and the investors are not interested.
Look at Duncan Bannatyne from Glasgow and living in North East England. He is one of the North East's most powerful business person. Most North East folk think he is great, both due to what he has achieved in his life, but also they realize that they need folk like Bannatyne to help put food in their own and their children's stomachs.

Media gets on my nerves too. For, yes, media can cause someone to be misinformed.
There is a myth that the English do not like the French - even their culture. It is a load of old codswallop. Most of the men my age have no grandfathers. They all died fighting for France.
There is a myth that the English do not like the Germans - even their culture. Just look at history. You surrended one day. We started re-building your country the very next day in order to stop you from staving to death and forgave all but the top military persons of their crimes, which, I suppose most of them were only following orders anyway.

Oh, autocracy...? I mean one president of Europe. A scaling down
on all the politicians that we have, open borders, centralization of industry and farming and so forth and so on. It would save us all a fortune.

I feel Norway should enter at some point too. Make sure that they are secure and join to form a united Europe. Furthermore, basic long term economics will show that the UK is better off as one unit and if they fully join Europe they should join as one unit.

I do believe that is all that I will write. I found this site by accident so to speak, and I do wonder whether anyone will actually read my pieces...

Oh, by the way, Norway is not that big into producing timber, it is other European countries.

Finally, I will tell you of the biggest myth and one of the most stupid things that I have ever heard in my entire life - is that the Muslims are going to take over England. That is beyond nonsense.

Yet, not to forget, I read once that referring to Northern Ireland as Ulster is offensive to some. However, you know what I mean - I simply have had a preconceived idea that the folk that are not loyal to the kingdom would not pilot the British tanks.

I will tell you something else that I think is great. That the kingdom still as Irish military regiments.

Oh, and that Cleveland lad that took the pile box actually captured twenty men and opened up a major door way onto the mainland. He looks like he is only a wee guy. He sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger does he not?


Anonymous said...

Hi, Poddington again,

I think that I should add that the guy that owns some land in one of the counties in Scotland does not actually live in Scotland and I write this to not give you the wrong impression, for, I suppose, that has always been one of Scotland's worst nightmares has it not - to have English lords ruling over the Scottish people, and if I am not wrong this has been the case at some points for short or long periods in History.
I looked up the guy's surname to see if he was of Scottish decent. He seems to be of Old Norse; however, things in England are not so simple. True Old Norse surnames are actually hard to come across, well, in the big pool, for, like many others anglizing things has worked for benefit.
Even so, when I was looking at the videos of Cleveland USA a young man was staring and his name ended baugh, which is Old Norse. Interesting is it not?
It is those sort of names that go all the way back to Norway, i.e. because they are used in place names. Many of the other English names are much harder to figure out because they were just made up to meet the Dooms Day Book tax requirements.
Furthermore, it is not like the Normans have always ruled us all either. For, they will have married English girls and they married Scots and so forth and so on. Folk married Germans and Norse and Danes and Welsh and so and so forth. This may prove good, for, we are all interlinked as peoples anyhow, i.e. the Celts and the Saxons are from Germany, France, the Danes are not that different from the Germans. The Danes mixed with the Norse and no doubt the Swedes and the swedes may have mixed with the Norse. The Pict's survive up north. The Welsh tribe survive and the Irish tribe survive.
I suppose though, all of our Royal line comes back to one conquering Norman.
I will tell you something else too - when you peel back the layers. The Norse had a reputation for being as hard as hell and so forth, which they were to a degree. However, the Saxons and so forth really knacked them overall you know, and they would have annihilated the Normans too, but, they first had to fight the Norse and the Danes in the north and then travel south to fight the Normans.
The greatest battle I ever heard was the Norse vs the Saxons - I believe, at Essex.
Hence, where the great merits of both people was truly established, i.e. the Norse for their bravery and the Saxons for their loyalty.

Look at Germany too, they were different peoples not so long back. However, they became one and now they are doing rather well. They seem happy together, yet, I do not live there so I do not know if they have the friction that we have.

Yet, let me not forget, I am not an expert on the numbers of Norse and Saxons and so forth in all the great battles. However, what did they do in the end? The royal lines married and there by brought peace and an interlinking of the two peoples.
There has been some wars in Britain and Ireland, above are just the tip of the ice berg as the term goes.


Anonymous said...

I have been thinking a little more about the breaking up of the kingdom.
Imagine this...
Right, you break away, but, Orkney decides that they want to continue to remain apart of the kingdom. Under the governing laws I presume that you would not have a great deal of choice in such a matter. I could be wrong.
Anyhow, the kingdom build their own fishing fleet on Orkney and factories at Blyth or Newcastle in order to keep the kingdom in fish. That would be a disaster for many folk would it not? Yet, who could stop them. It is their land and they have the right to fish like every other European country if I am not mistaken.
Furthermore, Scotland is really an export nation. However, the large majority of exports only cross the border to the rest of the kingdom.
Whereas, the English export to a wider audience or rather, should I put things like this - the 55,000,000 in the rest of the kingdom are vital to Scotland whereas the 5,000,000 Scots are not vital to the 55,000,000.
I do not write this in spite, it is simply pure economics and I must admit, I do believe that the rest of the kingdom will not look upon Scotland as such a friend if you break away. Furthermore, can you manage what they would do if you prospered and they did not. They may very well turn bitter and stop buying your products and you really do need the 55,000,000 people in the kingdom to prosper.


Anonymous said...

Moving on to Braveheart, I will admit that the piece must be one of the most powerful moives of all time.

However, I have watched many documentries on the true facts of the movie, told by Scottish historians and they have explained that things were not as such.

I remember Wallace was a theif to the point that his local community kicked him out and he became a vagabond.

Now there is nothing wrong in a bad boy turned good; however, the movie portrays him to be a super hero does it not? Well traveled, speaking six languages, wants to be farmer and so forth and so on - who knows what the guy was like. It also portrays the English to be pure evil does it not?
I used to write sometimes in jest "do you want a piece English," to say - a European and they would find that funny and I would say it to Scottish women too; however, it is due to movies like Braveheart that will have to cause me to be careful.

I do not watch movies anymore, especially historical ones and it is due to all the nonsense. Do not get me wrong though, Wallace may have been a wonderful guy and it was good that the Scots managed to defeat a larger army. However, remember, you were so fortunate when you look at the battle of Sterling if I am not mistaken and you should take that as an indication that the kingdom may not be such a bad thing.

My Scottish grandfather was horrified when he watched the American movie The Patriot. For, that was a load of nonsense.
A Welsh friend told that when he studied in America all the American's went on about was their great and victorious independence. However, I have studied that time too and whether or not, anyone will accept it, the truth is, they were so fortunate to gain the last victory and the British, if they wanted too could have annihilated the French fleet rather quickly and then they could have demolished America rather easily. The real reason the American's won is because the Brits loved them. If you look in to things you will see the truth, it is not arrogance, it is simply at that time we were how America is today and you were like how the UK is today - that is truth.
However, folk simply bypass facts do they not and then start to think that they are marvelous.
Honestly, we can be very easily deceived into thinking that we are something that we are not.
I cannot think of a British example of a war or battle where the same has happened however, I was looking at the Falklands recently and the Argentinians did not realize that when they surrendered, we were unable to fight properly for much longer anyhow due to logistical problems.
Due to the Falklands, we could think that we were marvelous; however, things are not so simple.


Anonymous said...

Rob Roy is the same,

My grandfather used to tell me that Roy was the leader of one of the first mafias known.

I read a biography on the man and it is indeed true. They were alcoholics too - whiskey. He turned good in his old age mind - he became a christian.

The movie also makes him out to be a super hero does it not?

I will tell you something I have looked into and it is the white aryan concept and white power, which seems to be getting more support and growing stronger.

Well, I have no idea how the Scandinavians look upon the Scots, Irish and Welsh; however, something that I have found is that the experts believe that the white race is being lost in America and the same thing is happening in the UK to a lesser degree.
However, have ever heard the story of the Angle Slaves?
This is a strange one, in the sense, that they were captured in the region where I live today - Daira, which, is Yorkshire today I do believe - the Tees to the Humber. Yes, the Angles were not to have supposed to have not come over until after the Roman invasion. Anyway, they married into the native Britain's and when they were taken to Rome as slaves for one reason or another, an old catholic priest inquired who they were, whereby, he was told that they were angles from the land - Daira. He said they should be co-heirs with the Angles - meaning the heavenly lot.

A good story I believe, yet, they still probably ended up chiseling stone.

That guy in Norway was an absolute fruitcake was he not - killing over one hundred of his own people to make a political point?

That is another point and my last. The Norwegian guy said he was connected to Combat 18 type folks in the UK did he not?
I was wondering why all the football fans kicked off and started fighting the Germans a few years back in Germany and why they did it once in Ireland at a football stadium for they did indeed disgrace the nation.
Well, this is what seems to have happened. The FA cracked down on them to the point that they were getting life-time stadium bans and so on and I think what they did in Germany was a last attempt to not accept defeat, for, they knew that the German's would not be as clued-up to their ways as the Britain are and the same with Ireland. However, the really hardcore guys are them Combat 18 dudes and they are pretty much Neo Nazi's, yet, wanting to cause trouble anywhere it seems. I suppose there will have been some drunks in with them too, for like the Scots, the English do not do the sun very well and when you add alcohol they can get ratty.

Hooliganism seems to have died now in England. That was simply the hardcore guys getting the rest into trouble.

It was still a total disgrace mind.

Now I am finished.


Anonymous said...

However, I meant to say, I do not know how the Scandinavians and Germans look upon the Scots, Irish and welsh concerning the white race. I suppose what I mean is - Western Europe. Personally, I think we all the same. I see Irish that could pass for Swedes and Germans that could pass for Welsh and Scots that could for Norwegians and so on and so forth.

Furthermore, I messed up the piece on the Angles for it should read... Yes, the Angles were not supposed to have come over until after the Roman Invasion.

I do hope that you can take away from my writings something of value...

I am sorry for the quality, for they are quite poor for my level of ability. It has been due to a mixture of elements.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Poddington again,

I feel I should clarify a couple of things.

My piece on the Angle slaves... My meaning was, the offspring of the Angles and native Britons were a people of such beauty that when they were taken to Rome as child slaves, seemingly, Rome had never seen such a people of beauty before and thereby, the old priest declared that they should be co-heirs with the Angles of heaven. It is also interesting that both parties have the letters in the same order is it not, yet, they are pronounced differently.

Concerning the president of Norway telling his people that the English are their crazy Norwegian brothers... It was a Norwegian diplomat and what he actually said was that they look upon the English as crazy Norwegians.

However, I bet most Norwegians do not realize how many of their forefathers settled in the UK. At one point they conquered all of England and Wales, if I am not mistaken.

I looked into why Norway was not so happy with the UK joining Europe. It seems very difficult to work out, however, if I can remember rightly, we were in a trade pact with other countries including Norway and somehow we ended up leaving, yet, joined another by becoming more a part of Europe.

Like I say though, I am not an expert on many of things I have written and I think in the future I will pass contributing.

So, take my writings with a pinch of salt; however, I am only off by a tad if anything.


Anonymous said...

I will tell you of something I should not have done and it is to only refer to the Norwegians as The Norse and the Danes and Swedes as Danes and Swedes; however, it certainly makes it easier to then make a differentiation.


Anonymous said...

Hi Poddington,

I would like to apologize for writing that a Scot was stupid for thinking that the English media fools the English people.

I am not an expert and I actually have no idea what he was referring too; however, they do not seem to be deceiving the people to me, in fact, they magnify everything - they are media and as you know, they try to be the best in the world.

I realize that it would be easy for a Scot to believe that it would be more benefifical for Scotland to be independent and the reason for this is indeed our media. However, in my estimation there is no way we would be better off separated.

I read a comment where the writer wrote that all the North Sea oil had been sold off anyhow. I did not think things would be so advanced; however, I thought the oil would be locked into contracts.

A government offical said that they were going to move into providing computer games. This shows the Scottish government really do not understand economics and one example of success that they indicated on was the low populations of the Scandinavian countries and others that are doing O.K.. Honestly, what the Scottish government was stating for the future of Scotland was dream-like. They really did not seem to understand how the world systems work.

Will I explain? It seems a tough job for a little personal writing.

Here we go...

Kingdoms rise and Kingdoms fall.

Economies grow and wages rise.

Other kingdoms start to produce the foundational products of society more economically than the lofty kingdoms.

The lofty kingdom's lose their foundations.

Whoever, controls the foundations, is the perfect candidate to then move up the economic ladder.

They move up and bite into the lofty kingdoms some more. They move higher and higher until they are the lofty kingdom. Wages become too high and another kingdom starts to beat them on the foundational product prices and the kingdom slowly falls away.

Computer games...

Tourism... Tourism is good, but, wise nations do not build countries dependent on tourism.


Anonymous said...

I am sure the SNP have more up their sleeves than computer games.

Even so, do see where the world is at?

Do you have any idea how much money the USA and Europe owe to China?

Far too much!!

We must form a united Europe so that we can manage to hold a little more bargaining power in the days ahead. For, one example, China is now starting to establish itself in the manufacture of technology based products and do you think in a few years Scotland's computer games will be able to compete with China's computer games? More than likely not.

Do not get me wrong, I love the Chinese, we have a great history, in one sense, yet, not so great in another sense, and the Chinese are actually one of the top tourist groups in England. Therefore, I am grateful, that someone still loves The Old Englasy.

However, I know they will understand, like the rest of the world, for, if Europe remains pea size Gibralta's and China remains the great giant that it is, under the governing laws of business, we will at some point end up getting a far worse deal than if we became one people.

Look upon Europe as Tesco and split apart as little corner shops. Which is it that gets the finer deal at the wholesalers...? Correct - Tesco.

Yet, even as one people, we will always have our own cultures just like the USA's states have their own.

I do not want to keep going on and on, even so, are you starting to see how we are better off united?


Anonymous said...

"Tesco only need to go to wholesalers for odds and ends."

Exactly - perfection.

Europe needs to become the same.

For, after all, I have not even touched upon what the population growth of Europe is going to do to all of us over the next twenty years or so.

Personally, I am pleased with David Cameron, for, he has put economics first before any of the other spheres he has to deal with.

I believe he will get onto tackling the folk on benefits soon too. Personally, I would turn them all into council workers, doing everything from maintenance and repairs to gardening and litter picking.

For someone that has paid into the tax system for many years I suppose, that would seem horrifying - to have to become a litter picker for their benefit.
Even so, what can be done. We cannot afford the current benefit system for much longer with the growing population that we have.


Anonymous said...

Again, I apologize for my style, grammar and spelling. It is poor.

It is also a shame that I cannot correct it. Not to worry.


Anonymous said...

I do wonder whether all this writing has been a waste of time...

Something else I should not have have done is to state that the Celts are from Germany and France. For, the Romans classed the native Britons as Celtic type peoples too.

However, during the invasion of Gaul many of its inhabitants fled to Britain.

Yet, you do realize that the Scots are from Ireland do you not? And that Scotland has two main tribes - the Picts and the Scots.

I have a theory that the Scots are from mainland Europe and they too encounted trouble with the native Irish as the Norse did and as the Norse moved through Cumbria and settled in Cleveland, the Scots moved onto the Western mainland of Scotland.

Just out of interest, my latest theory as to where my family come from, is the Norse-Irish from Dublin, for, the Norse did actually marry into the Irish and they that were a part of the Norse society left with them.

Why do I come to this conclusion? Well, my family and I have a distinctive look. We could pass for mainland Europeans; however, we are very distinctive and I would say that the most likely breed, is Norse-Irish.

It is just a theory and I may never know the truth. Scotland, has tribe called Spens. Yet, so does England - mainly Yorkshire, where I am from, which is predominantly Scandinavian.

The strange thing is my grandfather always said that my family originated in Ireland. However, we have such a powerful Germanic look - you could say. Even so, like I have stated, the Irish could pass for tribes on the mainland.

Swings and roundabouts it seems. Like a dog chasing its tail round and round.

Getting back to Scotland. My experience is, whether you brake away or stay a part of the kingdom, Scotland is in need of some serious infrastructure being put in, for the days ahead. It will cost billions and I cannot see Scotland having that type of cash to spend on their own.

Also, something will have to done about the rising population of Glasgow and the lack of work there to support the population and I cannot see the SNP meeting those needs if they break away either.

I think Europe and Scotland, even the world is fooled into thinking we do not do anything any more except lend money. You would be surprised what is going on in the rest of the kingdom. Wales, make some wonderful steels, oils and gases, yet, they need new industries and England well we make many things.

I will highlight...

Anonymous said...

However, getting back to the Norse-Irish theory...

Apparently, the Aryan race is not a rugged people, rather soft in features, whereas, the Britons are very rugged looking.

My family are very rugged looking, yet, very Germanic looking too. Hence, my latest theory. It is only a theory mind.

Many things are built in England. I bet you did not know that BMW 3 & 5 series engines are built in England?

It is the world of business. It is a different world to the secular normal run of things.

Folk, think BMW's are German; however, BMW is a plc and the largest share holder could be the King of Saudi Arabia.

Most other big companies are plc's too. Furthermore, BMW's like all other car manufactures are designed and built by many different peoples. Every vehicle manufacturer try's to employ the best, whatever nationality they are.

Rolls Royce are now having their engines built in Germany; however, that will change due to economics and they will be built in England.

Rover died; however, I believe it will be rebuilt. I was looking into that. BMW bought the company and apparently destroyed it. It was due to BMW not being able to put them into the market without them competing against the BMW's models.

I believe they will be back in production soon, yet, I cannot be bothered writing why - it would take too long.

I believe TVR will spark up again too.

I could go on and on. The Nissan plant at Sunderland is classed as the finest plant in the world.

Cleveland Steel has now been bought be a Far Eastern company and they will produce high end steels for the global market. This is great news. For, Cleveland steel will always have its niche and under a monopoly it will fair much better.

I really could go on and on. Lastly, Jaguar's latest models are some of the most sought after in the world.

Well, I suppose I have really only been writing about cars. There is a lot more going on.


Anonymous said...

I messed up the piece... "Do you want a piece of the English?" For that is how it should read. Rather crude, I know; however, it is only jest.

I have been reading comments on the wars of Britain/England and Ireland and some on Scotland.

The Irish and the Scots seem to be indoctrinated one way and the English seem to be indoctrinated another. Or, more precisely, the Irish and Scots focus on their defense and English focus on their defense.

Some of the things that happened in Scotland and Ireland were terrible there is no doubt about that, especially the government not helping the Irish during the famine - in real terms.

However, you do realize that much of our trouble was and is due to religion?

England, Wales and Southern Scotland were predominately Protestant and Ireland and Northern Scotland were predominately Roman Catholic.

You do know that Southern Scotland joined the English to fight Northern Scotland do you not? It was due to religion; however, the makers of Braveheart make no mention of that.

Look at things another way... France, Italy and Spain were Catholic and England was protestant. They all wanted and tried to destroy England. They were all allied with the Irish, and the French were allied with the Scots. The movies make out the English to be pure evil; however, under such dyer circumstances, pure evil would have been to totally exterminate both the Irish and Northern Scots.

For, along came the Dutch and Germans too, to give us trouble.
Although we were allied with the Dutch for a time, stressful times are they not?
All of these countries wanted to destroy England, except the Dutch; however, we started fighting with them over business.

After all, without Ireland and Northern Scotland, England cannot defend itself properly.


Anonymous said...

It's childish and ignorant to hate someone based on his/her accent or country of residence. You will find very few people in England who hate the Scottish; the Scots are far too few in number for many English to give any consideration to. If Scottish national identity is defined by hatred for a neighbour who barely recognises your existence, the fact that you are overlooked will infuriate you all the more. In outward-looking England, life goes on. In Scotland, frighteningly large numbers of folk seem to be stuck in 1746. Time for Scotland to grow up and define itself by what it believes in, and loves, rather than what it hates, and to stop caring what the English think. A mature country doesn’t give a d*mn what anyone else thinks; Scottish hatred for the English suggests a rather massive inferiority complex. Scotland is a beautiful country with many great innovators and entrepreneurs – it needs to stop believing it is inferior. Part of the growing-up process will involve ditching Labour – they have never served the Scottish people well, and you all, at the very least, suspect it. Scotland was once the driving force of the world’s economy and the most innovative nation on the planet; I see no reason why it cannot be again.

Anonymous said...

I suppose, if you count the IRA as a full fledged military fighting force, with all the other wars that Britain and Ulster have been in, you could say that we have been in a perpetual state of war for over one hundred years.

Something else I looked into was Britain's role in Afghanistan. When I write Britain I include Ulster and the Irish regiments too; however, writing all that out would be a chore indeed.

Well, a few months back it came over the media rather badly, i.e. basically, the USA had to step in to save the British in Helmand. Well, I thought that does not seem right, for I know that the UK are a good fighting force.

This is what happened. The government issued 10,000 troops into one province of Helmand, which was the most volatile region if I am not mistaken. Anyway, over time we ended up having to defend the whole of Helmand, and that is what it became - a defense. A load of little alamo's fighting to survive and keep the Taliban in check.
However, look at our state of affairs... We have basically been in regular wars for over two thousand years and the government and people are sick. We owe a fortune out, and we simply cannot afford to be at war any longer. Thereby, David Cameron has obviously told the American's we simply cannot afford to send the troop requirements in to Helmand to totally defeat the Taliban in that region and thereby, the American's stepped in. However, the news channels made me feel like we were a poor fighting force and we had basically been defeated. Yet, that really was not the case, we just simply cannot afford any more large scale offensives, unless the country's safety truly depends on it or there is going to be some sort of horrific genocide, whereby, we would feel terrible guilty if we did not intervene.

I get the feeling David Cameron is absolutely sick of being in wars and I get the feeling the Scots are too.

Getting back to the Ayran concept. I will show you the Irish Norse that moved to Cleveland. If you type into Youtube: SkeltonPictures, you will see one of their communities and the men, women and children thereof. Now, you cannot tell me that those men do not look rugged. However, surely you cannot also tell me that those men do not look like the perceived strong Germanic type.

Is it true... Smooth looking men are in fairy-tales and rugged looking men are in the communities of the real world, with all its harshness and troubles.

For, they do not quite fit into the smooth type do they? I cannot imagine them walking into a bar and asking for a Rose wine.

Yet, please take this in jest if you do like a glass of Rose wine.

You may think that this has no relevance to why the Scottish hate the English; however, I know the Scots had and still have Norse communities and therefore, such as stated can show that we are more alike than total opposites. Thereby, hopefully unity, peace, and care can be more fully established between us and not the divisions that seem to escalating over recent years.

So there you have it - not quite the Ayran model; however, as white as white in my eyes.

Smooth Ayran's are good for the catwalk; however, when it comes to fighting tanks and running at machine guns, those in the video are the type of men that would no doubt come in handy.


Anonymous said...

Ah! A big mistake...

I wrote Braveheart makes no mention of the religious conflict between all our peoples. However, it would not would it, for, it was many years before the serious religious conflicts between us came into being.

However, remember, the wars were instituted by Kings and governments and the normal run of men are very different to some of the hairy-fairy big cheeses that run countries, for, that is what some of them seem to me and it is to their detriment. Take the Irish famine for instance, I watched a documentary on that, narrated by an Irish historian and he went in depth into what was happening in the governmental buildings in London and I suppose, as the term goes, the government simply seemed like old toffs, that were separated from reality and the run of the common men by the lifestyles that they had grown accustomed too and thereby, the idiotic decisions that they made.

Here is a video of some small town English men - so to speak, for, remember, what is an English man - English men live in Geordie land. Anyhow, the video is on Youtube and its name is - The Fishing Town of Redcar.

You see, common men, so to speak, do not hate Scot's folk and what I have found is that it is the same in Scotland and that is why I love hard working common Scottish folk and not what you might expect.

I also realize that independence has nothing to do with hating the English for many either. Many simply see perfection as being governed by their own people and governed close to home. However, things really are changing in the world of the private sector and we must move with the times, for, the private sector really does rule the world and it is growing and growing to the extent that it will turn into a great monster or a realm of many great monsters.
Even so, we have to ride the storm for as long as we can and honestly, not revert back to been pea size Gibraltars'. Look at how the kingdom of the USA has grown magnificently over the last one hundred years. Great centralization and mechanization. The USA still manages to put vehicles into the European and Far Eastern markets that have been fully built in the USA. That is a great feat. They manage to do this due to the great infrastructure that they have and thereby, provide as many jobs as they can for their own people.

I do not like the term "common man," however, some of the finest men I have met are simply the average men of society and women for that matter too.

As the old saying goes "Knowledge puffeth up."

Growing in knowledge is great indeed; however, it can create a horrible pride in one's heart, that in turn can cause one to make foolish decisions ,i.e. "get lost English man," or "get lost Scot's man," and so forth and so on.

By the way, I live in that small town on the video - Redcar.

That is Norse too, the Irish-Norse I do believe. It means Reed Marsh.


Anonymous said...

My meaning in a nut shell, concerning the rulers in London during the Irish famine was that their easy lifestyle had simply made them estranged to the troubles of the nominal man. Therefore, they stuck their noses up and said, along the lines of, fend for yourselves. Obviously, such men had probably never done a hard day's graft on a freezing morning or hungered or both.

My meaning, that the private sector rules the world... Yes, they have no guns and bombs, rather, armed forces; however, as the old saying goes "money makes the world go round," and without the money generated by the private sector the world collapses. In the day's ahead, as more and more international monopolies develop, the private sector businesses' power base will increase and increase some more. Therefore, they will have more and more of a hold over counties, and thus, they could literally develop into businesses that seemingly, will rule the world - if you catch my train of thought?

I have never gotten the impression that Scot's folk feel inferior to English folk. However, there is one thing that Scot's folk need to understand and accept and it is that England's population is ten times the size of Scotland's population. Therefore, the English are going to be better than the Scot's at many things, just like the USA is better than the English at many things.

Another point or question... Q, The rest of the kingdom does need Scotland very much. A. The UK is not really complete without Scotland and its input.

Yet, I give no argument for such a statement I know. I need to stop writing now, never mind moving onto that particular sphere.

This thought is rather crude, which I highlight to a greater or lesser degree above... If the kingdom stopped buying Scottish products it would cripple Scotland and maybe beyond belief, whereas, if Scotland stopped buying the kingdom's products, the kingdom could handle that.
Again, I do not write this out of spite or anything, it is reality. Yet, remember the kingdom is over ten times the size of Scotland.

The reason I wrote above, along the lines of... take no notice of English folk talking pants, was due to a guy stating that Scotland has always needed great kingdom input to survive. I know this to be a load of old tosh, for, I have lived in Scotland; however, things are not as the glorious days of fifty years ago when one in three ships that sailed the world's oceans were built on the Clyde. Not to mention the trucks and everything else that was built in the Clyde region and the great mines, textile mills and so on and so forth. We can return to such days again. However, I cannot see it as being pea size Gibraltar's, I see it happening only as a united Europe.

One thing many folk in the UK do not realize is that Scottish Whiskey has been one of Britain's biggest exports for more years than I know, i.e. a serious number of years, possibly one hundred. It is staggering one way or the other.


Anonymous said...

Getting back to our Challenger 2 tank.

Well, the military buffs say the three best pieces in the world are the German Leopard 2, the USA's Abraham and the British Challenger 2. They say that the smooth bore Leopard 2 is probably the best, for it can use NATO rounds and thereby, it will always have a good stock of ammunition. The Challenger 2, uses rifled rounds, which are more accurate; however, after around one hundred rounds the barrel needs re-boring.

Is not a tank's job to fight other tanks? It is indeed. In a serious battle I cannot see a tank needing more than one hundred rounds. If it manages to use one hundred rounds then has it not been worth more than its weight in gold? If rifled rounds hit the target more efficiently, I would stick with them, which, I think they are doing.
I say it is a little outdated... Well, it is not really, being in the top 3; however, surely at some point in the near future, new models will be designed and built.

One thing I have not mentioned is what Northern Ireland is up to. I have never been, and never really looked into it, so I do not really know.

I have been thinking about Wales a little too, they have a lot more going on then power industries and steel development. The DVLA is in Wales, a big place. A great deal of farming goes on too.

One thing I have not mentioned is that I plan on moving back to Scotland in the not so distant future. this is to undertake some work. It is specialist work, so will not be taking someone's job away them.
Therefore, you could say that I have vested interest in writing all of the posts that I have.
The last thing I want is to consider living in Scotland a chore and not a joy, and as a kingdom I see things as more of a pleasure than separated, which, seems like a chore.
However, everything I have written is what I believe, and I have not allowed something as simple as my own vested interest get in the way of putting forward an objective argument.
Yet, without my vested interest, I do not think I would have taken the time to write all that I have.


Anonymous said...

A know a guy writes that England is nothing anymore, a tool of the USA.

Work this one My friend and anyone else for matter.

Apart from the deserts of Africa, Australia is the worst geographical location in the world. Whereas, England is one of the finest.

I love Austrians, I look upon them as my own people - for, they are. I have a brother in Australia too.

However, I cannot be bothered explaining the values of both geographical locations - work it out for yourself.
Thereby, watch what becomes of old England - and hopefully Britain over the next twenty years due to its geographical value. Which is actually second to non, when strategic value is considered of high value and importance.

Britain is a part of the G6 and now the G8. The guy sees a dismal future for Britain. However, in all probability, Britain's future is not dismal. Whereas, happy in sun Jack, will need a miracle when all the resources are used up.

This is not arrogance, what the guy wrote was rather brash.

Please, do not misunderstand me - I love Austrians; however, you have a great feat ahead of you once your resources run dry. Whereas, England's geographical value will always put it in good standing.

I will give one example. If I am not mistaken, the USA sell more vehicles in the UK than any other country in Europe. The USA founding companies still have their vehicles built in the USA apart from Vauxhall. Therefore, the Far Eastern companies build plants in England, like they are doing, and thereby, undercut the USA's pieces considerable, like they are doing.
Moreover, from the good ports in England and its infrastructure, they can then send them in Scandinavia and Western Europe.
Furthermore, now, more than ever, air superiority is considered vital, yea, second to none. What do you know, England is cut off from Europe by the sea, and thereby, air superiority must be established. During that time, the USA and the Far East have time to bolster their aviation forces in England and thereby, protect their interests.

I write this not out of spite or in arrogance; however, the guy seems to think England is no good and has no value, which, far from the truth.

Yeah, I love Australia; however, you do really have some work ahead of you - yes, in the face of your current economic boom. I will let the readers try to figure out why I write what I write and if my arguments, rather, statements, have any teeth or back- bone.

Yet, remember, it is not only England that has great geographical value, it is Scotland too; however, to move forward together, this is why Scotland is going to need billions of pounds worth of infrastructure put in, which, will take a few years to achieve and I cannot see the SNP managing all that cost, time and so forth constructively if Scotland breaks away over the next couple of years or ever for that matter.
For, remember, if you break away, in some industries, you will become a competitor of English firms and England is ten times Scotland's size concerning population. That will naturally put Scotland at a disadvantage.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Brit said...

Poddington - I removed your last three posts because they were racist drivel. Pity, because I'd been enjoying your idiosyncratic and lengthy meanderings up to that point.

Anonymous said...

Well, I was hoping to complete my last three posts; however, I was a little tired at the time.

I am not even racist. Like I put posted, I have black friends and Asian friends. I was just simply stating that I do not believe England will turn into Allahland as posted and that I believe that there will be racial wars in Europe. I then put an argument forward of how some Britain's feel, and how such conflict could come into being.

However, maybe if I had carried on possible you would have left them up.
I am actually surprised that you thought it racist dribble. It was only a point of view. It is not like I actually said anything racist.

This is another problem Britain's face and it is one the EDL faces too. They make good arguments and they are considered racist. Concerning the EDL it is simply that they do not want Islamic culture in Britain - folk think they are racist.

The guy on news night last week said West Indian culture has had a devastating affect on British culture and the other commentators made him out to be an idiot. However, I have managed work-forces where half the staff smoke Ganja, which has come from the West Indian culture.
It is due to Britain's not being taken seriously why there is a good chance in the future that we will see racial conflict.

Oh, and by the way, I am not racist in the slightest; however, I am not a fool either, and as what I read from Europe, i.e. that multiculturalism is a disaster, personally I do not know, however, for the average British citizen I know it causes them some problems and those problems could escalate. Especially when they see on the news the capital being burned to the ground.

I will give you one example. EDL, thought that they would not last six months. Now, their members are moving into the millions.

So, if anyone thinks I am racist due to three posts being removed, let me confirm, I am not racist. I used to be a Christian missionary in Southern Africa, if that helps.

I am not that idiosyncratic either, well normally, I am simply going through a stressful stage.

In my posts, I did apologize for using the term "Happy in the sun Jack." It is little a crude and I suppose, I bit a little due to the guy's negative view of England.

If you want to see for yourself how some folk feel simply take a look into some European threads or Youtube videos or watch EDL videos.

However, I suppose writing that there is a good chance that one day you will turn your TV on and mosques will be fire across England and Asian and Black communities will be under-siege is a little extreme. It is not racist mind. simply a possibility.

Oh, and I am ashamed of the quality of my pieces, like I say, I am going through a stressful patch.

I am not finished mind.

Anonymous said...

Well, I suppose I am a total eccentric by the very nature of the amount of posts that I have put up.

I want to be a good writer - a professional. Therefore, I always stick a good ores worth in.

I will admit, one or two things I put up were racist. However, racism exists in the UK and maybe if folk saw things how I put them up then Asians and Blacks would fair better in this very society where racists dwell.

I took a chance by putting things up in a not so perfect fashion and leaving the thread incomplete. Indeed, they were taken off. Well, not to worry.

I will tell of you one thing very positive through England having a multicultural society and it is that the Asians and the Blacks want to holiday in the UK.

I was moving on to some positive pieces for a multicultural society.

I reiterate mind - I really am not a racist. I would share my last meal with an Asian or Black. In fact, my favourite Christian preacher and teacher is from Bangalore in Indian. I hope to visit him one day.

No doubt you guessed that I was a man of religion by now anyhow.

Ah, the Cleveland business man that has businesses in Scotland. I wrote that he has many farms... He may only have one or two and a forest or two. However, let us say his land consists of a mile by a mile piece - it is still a great amount is it not? Many villages are not even a mile squared.

Another point, if you are interested, are you wondering why the Angles came to the UK? Well, from what the historians say, it was simply due to having a piece of rubbish marsh land on the borders of modern day Denmark. Apparently, the Anglii is still uninhabited to this very day. So, Britain's, please have a little compassion, for seemingly, it was a choice of moving to the UK or staving to death.

I know I write too, that Europe needs to become united, yet, also, that England will always fair well due to its geographical value, which, could seem like a contradiction. For, one may think, well, if that really is the case, the UK is better off how it is now. My answer is - either way, we are going to be OK. However, in the long run a united Europe will be more beneficial. If you wondering what on earth I am going on about read my earlier posts.

So, if I offended anyone by my writings - I am sorry. Remember though, I really am not a racist.
However, it seems to me that trouble is brewing and I was showing how.

However, writing about something so serious as racism I should have been much wiser and chosen my words
a lot more carefully.

Even so - I am totally opposed to Islam, but that is a religious matter and not a cultural one or a form of racism in my eyes.

Yet, I do treat Muslim's with the utmost respect.


Anonymous said...

Now, why have I written all that I have on this site?

Well, today is a scary and critical time for Britain. The SNP are in government in Scotland and there is a real chance that they will break away.

The Scots are the sole group that I have tried to connect with on this site. I know my posts are rather eccentric; however, having Scottish family and friends, living in Scotland, moving back and my love for the Scots and Britain and Ireland for that matter, I have tried to build bridges.

Writing on the "Allahland," claim is serious too. For, I know that Scotland has no where near the number of non-whites as England does and I know that they want to keep things that way - on the whole. I know that the Scots have a hard time managing the influx of English, never mind other races. Look what happened when the government tried to put Eastern European's into Glasgow - some of them were murdered. Two immigrants jumped from a high rise last year did they not? Scotland cannot give enough jobs to its own people never mind anyone else.

I also realize that such a claim as England will turn into Allahland in a few years is a real worry for the Scots and one of the reasons why they may vote to break away. For many Scots, the last thing that they want is giant Asian and Black communities in Glasgow and Edinburgh as in Birmingham, Bradford and London.

Therefore, I suppose writing that the British people will not allow England to be turned into Allahland is important. It really is an important topic and one major issue why the Scots may break-away.

I do not consider this racist either, it is cultural issue and therefore, I do consider my writings racist, they are very real cultural issues.

Another area that I have not touched upon is how good England has been to Scotland concerning employing Scots. You may not be aware, however, due to the great Scottish education system of the last twenty years or so, the Scots have been able to become qualified in all kinds of specialist subjects and then use their qualifications to get great jobs in England.

I think everything I have written has great relevance, from the Challenger 2 tank, which is piloted by Scots, and the many peoples that make up Britain, to my views on a prosperous future, some of things going on in Britain and multiculturalism.

I will give you an example of how the Irish, Scots and Welsh could pass for mainland Europeans... If you type into Youtube - Robyn, could then please take a look at the girl.

If you met her and she said that she was from Glasgow, Shannon or Bridge-end, would you batter an eyelid?

I thought the woman was English. She is actually a Swedish Pop Star.

Another thing I put in the three deleted posts was what the Norwegian mass murder actually said, which was that he was connected to EDL. They said that they did not know him. Apparently, EDL are apposed to Nazism, whereas, Combat 18 are positive towards Neo Nazism. Who knows, maybe there are rogue EDL folk that are more Combat 18 and the Norwegian was in contact with them. For, he did seem like the Nazi type did he not - murdering over one hundred of his own people?


Anonymous said...

I do believe that after three posts I still have not made myself clear concerning racism.

This is what I did... I wrote three pieces, where at times I tried to look through the eyes of a white European with a culture of over three thousand years, his views on multiculturalism and the development of Islamic communities and the riots across England.

I suppose this looking glass, has been seen all ready by the fact of the EDL wanting to fight the rioters, yet, being held back by the police.

I, personally, am not racist. It was simply a point of view; however, that very point of view was racist. I will explain, I basically said that other races do not understand that to the nominal British people they are guests within their three thousand year old distinct culture. However, in essence or technically this is racism, for, when someone receives a British passport they are technically British. Even so, for some Briton's things are not so simple and for other races to prosper within the British society, to act as guests they may fair better and I drew a parallel of how I will consider myself a guest of Scotland until the day that I die. However, that is a personal preference; however, to someone of another race in Britain to act as a guest could be beneficial.
For, I know Blacks and Asians are not stupid and I know that things such as Islamic culture and the riots can put an Asian and Black man at a disadvantage when looking for work and I know that they understand this too. Obviously, the black's looting shops did not have the guest mentality, however, to a greater or lesser degree they are doing themselves harm and others of the same race. That is reality, yes, it is not perfect; however, that is the way things are. Can you see what I am saying... If I lived in Nigeria as a Nigerian citizen, I would still be a guest within the Nigerian's thousands of years old culture, with all of its unwritten norms, codes and rules and if I break them by say, looting their shops, it will put me at a disadvantage in their/my society; however, it may also put other Britons at a disadvantage too, for, they may feel that they at some point will hold their society in contempt to the same degree and break that societies rules, norms and codes like their perceived fellow man.


Anonymous said...

My writings are still not perfect, for looting shops is a direct violation of any law is it not? However, if the world media showed the people of every country of the world me looting Nigerian shops then no doubt that would be crossing the Nigerian's unwritten laws, which would be embarrassing them in front of an audience. Is this to far fetched for you or do you not understand that a nation's culture can be a law unto itself, so to speak.

When I write about Europe considering multiculturalism a disaster, I suppose the pinnacle of this view was Angela Merkel stating in front of the world's media that multiculturalism does not work and the German's subsequent vote to not allow Turkey to join the EU. This is quite powerful, for, with Turkey now being an economic powerhouse no doubt the German's could make a lot of money out of such a move. However, they obviously see that the multicultural detrimental affect is worth the loss of the revenue.

I suppose, the model for multicultural success is the USA; however, if I am not mistaken this is how things are in New York. I will play a New York tour guide... "This five mile radius is black, you cannot enter their, for, obviously you are white. This five mile radius is Hispanic, you cannot enter their, this five mile radius is Italian, I would not enter their, this five mile radius is other, I would not enter their, this five mile radius is Irish, whether you enter is up to you; however, this five mile radius is folk of British decent, you should be all right walking them streets, if I was you I would stick around this part of town.

It does not seem quite a success story does it?


Anonymous said...

Well, the USA seem to be managing multiculturalism to a decent degree, for, they are the world's largest economy.

However, I know that there is major multicultural problems in the USA and this is magnified in the realm of Christianity, where, in the USA, it has mega-churches that consist of only Whites, Blacks or Hispanics. I do hope that such a reality never becomes apparent in the UK.

Yet, there are successful large multicultural churches in the US; however, the racial divide is potent and there is a real possibility that such divisions will end in violence.

I will tell you of what some historians say about North East England and Yorkshire. Well, they say that the major differential dialects of Northern England are due to the regions been made up of totally different peoples. Cumbria and Cleveland are Western Norse and that is why their dialects are alike and why the Geordie's dialect is totally different - this is because the Geordies's are Angles. This is also the reason why the region of Cleveland has a Western Norse name, i.e. like Iceland and Greenland. Cleveland means - Cliff Land. Furthermore, because Yorkshire is made up of a larger Scandinavian people's pool, that is why they have different names of a different origin, i.e. Yorkshire is not called Yorkland and so on and so forth. However, the great regional dialects of Yorkshire could be due to the mix of Norse and Danes. York could have been where the Dane's dwelt and Leeds could have been where the Norse dwelt. However, I have not taken an in-depth look into Yorkshire, south of North Yorkshire.

I thought this may be interesting to Scots, for, there is one thing that I noticed during my years living in Scotland and it was that all of Scotland had similar dialects apart from the South Western region, which would consist of Glasgow and north and south of about thirty miles and about twenty miles east towards Edinburgh or thereabouts. For, my theory is that this peculiar dialectical difference is due to the Glasgow region having their roots in a different people to the rest of Scotland.

One example would be that the folk of the Borders, Edinburgh and Aberdeen all say ken; however, where the Scots first settled, they do not use the term ken. It is little things like that and their accents that brought my theory into being.

The Australian wrote along the lines of... The Scots, the Welsh and Irish do all of the military fighting; however, this is not true, even so, what the highlanders did at Dunkirk I believe to be wonderful, i.e. sacrificing their lives by fighting the German advance and in process giving the rest of the armed forces time to leave the mainland.


Anonymous said...

If you are wondering what the main likeness of Cleveland US is and Cleveland UK, it is the hill range of both regions.

I write that some Eastern Europeans were murdered in Glasgow; however, I can only remember one or two news reports where a man had ended up dead, which is different to being murdered.

Another point is, who knows why the immigrant couple jumped out of a high-rise; however, it may have been due to not fitting into the local culture.

I write I was a Christian missionary in Southern Africa... I will rephrase that - I went on a missions trip, which is different to been a full time stationed missionary. However, I did have to train for six months to go.

Another point I want to clarify is that I said that I used to manage work-forces where half the staff were on ganja. It was the same workforce; however, over the years, that very workforce would change; however, half of the work-force still smoked ganja. It has become a
horrible societal disease in my opinion.

I am finished, I do hope that I have not gotten upon your nerves or bored you to death.


Anonymous said...

I have been watching some Scottish independence videos on Youtube and folk are really thinking about giving things a go.

Friends, I do not want to write eight thousand words on the likelihood of what will happen to Scotland if it breaks away.

I will make this prediction - England will be a far greater economic powerhouse over the next twenty years than it is right now. With the kingdom, including the Scots, I believe we will surpass Germany. I will not go in to detail. You should have economic and business professionals in Scotland telling you the right moves for the future anyhow. If they tell you to go independent, well, at least you can blame them if things go wrong.

I will give you one example. You could say that England alone is starting to dominate Ireland economically. We trade more with Ireland than Russia, India, and Brazil put together.

What is going to stop the same thing from happening to Scotland?

Computer games and other such products?
International investment?
Even water?
Trade with Europe?
Trade with other parts of the world?
Farming products?
Wind farms?
Other products?

Even with all of the above, you will still end up been economically dominated.

Business folk will understand how. However, to explain it all, it really would take a good few posts up.

Do not get me wrong, I love the Irish, but, it seems its big neighbour across the water is starting to dominate Ireland.

This is why Europe needs to mirror the USA. Not for England's sake, for we will be fine which ever way Europe turns, so to speak. No, becoming united like the USA will be good for all of Britain and Ireland.

You may say - billions of pounds of infrastructure - what is he going on about.

Scotland does not have a deep water port on the Eastern coast. In fact, the ports are poor compared to the English ports. The A1 and A68 are single lane and not four lane motorways, like investors are looking for. As you know apart from the M74 and M8, some serious work needs done.

I will tell you two more little gems and it is understanding how haulage and shipping companies work that will shine a ray of light on the whole matter.

I am out...

I have had my fill.

Do not make the break - you will regret it.

Yes, something as simple as haulage and shipping will find victory over all of the above starting with oil. Business can be fascinating at times. No doubt, I am getting on your nerves; however, hopefully someone will be able to follow me and understand...

Yes, even a 2.1. billion surplus as a video or two proclaim.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I do wish that I had not written all that I have.

There is a phrase in Christianity "be not entangled in the affairs of this life," whereby, a pinnacle would be to not make economic predictions over a concern of the Scot's jumping ship.

My writings upon this site are indeed a deviation from the above rule of thumb.

I cannot change things now.

Furthermore, I do not actually know if we are starting to dominate Ireland economically, i.e. through trade. However, it seems the likely outcome if things continue the way that they are. It is not only England either, it is the UK's trade as a whole.

A bold statement to make - that the UK will surpass Germany in GDP in the day's ahead. However, it is possible, yet, it is a shame that in my eyes, the German's seem to be a far wiser people than we are. Well, at least our governments and private sector MD's and CEO's. Yet, the real gem of German society that I see, is the humility of the average German citizen. Such people are like unto gold.

Rover did not totally die either, Land Rover continues to prosper and the new mini coupe looks a hip piece of kit. No doubt the piece will sell extremely well. It was the Rover 75, that competed against the BMW 3, that met with disaster; however, it could have become a success story with a little investment. The Rover 25 no longer runs either.
It is a shame about 25 & 75, for the models had and still have a lot of potential.
The MG's are trying to get back into the market too.

Concerning TVR, it would not take much to make TVR's a magnificent winner. Petrol heads say driving TVR's are one of the finest motoring thrills available. They are still raced on the track, because of this thrilling experience.

Well, I do hope you Scot's do not break away.

Take my writings with another pinch of salt, for, who knows what is going to happen over the next twenty years or so. Things can change overnight dramatically can they not?

I know I keep writing that I am finished and then carry on. Hopefully this is my lot, besides, I need to get on with some other things.

I realize too, that when I put a argument forward I should actually explain myself. Not to worry, I will take note of such a process for the day's ahead.

When you look into deep water ports, site's claim the UK has many; however, I am talking about real deep water ports. The type that can take the real big ships. There are only two to my knowledge in Southern England and one is planned to be built in Northern England. This means everything that comes off the giant container-ships will have to be hauled up the road on the not so great Scottish road network, and it will be Scotland that will have to foot the bill. Even if you built one, they would still off load in England due to other important elements of transportation; however, this post word count will be up and I am not writing another. Here we go, basically, there would not be enough to pick up at Scottish ports to make the journey viable.

Thank you, for taking the time to read my posts, I do hope that I have not offended anyone..


Anonymous said...

The post above should read...

Whereby, a pinnacle would be to make economic predictions over a concern of the Scot's jumping ship.

Not to worry,


Anonymous said...

I am really leaning the value of the university system of learning, which has gotten upon my nerves for so long, i.e. references for this and references for that and if you do not have sources, well, do not make the argument.

I was just looking into the 51 Highlander's at Dunkirk and some folk were saying that their movements were a terrible form of orders made by Chruchhill, that resulted in 11,000 of them spending five years in some rotten prisoner of war camps.

Furthermore, I read the German's allowed the allies to escape due to political reasons, i.e. to make peace with the British, so that they could focus on fighting the east.

I got the impression that it was the highlander's sacrifice that enabled the rest to escape and no doubt that is true in part.

Stories from my old grandfather. One never expects one's grandfather's stories to have errors, rather, preciseness, they are all most law are they not?


Anonymous said...

Another thing that I have noticed is that I have spelled angel wrong above - using angle.

I think that I should know that one by now, growing up when Christianity was a big part of school, going to church, reading the bible for ten years and graduating from a bible college.

Sometimes the simple things give you the slip.


Anonymous said...

Another thing that I have noticed is that I have spelled angel wrong above - using angle. Then I stated that I wonder if there is a connection between the angels of heaven and the Germanic tribe of the Angles. Simply ignore that piece.

I think that I should know that one by now, growing up when Christianity was a big part of school, going to church, reading the bible for ten years and graduating from a bible college.

Sometimes the simple things give you the slip.


Anonymous said...

Right, I am going to write one last piece to explain my theory.

I believe I owe the readers of this site that much.

I have noticed that the SNP have flooded the internet with their reasons for a separation from the kingdom. It seems they really have flooded the net too.

One of their great results they perceive from a separate and independent Scotland is that the Scots will end up with one of the hardest currencies in Europe.

The year is 2011 and things are going to change in Europe starting very soon. You could say that the Far East is already on its way. However, the movement started many years ago.

What I perceive is, slowly the Far Eastern companies are going to have to follow their leading neighbours in every sense of the word. I believe that that is what the rest of the Far East will do too - follow and model themselves on the Japanese down to the jot and tittle, i.e. its philosophy and business culture.
I am referring to how the Japanese run businesses and how the Japanese have had to branch out on a global scale due to economics. For the same problems that the Japanese faced are starting to be felt across the rest of the Far East and will only continue to move in the same direction as their neighbouring Japanese, which, are market leaders in one sense. In essence the Japanese found that it was more cost effective to build their products in Europe for the European market than have them built and shipped whole from the Far East.
Folk actually have no idea of China's potential either. Let us not forget that they border India, which is growing rapidly too, and is also producing many products that the Chinese need to make their more technical products.
Under such circumstances and where the world is at and where it is heading - a hard and powerful currency is not so beneficial.
The UK actually needs its currency to drop to European levels.
This is how oil and gas can actually become a curse and not a blessing.

To be continued...

Anonymous said...

It seems my last post has simply disappeared, without even a delete from the administrator... I will not dwell on how it has happened and finish my thread.

Right, what was I writing about...

Oh yes,

Shipping and haulage.

Well, the Far Eastern companies are going to have to find somewhere in Europe to build their products, just as the Japanese did and will continue to do.

I write about England's geographical value.

England is situated very well for the current European economic climate. For it is actually more cost effective to ship products rather than haul them, if the quantities are good and as you know, the Far East are used to saving money by using giant operations, after all most of them come from Napoleon's giant, i.e. China.

Well, there are two things that I wrote, which could have lead to my piece disappearing and one was that in 2011, if you have not noticed, it is all about the east coast of the UK and that is why Glasgow, Ireland and some places in the west of England are struggling. Yes, in light of the statement of the BBC that Cleveland has one of the highest rates of unemployment. I am talking business and its future, not other factors, for who knows what the BBC was actually getting at - per population or something else, they did not state.

The north east of England alone has eight good ports and one of them is the second busiest in the UK, making it one of the busiest in Europe. They are also extremely efficient in some spheres, i.e. they have great infrastructure.

Now, how haulage and shipping companies make their money, as they say, is by being able to collect a load when dropping one off. A way a business save's money, is having loads delivered in one day and thereby, saving on having to pay for drivers' sleeping in their cabs, fuel and so forth.

It is the same for shipping companies, if they can pick loads up when dropping loads off and take them to radius's profitable, that is how they make their money.

Due to this business sphere, good deals can be struck.

Now, businesses can get to the eastern ports of England in a day and that is no problem, for, yes, the likelihood is, that they will build near to the ports and thereby, benefit from the good infrastructure ports and surrounding areas have.

In light of this,

We take furniture from Norway,
Hardwood from Sweden,
Pork from Denmark,
All sorts from Germany - obviously including vehicles,
Poultry and flowers from the Netherlands,
All sorts from France,
And vehicles and vegetables from Spain,

As well as many other things from these countries...

I will continue...

Anonymous said...

Now, I put that I am not expert in shipping speeds and it showed because I wrote that a ship leaving the UK could get to Russia in two days. I was thinking about the old USSR.

I forgot to mention that we take timber from Eastern Europe and coal from Poland.

Well, I do believe within a day or two a ship from the Eastern coast could reach any of the above countries expect Russia.

Furthermore, a HGV could get to anywhere within these countries within a day or two. Many places, there and back within a shift.

This is how we could have a great future, for, you may say Germany is finer; however, remember, shipping companies are hoping to collect and there is always plenty to collect from Germany.

Now, the other thing I put up was that I had been looking into what Shetland and Orkney think about the future of the UK. Should I be doing other things, yes, however, not my GCSE's as some other net addicts proclaim while making Youtube videos.

I have learned that a significant part of the oil and gas is in Shetland and Orkney's sea.

So yes, I put up, that if I was David Cameron, I would be on the first flight to hold talks with their representatives. Furthermore, that I would build them their own state of the art fishing fleet and buy all of their products at good prices. A little nieve; however, one way or another I would make a deal worth while to them - that is business, which no doubt some of you may find crude; however, business, will always be business.

Yes, one way or another, I would make a good deal, tax breaks, entrance to Oxford, Cambridge and so forth - basically, yes, I would do everything within my power to spoil the SNP's plans.

Moreover, you do know that the kingdom will fight Scotland to the bitter end concerning Scotland's claims on the North Sea's oil and gas reserves. Under such a situation, no doubt, you will not end up with what they claim that Scotland will.

I see Shetland and Orkney consider themselves Norse and not Scots and actually have similar gripes with the Scots that the Scots have with the English.

By the way, if you would like to know how a formed a connection between Norway and Yorkshire, it was due to the North Yorkshire coastal villages and towns and how they have been constructed. It is only a theory.

However, I will tell you of another interesting point and it is that the Yorkshire Regiment carry the Norwegian flag.

I will continue...

Anonymous said...

Ahh... I think I know why my posts are not being posted now... It is the old, if your interest signal flickers your piece will be lost. Just when I was getting into my writing flow too.

If you want to see how my theory of the Yorkshire constructions has come about and the Yorkshire Regiment marching then type into Youtube: North Yorkshire Coastal Towns and Villages and The Yorkshire Regiment Marching.

No doubt, the Yorkshire Regiment marching with the Norwegian flag would make the Norwegians a little proud, just as, if the New England Regiment marched with the UK or English flag it would make me feel a little proud.

According to reports, The SNP plan on putting the independence vote to the Scottish people just before The Commonwealth Games and the Bannockburn Celebrations.

No doubt, many folk will be dressed and painted in Braveheart fashion. The Border Reivers may even do a lap of honour...

The SNP see this as beneficial, yes, for all of The Commonwealth to see, yea, the whole world.

Yet, obviously, the English will not enjoy all of the celebrations.
As the German's do not like seeing the WWI and WWII celebrations, the English will not like the Scottish celebrations. However, much of the WWI and WWII celebrations are actually commemorations of the fallen and not about Allied victories.

Another thing I ponder is whether the Scot's understand that outside of Scotland, the power industries that convert the energy into usable products are actually based in Wales. Therefore, it would not be the English that would be crippled by Scotland's move, it would actually be the Welsh.

And like I state, in a bid to produce more exports, England actually needs a lowering of our currency.

How do you think Ulster folk would feel too if Scotland was to break away? They are not called Ulster Scots for nothing. Are you going to accommodate them by building a giant city for them to live in or something, and provide them with jobs, like many of the Irish Republic citizens would like you to do?

By the way, one guy writes that Northern Ireland folk hate the English. I have a few Ulster friends and they actually like the English very much. That is one of the reasons why they voted to remain a part of the kingdom. However, a greater factor was due to cultural issues.
In fact, I have found all folk like the English, a part from one Welsh guy, and that was while I put on a performance for him in his Welsh home town for free, and one or two Scots. Oh, and one Irish man. I am well traveled too.

To be continued...

Anonymous said...

Another point that I do not think the BBC realize is that Cleveland county was dissolved about ten years ago.

Getting back to Northern Ireland, what will probably happen to them... The provenience will remain a part of the kingdom and England and Wales and Ulster will continue to defend it if need be. If any Ulster folk read this, do not worry, I would go the Ulster front line tomorrow. Ian Paisley is actually one of my favourite folks.

Alex Salmond was saying on a video, that Scotland will become like Ireland - meaning, happy, fulfilled and prosperous. Well, I do not know whether you are aware or not, but Ireland is actually having some serious problems at the moment and without some great sparks of genius, things are going to become worse for them in the days ahead.

That is why I say that we need to become one - like the Roman's referred to us - Britain and Ireland as one unit. That is why I say that we need to mirror the USA. For, under such a power base, Europe could develop products that are needed to be exported west and where are perfect places to build and export west - Dublin, Glasgow and Liverpool. Call centers and the like, can only support so much of a cities population, at some point, we are going to need to export in every direction; however, the real need will be in the west. I mean more than little cultural type products.

Now, I am not expert on how we can bring down our currency; however, it would be greatly beneficial if we could bring the tax rate down to 15% again. I have not gotten on to that particular part of economics just yet; however, there are ways to bring it down and I mean to bring it down profitably.

Furthermore, do not think that I do not love Scotland, for I do; however, for Scottish readers, know this, you are all ready turning the English against you and you have not even separated yet.

If I was you, I would ditch the SNP as soon as is possible, for, the longer they remain on the media air ways, the more you are going to turn the English against you, not to mention Ulster, the USA, and possibly Wales. However, no doubt, the Welsh would be not too pleased when there plants close down, which, they may not be aware may actually happen.

Remember the days when the North East of England was the hub of the Industrial Revolution and it took two hours to get from one end of a plant to another. ICI and British Steel on Cleveland once employed over 80,000 people between them.
Do not forget the once economic powerhouses of Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool either. Whereby, with such hard workers, our forefathers managed to live a great life, for, is not hard work a part of a truly great and fulfilling life?

Things will get better, for all that ground from the Industrial revolution is still there, in tact and ready for re-development.

Another thing Alex Salmond says, is he wants a independent Scotland so that he can broker his own deals with foreign investment, i.e. I will reduce fuel costs and give tax incentives.

What ever Scotland gives, England will try to match. Do you understand what I am actually writing... Alex Salmond is basically saying, that he wants to enter an economic war with England - for it is what it is however you would like to look at things, take a parallel of Nissan and Toyota, i.e. bitter rivals from day one.

Then on the other hand, he states that Scotland will have one of the hardest currencies in Europe, i.e. materials, wages, transport and everything else will go through the roof.

Whereas, in England, everything will fall and everything is in place for any one to build, i.e. sites are ready to have plants built on them that could handle twenty thousand workers and the roads and ports are on their door step.

Another thing is, how many folk do you think are going to want to holiday in Scotland when a coffee is five pounds and a coffee in England is two pounds fifty...?

Has England nothing to offer...?

Are the USA and Europe made of money...?

Anonymous said...

In fact, we do not celebrate any war to my knowledge apart from maybe the Battle of Britain, which, is more due to great entertainment than killing Germans, i.e. great dog fights in the sky.

We do not celebrate helping to defeat Napoleon, we do not celebrate killing an old Norse King, among many others.

Why? Because we want peace with Germany, France and Norway and Denmark. After all, when you look at their faces and into their eyes, you may as well be looking at a guy next to you in the lunch room or when on an office break.

It actually makes most of us sick to the stomach.

It is not like Scotland does not get any perks either.

£180 every two weeks to go to college and free fees at university. Free prescriptions, bus passes, a good chance in receiving funding for masters and P.h.D's, and so on and so forth.

Above are things that the rest of the kingdom could only dream of and then you allow Germans and Poles to study for free, but ask the Welsh and English to pay and for some of them - their old fathers and grandfathers are knackered through working in mines and on production lines.

To be continued; however, I do not want my internet to play up so I will finish my writings soon, and do not worry this really is my last piece...

Anonymous said...

There you are, my friends, BMW's chief designer is Chris Bangle from the USA. In my opinion it is nothing for the US to get too proud about and it is nothing for the German's to get too ashamed of. I wonder whether the guy would have made a good Methodist Minister as he initially set out to be?

If it takes employing an American to get you ahead of pack, then that is what it takes. However, I watched another video and that particular designer came across as being Italian or Spanish. Big difference I know - he had a Med look anyhow.

Furthermore, yet totally unrelated, if my Spens line is Scots, I would not mind that too much, for, I would be one of the great Patrick's relatives and he sounds as cool as can be.

Obviously, I am not finished. However, I will not get upon your nerves for much longer.


Anonymous said...

Ahh right, I noticed there are about twenty videos of the Yorkshire Regiment marching, you want the one with the troops in their new regimental colours.

So, I suppose it all really comes down to what Shetland and Orkney want to do, concerning the North Sea oil and gas reserves. I have also noticed that they have some great Scottish friends lately and that they seem to know just how the locals feel, by being similarly treated by the English of long ago.

Brain-wave... Every one wants to be in hip crowed, ruling class, folk with big brass door knobs and the old eshalone. I notice no one is making plans to move to the Sudan in order to grow in character.

The world will never change.

You really do not want to enter an economic war with the rest of the UK either. Like I have all ready put up, if the rest of the UK stopped buying your products they would cripple you and that is before the war has actually really got going. Remember the UK is about twelve times your size; however, maybe you believe the Austrian, along the lines of... All of the Scots are really like SAS dudes compared to the English. Please friends, I know that am I jesting; however, do not be foolish.
You know that you are not all SAS type dudes compared to the English or would not all of the English rugby players have to be stretchered off during rugby matches due to your immense brutality? And please take this in jest. For the Austrian guy, yes, I know you guys are good at Rugby; however, sport is not held in high standing any more by the average English citizen and we compete in another 1001 games too. If our big thing was rugby, then my friends, you would see what we could really produce.

And please take me seriously Scots, the SNP are slowly turning the English against you. No doubt, the English will beat any other nation two or three to one concerning visiting Scotland as tourists and thereby, as well as oil and gas, they help to give you a good standard of living.

Remember who will buy Scottish beef at £10 a pound when Welsh or English beef is £7 per pound? No one in there right mind, we are like the USA and Europe,i.e. not made of money.

Once again, remember, beef is only one example.

Another thing is, if you break away you will actually make the English wealthy too, for, they will charge you what they feel you can afford and thereby, make some money too. You do not think that they are going to break their backs while you live the life of Riley do you? They will not do not that unless they feel that they have to and in many cases that will not be the case.

Furthermore, if you have the gift of been able to see the big picture, what does all that I have written add up to...

Over the long term both Scotland and the UK will grow through Scottish independence; however, the UK will give more to Scotland than Scotland will give to the UK and one day the North Sea oil and gas will run out; however, England will still be making bicycles, cars, computers, chemicals, steels, pharmaceuticals, doors, marbles, worktops, pretty much everything you need to build your houses except cement and timber and many things you want to have to enjoy life.

So... This great and hard currency... It more than likely will make your neighbour far bigger and stronger than you yourself; however, you will revert back to your normal size and the your giant neighbour will continue to get bigger and stronger muscles.

I will conclude with a summary in my next post.


Anonymous said...

To mention another point...

I looked into the debate on what will happen to the north sea oil and gas reserves if Scotland was to break away from the UK and I found that many folk had differing views. Obviously, the SNP had the most positive views.

However, the views that made me make intent observations were the views of layers.

They all said the same thing, which was that Scottish independence would be treated like a divorce case; however, when you analyse things, Scotland would be more like a runaway wife.

The layers believed that it would be a marriage settlement where everything will be taken into account.

Well, when you think about things, it would come over in the courts as Scotland is running away from England and its fifteen children. For, what you may not realize, is that we do still have an empire, i.e. about fifteen islands jotted all over the world and they will be seen as England's children. Furthermore, children that need to be cared and catered for and protected from those that would do them harm.

Not to mention, the UK's debts, and its rents that it has to pay to Europe for NATO and so forth.

When they look at Scotland, with a population of five million, they will see that Scotland will not need so much and should not count on living off oil and gas for the next forty years anyway.

I know I count Wales as a child, but it is only a parallel, for the courts will see things as larger England will have to take care of Wales if need be.

The UK will also need reserves in case any one invades their empire again - like the Falklands War of the 1980's. Not to mention having to defend Northern Ireland and various other places that are in real threat of being invaded.

What about the defense of Shetland and Orkney. It would only take two bombs or a few shells to make them uninhabitable for a while. Can Scotland actually protect them as the kingdom can? Obviously not.

For Shetland and Orkney folk that read my pieces, I know that I write along the lines of treating you like business, but, yes, I would try and strike a good deal with you; however, that is for the sake of the empire and like many others yes, the SNP get up my nose.

The UK government will do what it takes too, yet, no doubt the SNP are not explaining that to the Scottish people. Yet, the government actually have larger things on their minds, like looking after the empire and how to steer it forward through the future.

Most of the English are Norse, Angles, and Saxons too, and yes, i.e. they are brave and they are loyal and they will defend Shetland and Orkney and hopefully, like the days of old - to the very last man.

The best thing that could happen to Shetland and Orkney concerning prosperity is that Scotland breaks away and you remain a part of the kingdom, for, you would literally, be able catch all of the kingdom's sea food and no doubt, that would make you rich. Things are changing in the kingdom too. It will not be long, when the kingdom will want to take everything from you and then you will not be have to send this to France and the other to Spain.

By the way, I actually like Shetland jumpers. I live near a river mouth and on a sea mouth and therefore, the elements seem to batter us more than most and good jumper comes in handy in the winter days.

I know I write much, like I all ways state, I need to start writing books. I can do between two and three thousand words per day. However, like I all ways revert to - I am not ready for writing books and that is why I all ways write so much elsewhere. That is another reason uni get's upon my nerves - there is never enough to write and I need to write.

To be continued...

Anonymous said...


I have spelt lawyers wrong on the piece above - using layers.

Obviously, I mean lawyers.

I know that I write that I love Scotland - I mean Scots. I Scotland too mind. My favourite spot, if you are interested, is the Eastern part of the Scottish Borders - out in the country - a few miles from Duns.

I like Aberfeldy too. There was one loch as well, that I stayed on once, that I found was rather magical compered to the rest; however, I have forgotten its name.

I feel stupid spelling lawyers wrong. It is the Google Chrome spell check, it puts me off - much of the time. It seems a lazy way of doing things, when it does not even have English spelling among its choices to choose from.


Anonymous said...

What will happen if we remain as a kingdom...

Well, I cannot predict the future.

I realize that I have not written much about Scotland - if we remain as a kingdom.

If I had influence in government, one of my next big concerns would be to tempt the movers from the Far East to build in the UK.

Yes, North East England is the prime location for much of what will come. However, there is a good technical base at Edinburgh and no doubt if things pick up, the government will try to build a motorway to connect the east coast of Scotland with the east coast of England. For, if products are built in Edinburgh, yet cannot be shipped, they can be taken down to the north east of England.

Another point is, it may take a few primary developments in England to get things moving, whereby, more secondary developments can be placed in Scotland. An example would be vehicles in England and high-tech products at Edinburgh and so on and so forth.

Take the Amazon warehouse in Scotland as an example of a secondary development. The more money that comes in from primary products, the more money folk have to spend and thus, the more developments that can come in from a secondary sphere.

Without basic products being built, secondary developments are not so secure.

However, the main concern, is been able to export the primary products as well as cater for the 61,000,000 or so, in the kingdom.

One way or another, they will stretch things out; however, we need to get moving again first and it seems the way that we will do that is to attract some Far Eastern investment, whereby, it is England that has everything in place and not Scotland at this current time.

The West will come too, to invest at some point.

Most things grow on the back of the basic products. Therefore, Glasgow and The West could start to look inviting, because through moving forward, by exporting to the east, which is where the market is to start with, it will enable other companies to believe that they could build in the UK. However, they will not be concerned with exporting to Europe and therefore, places like Glasgow will become more inviting.

Obviously, no one is going to build primary products in Glasgow to ship, because they would have to travel around Scotland first. Yes, Glasgow is not so far from Edinburgh and possibly significant deals could be made for primary export products to be built in Edinburgh. However, it seems to me, that first moves will be made in North East England because of the land and infrastructure and so forth and so on. For, another big point, is that all of the materials to build at Edinburgh would no doubt, have to be hauled up the road from England and that costs money, when it could be saved.

So, I do hope you realize what it is that Alex Salmond is actually saying, by stating that he wants to broker business deals and offer incentives like tax breaks and reduced fuel bills to do the best for the Scottish people. However, this kind of talk is crazy, when it is more beneficial for the businesses to build in England, yet, under Salmond's perks they will take Scotland's bid. Look at things like this, over all a company find that they can save 15% by building in Scotland rather than England; however, 50% of that saving is not really a saving - the tax payer is paying it, for the simple reason of the company setting up in Scotland rather than in England. Is this not crazy talk?

The UK's government would obviously encourage companies to build where they feel it is best for them to build. If it is England, well build in England; however, with such investment it is only a matter of time before Scotland starts to look like the best opinion for some companies. No doubt this will happen, with all of the folks going through the Glasgow and Edinburgh universities - you will have plenty to offer - all in good time.

You may wonder how I know all of this... I am a director of a company, and I used to work as a Sales and Marketing Manager.


Anonymous said...

I could not fit this piece on the last one and therefore, it is a continuation of the last piece.

Remember, what I say, i.e. Salmond is trying to get you to enter a competitive economic war with the rest of the kingdom and you really do not want that. For, the kingdom is not going to support a country that wants to take business away from it for the sake of a few, that someone is concerned with, in any way, shape or form.

To be continued...

Anonymous said...

The post above should read, "the kingdom will not support a country that is trying to take business away from it for the sake of a few, that someone is more concerned with over their fellow citizens, in any way, shape, or form."

There is another important point concerning lowering the currency so that we can become more effective exporters and it is that the UK is in the top three currencies that investors are investing in. If you do not understand, folk buy money as a commodity, like they buy gold, and shares in companies.

In fact, Sterling, at this current time, is the number one currency in the world for currency investors. This is helping the economy and it is raising our currency within the world market.

However, investors hope to sell the currency at some point and make a profit. Yet, bringing the currency down could actually result in the investors making loses.

Therefore, as you can see, the UK is in a Catch 22. For, one way or another, we need to export more and like I say, this is the time that investors are going to start to look towards moving to Europe to cater for the European market. We are a good choice and competitive in many spheres, even so, the higher the currency, the higher materials, fuel, wages and everything else is going to cost the businesses.

Many folk hope to ride the storms by creating niche or technological break through products and services. However, this system is doomed to fail in the long run and we are starting to feel the effects now with the development that many young teenagers cannot find work and the bills that are becoming too high and thus, the results are that we are also unable to support them through college and university. Can you see how things fall apart? Things will only get worse, unless we start to look towards growing in exporting products again.

You cannot rely on currency investors anyhow, for, if things start to look hairy, they will move their capital somewhere else.


Anonymous said...

Right, do not worry, for I am coming to a conclusion...

Norse constructions...

I have noticed that there are many videos on Youtube of North Yorkshire too. Type in North Yorkshire Whitby. If you want to see furthermore, work your way through into the other coastal towns and villages.

I have only seen of one other place where they build like they do in Yorkshire; however, it was only a little resemblance and it was a picture on a video of Scotland. However, knowing most of Scotland, they have a totally different way of building. It is the same in Wales and it is the same down south.


Well, I do not believe it can actually be stopped without a serious regime, like dictated by Hitler. I do not have a problem with multiculturalism; however, many cultures bring with them philosophies and religions that I, personally, do not want to be a part of my society in any way, shape, or form.

I will admit that folk that write and proclaim that in fifty years we will start to be over run with blacks and Asians frighten's me. I have never really thought about what that would all entail.

For, I do live in a town that is all most all white and I like things that way. For, our colour of skin is an element of our more whole identity. We are North Yorkshire folk and all that entails and we accept who we are, and we are not ashamed of who we are. So, yes, obviously, having giant Black and Asian communities would cause us some problems. However, that does not mean that we could not overcome them.

I do not mean this to be offensive either; however, I do wonder why the Asians and Blacks do not return to where their fathers come from. Surely, in Pakistan or South Africa they would be happier. However, they probably have jobs, and I know that Britain is one of the finest lands in the world. One way or another, obviously, they want to stay. Do not see this as racism, I am simply pondering things.

Take me for example, I plan on moving to Scotland, for that is where I feel that I am to go - this is due to religion. However, if I had my choice, I would much rather live in North Yorkshire - and thereby, be among my own people. That does not mean that I will not enjoy living in Scotland, for no doubt I will. Therefore, obviously, I wonder why the Blacks and Asians do not think the same. However, I am also aware that many places in Asia and Africa are not so good places to live and some folk are simply trying to do well for themselves - I can understand that.

Therefore, I do truly believe that no one will be able to stop the force of multiculturalism without a leader like Hitler, that simply orders non whites or non Brits to be dropped off on the European borders. I hope this writing is not too crazy for you - it is a touchy and troublesome subject is it not?

Oh, by the way, my best friend at school was black; however, I did not actually realize he was "Black," until my late teens.

To be continued...

Anonymous said...

Now, no breaks, let's get things finished and be done with this train.

I know I write that hopefully the English would still fight to last man, as in the days of old. Yet, I write that 11,000 Highlanders were captured by the Germans and thereby, you could infer that I would consider the Highlander's weak. However, it would have been pointless for the Highlanders and French regiment to try to stand up to the new, state of the art German military forces.

Even so, I do hope, that the English would fight like the days of old - to a degree, yet, surrender, if they were going to be annihilated. Where that point is who knows... They did not know it in the day's of old and fought to the last man.

It was actually a Saxon cultural custom, whereby, they would defend their king and leaders until the last man was killed. An honorable pursuit in my eyes, for, in all likelihood the king would be put to death even if they decided to surrender.

I have not studied this sphere to a great degree; however, no doubt, this custom was carried on and that is how the knights came into being, for they did live by the same custom did they not - to protect the king at all costs or die trying? I will look into that.

Concerning the 51 Highlanders, there really was no point in trying to fight aircraft - fighters and bombers, and Panzer tank divisions, was there? So, the Highlanders in my eyes did the right thing.

To be continued...

Anonymous said...

I do not know whether you can actually finish a sentence with "was there?" However, I do not let things like that trouble me, for, are not we the people the developers of the English language? We are indeed.

I notice little Switzerland has made a great break-through by inventing a 3D Printer. It does look like the piece has great potential in the day's ahead and it seems quite frightening to be honest.

I know some Scot's hope that by such break-through's they can build a wonderful future for themselves too. However, why gamble with being a little country that needs to make great leaps in technology to succeed, when you can be a part of the UK's economic force, which, can spread its commodities over a wider wave. That does not make good sense to my mind.

Switzerland have built a 3D Printer; Germany has built one thousand and one new break-through technology products and will more than likely continue to do. Which country is doing better? In my opinion, Germany.

I conclude...

I know that my writings are eccentric and far out; however, I enjoy writing in the manner that I do. I actually consider my writings as a form of art. Therefore, it does not bother me too much that they shows signs of societal abnormality. With total conformity and without a little abnormality, we would not have the artistic works that we have,for, the freedom would simply not be there to create them.

By the way, Mr Administrator, I have the impression that you are a teacher of some sort, for, I did read a little of your Blogs. I could be wrong. If you are, I do actually see the benefit of academic study. Concerning me, it add's discipline to my wildness - that is clearly seen on this site and thereby, makes me more of a rounded and worthy character to open my mouth. For, as you can see, I like to chat and write about many intricate and difficult subjects, whereby, fact and fiction are not so easy to discern.

It is a strange place to write all that you have?

It is indeed; however, that is a part of the art of it all.

Furthermore, I do hope mixed in with it all there is a piece or two that are of value, concerning the subject and current situation that we are finding ourselves in.

I have enjoyed writing all that I have.

However, I am finished. I must get on with some other work or I will regret writing all that I have.

Like I have put posted, I do hope you - Scots, do not break-away...



Rob said...

Hilarious anti-english rant:

Anonymous said...

I am Scottish and I dont hate the English, I hate English people who tar us all with the same brush, yes we do have alcoholics and drug addicts but I'm sure England do too, I dont think it should be a point of reference to describe a nation,I hate drug addicts who rob people to score drugs more than I hate the English, the only thing I truly hate about anything English is this...An Englishman will say that the Scottish hate them because of the actions of our forefathers many years ago and we should forget it and move on, well no, we shouldn,t forget it as it is our history, and secondly if something is in the past to be forgotten and move on, why cant I watch international football with those bloody commentators mentioning 1966 to compare any minor incident in a game, to quote an Englishman "it's in the past,forget it and move on" from a scotsman in afghanistan with an englishman watching my back every single day

Anonymous said...

Hi, Poddington here,

Rob, I tried to watch the anti-English rant video; however, it would not come up.

After writing all of the above, explaining why I believe Europe needs to mirror the United States of America I have decided in the next election to vote for UKIP.

My underlying conviction is my religion.

If you do not know, one third of the Christian bible is what is termed prophecy. Prophecy means information about events in the future.

Well, I have known for some years now, how many teachers interpret the scriptures concerning Britain and its future. Most folk interpret things this way - Germany, will become the head of a European Union, which will include Russia and believe it or not, they will attack the Jews again. Somewhere in all of this, a war will be triggered between Germany and its allies and the British Commonwealth and the United States of America.

This is only theory; however, being a Christian, I cannot take any chances, i.e. I need to vote against Britain becoming one with Germany.

Hopefully this is interesting to you; however, yes, maybe a little irrelevant. Even so, I thought I must write this, after explaining why I believed we should form a United States of Europe a few months back in the above posts.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Pod again.

A possible small mistake above; however, one thing is for certain, many, many, teachers and Christian believers for that matter, interpret the Christian scriptures concerning Germany as that they will be the one's to attack and enslave the Jews again. However, the war between the Germans and its allies and the British Commonwealth and its allies, which includes the United States of America is new to me.

Some teachers say many nations, including the USA, are going to turn on the UK. Furthermore, that Europe will dominate the UK.

It is all interesting stuff to me.

Things are looking so too are they not?

Germany, is becoming the head of a United States of Europe. Russia is now in all European sports as if Russia was a part of Europe. They are turning on the UK and the UK does not want Europe anymore, which, many argue has been much of the cause as to why the kingdom in which we live is crumbling beneath us.

Anonymous said...

The British Commonwealth is called The Commonwealth of Nations now. I believe this is a good thing, for, it represents more fully the good things that we have in common and not so much the bad, i.e. the desire to build an empire and colonize, which, are not all evil pursuits, as some believe, to my mind. Do not forget, some of the peoples that we Brits encountered were eating each other. I think I would have pushed them aside too and built a farm to feed my family.

Furthermore, who knows, maybe Ireland and the USA will join the Commonwealth of Nations too. I know some Irish are up for that move. For, the major problems that the Irish and the USA have with the Brits are usually due to the royals and their ways, both past and present. If the royals are removed, which could well happen, what great differences would we have? O.K. maybe some horrible stories of The Sword of The Lord.

There really is a special relationship between the UK and USA too; however, you are probably unaware of it, for it is in the realm of Christianity. Folk in Christianity do not forget their roots and spiritual fathers and USA's spiritual fathers are from the UK. The religious bonds between us are very strong, far stronger than our secular ones, which many say are a load of nonsense anyhow.

A pact of "Anglo Saxon," nations does not seem so far fetched too does it? Not to forget its allies being a part of the pact too. It would not be a pact of Anglo Saxons anyhow. It would be a pact of peoples that have pretty much the same values, which, have their roots in the Christian religion and not the Anglo Saxon people, for as stated, we Brits come from many different peoples.

That reminds me, another tribe from the mainland that settled in Britain in notable numbers are the Frisians. I did not mention them above. Another point is, historians are not clear of their numbers and whereabouts either, which may have been the cause of my reluctance.

Just to add, I know some of the subjects I commented on above I should not have, which, in turn, contributed to my writings getting out of control. I will not try to correct and explain things now, for, I will end up writing a great many walls again.

So, that is where I am at today - it is UKIP that seem to speak sense to me. Do not get me wrong, I care greatly for the Europeans; however, I love my faith more, and the teachings on Germany becoming a far worse and greater monster than ever seen before are actually very convincing to me.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Pod,

A piece of bad wording above concerning the Frisians, for it does seem like I have made a contradiction. My meaning is, our historians know that enough Frisians settled in Britain to be note worthy; however, unlike the Saxons, Angles, Jutes, Danes, Norse, and Normans, which can be traced via names, places, accents, and ancient artifacts, the Frisian connections are seemingly non existent.

That said, if I am not mistaken, the closest European language to the English language is actually the Dutch or Frisian language, as it is sometimes termed. The connection is to the extent that Dutch folk can work out what folk using the English language are saying and thereby converse with them with a little wit and wisdom.


Anonymous said...

I am going to write another three pieces but first, I will touch on a couple of errors I made in the many walls I wrote above.

Well, one interesting thing I wrote was how the British main battle tank could not move as well as the German main battle tank. I should have kept my fingers to myself. I gleaned the information from watching videos of the tanks, not statistics. The British main battle tank actually outperforms the German piece in all areas. Like I have written, I should have kept my fingers to myself. For, the videos had simply made the German piece look like it would out perform all others; however, like stated, this is actually not the case.

Ahh, the Catch 22 situation, concerning currency investors... Well, yes, sterling is one of top investable currencies; however, I stated that investors hope to sell the currency at some point and thereby, make a profit and that they do. Yet, the main way they generate profit and the main reason why they choose to invest in currencies rather than commodities is for the interest gained at the ends of the agreed periods.

Ahh, I wrote, the Angles are from the Anglii on the modern Denmark border - this is actually wrong. The Anglii is an ancient term that refers to the Angle people, i.e. that is what they were called - The Anglii, like they are called - The Angles today. The place were they were an are from is termed - The Angeln.

I wanted to clear those small errors up. I have many more; I wrote a list; however, above is sufficient for now.

However, one big point is, I should have explained my views on Australia being one of the worst geographical locations in the world. To be honest, I should not have written on the subject whatsoever - not to worry. However, I have also taken note of how I have used the banter with the Aussie to meet other ends, which was not proper. Anyhow, I will get on with what I want to write.


Anonymous said...

hi, Pod,

To be honest, I would not blame the Scots for anything, if they decided to break away. However, in one sense, I would see them as being selfish and cowards. Yet, there are many reasons why they should break away.

I believe that everyone in the UK is aware that the kingdom is crumbling beneath us. However, some more than others. I have been watching many episodes of the Kaiser Report lately and by his admission, the UK is about to totally collapse. I watch other alternative news show too, like Info Wars, Alex Jones Radio, UKIP, BNP, EDL and so on. They paint a different picture to the mainstream news, a bleak horizon of hardships, to be honest.

Nonetheless, I thought I would put a piece of two installments up, explaining what I have gleaned on this war with the Germans now and then, or rather, my understanding now and later when I have dug a little deeper.

There are many wars referred to in the scriptures; however, this one with Germans, if I am not mistaken, is actually the big one "Armageddon."

The Muslims are actually waiting for the exact same war; however, they have a different outcome. This is also why the Iranian President is considered so dangerous; because he openly admits that his dream is to start the war that I am going to unravel to you. However, the Christian bible reveals that the war will cause Jesus Christ to intervene and the Koran reveals that it will not be Christ revealed, rather, a great Muslim leader - like Jesus Christ.

And for all who think religion is stupid... Check yourself my friend. What alternative do you have??? Your great, great, great Grandfather was Kermit The Frog, a real ladie's man, from Stuart's Park??? Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Give yourself a check up from the neck up, as the term goes.


Anonymous said...

The Great War,

A little late, I know. Furthermore, I am always going on about the quality of my writings, well, the issues are interlinked in the sense, that I write from a nervous disposition - never knowing when my broadband is going to play up and subsequently, when I am going to lose all of my work.
Nonetheless, I have noticed that my writings have deteriorated over the last year or two. This may be due to a medical condition that I have, yet, this blog system I do find poor, i.e. a little white comments box, codes, never knowing if you have written too much and so on, it all adds up - kind of like, you are living under a police state. Oh, we are!! Long Live The Banksters!!!

The Great War...

In a nutshell...

Europe becomes one, well, The United States of Europe consists of ten key nations and possibly others. However, not twenty Seven like unto today.

Roman Catholicism has a great revival in Europe, becoming the state religion.

The Anglo Celts leave - they are the Christian Protestants.

Mean while, in The Middle East, The Shiites are growing and they become powerful. The Shiites are allied with Europe. This alarms the Sunnis to new and greater degrees, to the point that not only do they look to Anglo-Celts for greater alliances and ties, they are happy to become Anglo-Celtic protectorates.

For some reason the Roman Catholics, i.e. USE, move a great armed force into the Middle East. The Anglo-Celts confront them, and ask them if they have come to do them and their allies harm. The USE respond in typical German fashion, shocking everyone and using the element of surprise "how cleaver," they attack the Middle East using nuclear missiles and typically, cause great harm.

This rocks The Commonwealth of Nations. However, the Indian's attack from the East, and the North American's shock the USE by attacking Europe from the North. The USE withdraw from the Middle East to fight the forces to the east and north. They manage to control those situations and return to the Middle East.

While this is happening, the Brits have reinforcements on the way to the Middle East. However, they are too late. For, the USE attacks and captures Israel. By this time, Jesus Christ has had enough and He and His armed forces attack and destroy the USE.

Jesus then reigns from Jerusalem as the King of the Universe and the Anglo-Celts are the first to take unto Jesus great gifts of wealth, gold and silver and to acknowledge Jesus as Lord of the Universe.

So, that is the war between the Brits and the Germans within and according to the Christian scriptures, yet, this is according to my understanding at this current time of course.



Anonymous said...

I thought I would write out the Great War. For, the likelihood is, the Scots will fight on the side and together with the other Anglo-Celts. This is interesting, when the SNP hope to sack the UK, for greater inclusion into the European Union, a little like the moves of Ireland. Well, the scriptures indicate that the Scots, more than likely, will remain as a part of the union.

My thoughts on Europe concerning the ten key nations that form the USE. One thing is for certain, Germany, France, Italy and Spain will be among them and not to forget, Russia will be a part of the Union. However, I personally hope, that the Dutch, Norse, Swedes, and Danes will exit. For, they all embraced Protestantism with great loving open arms and its in their blood, it would be a terrible shame to flush all of that heritage down the drains. Some European nations will leave and believe it or not, if I had to put my money on the nation to first leave, I would not put my money on Greece, Italy, Spain or Portugal, but Ireland. For, I think the Irish all ready realize that the EU is destroying their nation, like it is destroying mine. My hope is that the Irish will forgive and forget and once more join the UK.

What is more, I have just started a little embarking study on the kingdoms of the Angles. What am I finding is that most of Scotland up to the forth was once Angle-land and therefore, it seems we are going to have another Irish episode, i.e. Angles, against Angles, like the Irish against the Irish in NI. Some Germans would say that the Great War that I refer to will be Germans against Germans, i.e. Saxons against Saxons. At the end of the day, the bible states that the Germans start the war and not the other way around and of course, the Anglo-Celts are going to defend themselves and their Jewish allies - that according to the bible, you are hell bent on destroying.


Anonymous said...


I will write out the Great War again when I have studied the subject more fully. Above is about ten years of Christian study mind - only, condensed. I am not so much concerned with having the war laid out correctly, only, how this event fits into other events. An example being, the thousand year reign of Satan.

One more piece I want to comment on is my piece above on West Indian culture and my backing of it playing a terrible part in the UK riots and the deterioration of society as a whole.

Obviously, the West Indies have a good and wholesome culture like our own and they have transferred far more good than bad. However, a tune I heard from the Seventies the other day only confirms the culture being behind why my workforce were a little too chilled out for my liking, i.e. "pass the Dutchy to the left hand side." A real hit. No doubt. On a serious note, I have watched docs on the subject and the Ganga smoking culture really has come from the West Indians - to the extent that they were the first drug barons to distribute it out unto the UK's youth, which subsequently, has led to me ending up with a workforce stoned out of their minds and thus, not becoming the men one would hope.

I will tell you of what always brings a tear to my heart and it is how, after, the Brits took the Blacks from Africa as slaves to the West Indies, they still joined the Commonwealth armed forces in both world wars - proud to fight for the empire. I really find that to be something special and it shows you the type of folk some of them are, i.e. able to forgive and forget, to the point to lay down their lives for a system that considered them on par with dogs.

It really is something when you evaluate it all.

Another point is, how I wondered why the blacks would not be happier in Africa and the Asians in Pakistan as I would rather live in Yorkshire than Scotland. However, then I think of my black friend from childhood up to adulthood, and he was all most as Northern and Yorkie as me - what would he have in common with South Africans other than his skin colour. Not a lot - the English language, but no culture.


Anonymous said...

I know my writings continue to be a little muddled. Like I write, it only takes one flicker of my broadband and I lose all my writings that are not posted and I have to re-write everything. This is not good, specially when the wind is howling like it is now, not to mention the lack of a facility to re-draft.

Sorry, my friends, what you get is what you get - only, I can write a little better, but, under the police state, there is simply not the freedom for perfection, you have to fill in the gaps and decode where necessary.

Hopefully, that is my lot - for this installment anyhow. Like I state, I will re-post the war between Europe and the Anglo-Celts, when I have searched every nook and cranny and I have all of the pieces laid out nicely.

More Joys!!


Anonymous said...

I do have one more piece in me that I would like to write. It is totally related to "Think of England," however, not quite to do with "Why the Scottish hate the English." Nonetheless, I will post it anyhow, for, all of my writing has the intention to hopefully bring us all together as one big happy family. That is the spawn of a Scottish man and English woman in love. A child that wants one big happy family, yea, to some a true spawn. To others, joy and hope.

I notice a lot of folk attack the UK, yet, the UK does not attack other nations, well, not usually.

In what way? One thing I read a lot from folk from other nations is that Brits are ugly.

My reply to this and for any Brits - give folk this reply.

Who is the highest paid actor in the world? A. Robert Pattinson - the Londoner.

Who is the highest paid model in the world? A. Kate Moss - the Londoner.

Furthermore, ask folk, to count how many of the top one hundred most beautiful men and women, both historically and current, have British surnames. You will find the number is staggering.

Ask folk to count all of the favourite music bands of every genre and ask them how many of the members are from British stock?

Yea, ask them how many of the genres were created by folk of British stock.

Ask folk, to look at any sphere of society and academia, i.e the top one hundred scientists, medical doctors, inventions, sports stars, pieces of architecture and/or dress and fashion, theologians, artists, military commanders and battles, explorers and adventures, environmentalists, and so on and so forth, and ask them how many of the number are from British stock or involved the Brits - including Ireland of course, which is an island of the coast of Britain if you have not realized. However, yes, I see the Irish as a nation and so forth; however, for this study, let us count the Irish as technically geographical Brits, i.e. not Scandinavians, Western Europeans or Eastern Europeans.

Ask folk, which nation has the most Nobel Prizes? A. The USA - an independent former British colony of folk of British stock. What nation come second? Oh, the UK - more son and daughters of British stock.

To be continued...

Anonymous said...

Hi Pod,

Ask folk, how many of the one hundred greatest actors and/or movie stars, both historically and currently, are of Anglo-Celtic stock.

Not to mention, literature of every kind, man, we are way up there in those spheres. Yea, we are big in philosophy too and not that of the worst kind, yet, not the finest either, in my God-fearing eyes.

Olympic tables? We are always up there, usually in the top five and we are only a little nation in the grand scheme of things. However, yes, let us count all Anglo-Celtic stock and what do you know, the USA always comes first anyhow. Joys!!!

I noticed the funny video on Swedish nightclubs vs British and/or English nightclubs.

The poor British nightclub was a place in Newcastle, where folk were looking beat up, drunk, a girl wearing a football shirt - you get the picture. However, like you probably know if you are a Brit, yet not if you are not, Newcastle, is one of the party capitals of Europe and billions of pounds flow through that city and the North East as a whole each year and let me comfort you, yes, you can sure with that sort of money floating around in the punters pockets, the bars and clubs are of the highest order in a general sort of way. I know, some of my family members are in that trade and it has made them rather wealthy, and having to spend a little on places to make them tip top bars and clubs is nothing when considering or rather calculating the returns.

The Empire "Sugar Shack," "Theater," of Middlesbrough has been voted the finest night club in the world by all the world's greatest DJ's for the past twenty years or so. I bet you did know that? For, I know Middlesbrough is not quite up their in the echelon rankings like Chelsea, Chester, Wynyard and so forth.

And all of the above places are situated in one little region of the UK. For, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dublin, Cardiff, and so on and so forth are real feel good party places too. Another example - go to Ibiza - dance capital and nightclub capital of the world, you could say. Count how many of the night clubs are from the UK night life scene. I know it is many, and the top ones are from the UK.

Lastly, I read the USA think Brits have bad or poor teeth.

I think it is a load of nonsense to be honest and I believe even the myth will be extinct in a few years. For, Brits get their dental work done free of charge as children and presently, it covers all most every procedure you can think of required to give the children a beautiful smile. The dental costs run into thousands of dollars - carried out totally free of any charges. Concerning Brit adults, they even get some dental work free and when it is not free it is usually subsidized, unless it is totally cosmetic. Surely, all of the above should add up to folk that have nice teeth. However, teeth do not last forever, even with the finest treatments.

I thought I would write all of the above to put things in perspective and to give you some fire power went meeting folk of other nations, if they start ranting on about how they have the greatest physicists, chemists and biologists, artists, models, warriors, land and so forth and so on.

Oh, for the last two... Which nation did the Romans consider the finest land in the known world? A. It was Britain.

What people did Julius Caesar say were the most fearsome warriors he ever come across? A. The native Britons. Do not forget, that Julius is considered the greatest Roman emperor, so he knew what he was talking about.


Anonymous said...

Now, that is me done.

However, let me clear up one small error concerning the Iranian President, for, I do believe the guy is actually the Prime Minister of Iran and not the President. However, surely you know of the guy that I write of, for he is on the news channels and in the news papers on a regular basis. Furthermore, the phrase I use concerning his dream to start the great war that ushers in the Eleventh Imam is rather poor, I think his heart's desire would be more appropriate in such a serious environment and not his dream, for it could be considered frivolous. However, I am sure you get the picture - you may long for a pay rise, a big house, a fancy car or something along those lines, well, he wants to start WWIII.

What is more, the whole blogging sphere is new to me. I do wonder whether I should build my own page or not. I may, one day in the future, for now, I think I should get on with what I am supposed to be doing with my little life.


I believe my writings above lean more towards, yea, they add factual, testable, and historical weight to the old Roman Catholic priest's view of the Anglo-Celtic people and not the views floating around the chat sites and the like, that I read, i.e. that the Anglo-Celts are the closest things to angels that we have under the sky and they are not ugly folks, a weak breed, even trolls that hide under bridges.



Anonymous said...

I genuinely do want to know why Scots hate the English, which is why I googled the question! I don't actually know any Scottish people that do genuinely hate English people these days, but I know it's a popular stereotype.

I guess you have to share the same sense of humour as 'Brit' to find the article worthwhile. This 'tongue-in-cheek' article reminds me of a flatmate I had a few years ago - nobody thought he was funny except himself because just slagging people off isn't actually very witty.

Brit, please stop giving a bad name to the English by speaking like such a pri*k.

Anonymous said...

GET STUFFED Bon Scott lives

Anonymous said...

What a load of bawlocks.

Where did you get your information, the back of a cereal box you idiot.

Scots hate the English because they are a self loving, pig headed, paracidic cancer that destroys everything they come in contact with.

Not to mention the fact they are all cowards, in the event of any war or dispute the Scots Gaurd and Argyle boys are the first on the screen to deal with the main threat before any of the fancy dressed f*cking minglish scum are anywhere to be found!

It's not just the Scots that hate the English tho it's pretty much a world wide pandemic the inbreed scum you see abroad wearing a rose t-shirt and union jack shorts with the belly hanging out is enough to make any person I'll with disgust and this is before the English scum has even opened their mouth!!!!

England is a place for wash ups and scum!

That is all!

Alba gu bràth - Scotland the Brave

Anonymous said...

to Soph

I am sorry to hear about your hopes being dashed when you came to scotland. but please realise this. you just said because your english and they heard your accent they didnt want to know. Thats exactly how scottish people feel in england.
I am scottsh. i have o problem with english people. unfortunatly you ended up going to a bad area. as scottish people do too when they go to england. there are alot of people in scotland and england who look down at each other. Not everyone is like that. dont steriotype a bad experience. I didnt when i was in england.

Anonymous said...

As an Englishman having lived , or stayed as locals say , in Scotland for many years , I can assure everyone that the hatred or at least dislike of the English gets worse , not better. The Scottish people no longer know or care why they hate us either , it;s genetic. I have concluded them to be narrow minded , ignorant snobs , who place more importance on what car they drive and how big their plasma screen id , than much else. The old saying that the Scots are tight has nothing to do with money either , but everything to do with manners and decency, just saying a friendly Good Morning to a stranger is just too expensive for them , share an emotion ? Never !
Oh and all that guff one hears about Such friendly people from tourists and visitors ? Stop spending money and see how friendly they are.
Favourite sport next to football in scotland ? Running , because it's free.
They stole Television from a german , baird had not one original idea.

If they get Independance , which BTW the majority of Scots don't want , and y9ou are English get back dow south asap , becaude the average numpty up here will read it as a free pass to go racist beserk.

I now find the Scots sadly very amusing , BBC Scotland is hilarious at best , try Call Kaye for a laugh , see a primetime radio show take a nothing subject more seriously than armageddon.

Favourite colour for clothing ? Black, For cars > White , how Waggish , and ladtly I have never seen so many Personalised number plates , I ask you , on a Nissan Micra ? The plate probably cost more than the car.
Nope the Scots are a joke , and I couldn't care less if they know it m trouble is one can take the piss out of them so easily without them even noticing , sarcasm goes over their heads for a start m they'll never ever see the funny side of anything.

Alister Ruddick said...

Funny and well written piece.

What upsets me about the resurgent nationalism is that it is all based on falsehood.

Yes the Braveheart movie spurred folk on but I remember things differently.

As a young man watching the World Cup in 1990 I saw that England fans largely held up Union Flags and to me it seemed that England were playing for Britain first and England second.

Watching the Olympics in 1980 a fella called Alan Wells won the 100 metres and I thought he was doing it for Britain first and Scotland 2nd.

Than we move on and in 1997 a Scottish chap called Blair won the election of the U.K. he filled his cabinet with scots (Brown, Darling, Reid, cook) to name a few. Gave a large portion of power to Scotland (which they should have had) did similar things in Wales and N.I.

Then when the banking crisis happened Lloyds TSB were basically ordered to merge with HBOS. HBOS (or Halifax Bank of Scotland) had two headquarters one in Halifax, one in Edinburgh. Brown made sure that only the English branch shut down and everything else was transferred to Scotland. Fair?

I live in the most deprived area of the UK. It's in England.

Now I sit here and remember a guy in a kilt pontificating about the English in a hotel in Carlisle and I wonder where it all goes from here. He was basically telling innacuracies and urban legends, none of them true but he sincerely thinks they are. "the only legal tender is scottish because it says I promise to bearer on demand blah blah blah in Sterling" or "When Wallace sacked York, the English shat themselves"

This is Britain, with or without, Scotland would actually do well both ways. But what of wales and N.I. you just gonna leave them?

Monkfish said...

I'l like to cut them off at Hadrians wall preferably with a few nukes and let them sail endlessly to the north pole or stop at Iceland it really doesnt bother me, that way all the drunks that come to england to get sober at english expense can go about their cans of heavy and vomit without anyone to offer them a drying out tank and in the process our nhs bill will decline by a few billion. I'd would call that a win-win situation

Minge McFlurry said...

Oooh I love the bit where Mel Gibson gets drawn and quartered.. got me all aflush it did. Well you dont get much of that sort of thing going on in Kirkaldy these days.. unless we get a visit from the Krankies, then all hell is let loose I can tell you

Turgal Fyffe Farquar-McRobinson said...

The best things to come out of Scotland over the last century or so are Billy Connolly and the remains of Pan Am flight 102 and they both ended up in England.

Anonymous said...

Well lets see.Scotland = Tossers who likes to wear Pretty Patterned Skirts (ahhh). Proberly has the Highest Aids population next to Africa.Oh yeah their love for the Giro. Lastly that Awful thing they call an instrument, the Bagpipes. Now that sounds like a Cow fucking a Cat. Please do hurry up and break away from us and take all your other Scotch Broth with ya.

Anonymous said...

I found it amusing & a fun read. I am Scottish born & bred but unlike some I do have a sense of humour. Whether or not Scotland will break away, collectively we are British & I would hate to see that identity to disappear.
Come on Scots recognise humour & show some wit & intelligence. Love the Longshanks quote lol.

Anonymous said...

They cant take oor wumen but they cannae take oor freedom. Aye the wumen have been sold for a few pennies and cans of McEwans.

Anonymous said...

They cant take oor wumen but they cannae take oor freedom. Aye the wumen have been sold for a few pennies and cans of McEwans.

Queenie said...

I think everyone should stop bickering and stereotyping on both sides and just get over it.

Queenie said...

By the way I'm Scottish, Glaswegian infact, I don't drink I don't hate the English and as far as I can remember hating the English has been a friendly cajoling activity with an English person who returns the favour. Don't know where you all live but it sounds like the middle ages.Personally all this has proved is that there are wankers on both sides.

Anonymous said...

I laughed at this article, then stupidly started reading the comments. My experience of Scots hating the English has been really intense.

My parents moved to Scotland when I was six years old. For the next four or five years I was bullied constantly, kicked in the head and called a Sassenach. Kids just do what they hear, but it was the teachers at my school who were the worst. On my first day of primary school I didn't know what "pieces" were, I didn't know what a "jotter" was. Rather than telling me they meant "sandwiches" and "workbook," my teacher used it as an excuse to mock the English education system.

When my arm got broken during morning playtime, the same teacher called me a spoilt English brat and told me to stop crying. I went through the whole school day in pain trying not to cry. It was only when my mum picked me up that she saw my swollen, broken arm and took me to the hospital. I was forced to eat my lunch alone, on a separate table, and if I didn't finish my food I was forced to stay behind in the lunch hall all alone, watching other kids throw their food in the bin and walk out. On Burns night, every child was given a poem to remember and recite. EVERY SINGLE YEAR I was made to stand up and read "The Battle of Bannockburn." In a Scottish accent. Knowing full well that I'd get my head kicked in. My name was twisted to "I'll belt her," eg "I'll hit her".

There were other kids in my class, from Italy and Pakistan, and our teachers would encourage them to talk about their culture. I only ever once wrote a little story about how much I missed my friends back in England. My teacher ripped it up in front of the class.

Seriously, I was just a six year old girl. If I was Asian, those teachers would be fired and perhaps arrested. But somehow because I'm English there is widespread consensus that I somehow deserved it and that it's all ok. That the kickings were my birthright for being Sassenach scum. It's RACISM, pointless stupid racism. And it still goes on today -- despite living half my life in Scotland there's still low-level comments and sneering from Scots men who think it's ok.

It isn't "friendly cajoling," it was serious bullying. I WASN'T THERE AT CULLODEN, I WASN'T THERE AT BANNOCKBURN. I wasn't there during the Clearances. I was just a little girl who had all the good things about her mocked and belittled just because she was English.

And if an individual Scots says, 'all Sassenachs are arrogant twats and cowardly drunkards and scum,' why is that any different than saying, 'homo fag,' 'thieving gyppo,' or 'Paki bastard?' All THOSE things are completely unacceptable (quite rightly so) and yet somehow the national sport of English-bashing is culturally acceptable, even when it justifies ongoing humiliation of children. Even the drive towards marine renewables -- in itself a positive thing that Scotland should be praised for -- has been headed up with the tagline, "SCOTLAND RULES THE WAVES!" twisting the lyrics of "Rule, Britannia!" But that song isn't even an English one. It's British!

Enlightened 1 said...

Just what is 'Scottish Culture'? Accents do not make a culture. Scotland never really left its 'tribal' mentality. And no tribal minded grouping has ever been unified.

The Highlanders were divided and could hate each other, and sell each other down the line, more than any other 'enemy'. They lived by stealing from each other their cattle and sheep.

The Highlanders hated the Lowlanders (Sassenachs), and the Lowlanders reciprocated the feeling.

As for the label British it is more a term applicable to them than the English who invaded, and settled in Britain. Even the Romans referred to them as 'Britons' (that was centuries before any union).

This tiny little island should rid itself of this mentality. Before we were unified we were successfully invaded and occupied by the Angles, Saxons, Romans, Normans.

Since unification we repelled ALL nations who tried, and built an ENGLISH speaking empire, the largest ever.

Please note: The nation leaping ahead believes in UNION of its peoples. The population of one of its cities is almost three times that of Scotland. One province, Hun-an, has a population almost the size of the whole of the US.

Size does matter, especially today.

Anonymous said...

ignorant english bastard!!

Anonymous said...

all the scotch ever do and ever have done is suck Maradona's cock and think it's cool

Anonymous said...

I think that all u dum , ignorant , big headed English should take a good long look at ur history (the real ones not the ones that u English have made up) and then maybe if u can stop being such ignorant pieces of sh*t u might be able to realise why so so SO many country's hate u
I mean realy it's not that hard to find out why so many country's hate u , just look at the history between the two countrys and then u will be able to know why there is a big feud Ddddduuuuhhhh

Anonymous said...

The following is my opinion and feelings on the matter.
Why the desperation to keep Scotland as part of a United Kingdom if England is so certain the Scottish are a drain on Englands rescources.
I'm afraid there never has been a United Kingdom. Just as there has never been a British football league. At the last referendum, the Scots voted for independence but all of England's had vote too?!
The truth is the people of Scotland have NEVER had a say in whether they wanted to be part of such a United Kingdom. We were sold out by crooked' titled men. There was riots in the streets when the people were made aware of these traitors actions.
The establishment wished(again) to fire up Britishness and tried to force an earlier referendum to coincide with the jubilee and Olympics. A sign of desperation. Why? may I suggest- they could face a European country that could afford tax breaks for every kind of business such as Banking, 'The City' Manufacturing etc- Oh, and before anyone starts, The Royal Bank of Scotland is a private company owned by pension funds etc just as LLoyds and the rest of the Banks are. The noney to bail them out is just paper printed from nowhere( I wonder who benefits from that) not the people of Scotland.
Scotland can stand on it's own two feet,and can make these tax consessions because it can do so financially. Labour and Tory MP's have their own adgenda's and I will let you determine what those might be for yourself. So tell me, if you don't want Scotland, don't have any self interest, and believe you don't need us financially-why are you so afraid to let us decide our own future-every 4 years as needs be? Is 'Britain' Democratic or not.
why is the London parliament so terrified and constantly interfering.
I wish every one in England happiness and prosperity.We have stood beside you shoulder to shoulder in the worst of times but to super glue the two of our nations together through a London Parliament holding both of usback, restricts us both from fulfilling our full potential. We have been brothers and sisters, but would you want you brother or sister determining your future?
My son in law is English and we love him as our son so no issues or arguements about hating the English thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Poddington here,

I have been one serious fool in writing all that I have upon this site.

For, it is in truth, riddled with errors from beginning to end.

Furthermore, I should not have prompted and promoted many of the things that I have.

However, my heart and thus, motivation, was seemingly in the right place; well, that is if you are motivated by staunch unionist beliefs and attitudes as me. Yet still, I cannot deny the fact that I have failed to deliver. For, “Mine Art,” indeed, I know, is as a bottle of rum a day.

Even so, what is one of main themes that I written upon… pure unionist economics, i.e. putting forward the case that the Scots should remain as part of the union for economic prosperity; however, such writing was foolhardy was it not? For, should not the Scots stay or go, for more meaningful and fundamental reasons, than in all simplicity - the love and worship of Mammon?

I did find myself very angry at times too. Why that is, I do not fully know, for the vibes did, in truth, run deep within my fibers. I think being a Germanic/Nordic – Breton/Celtic mix has something to do with it. However, maybe it is quite clear, i.e. things obviously are not going so wonderful - and pleasant now for one of a unionist disposition, which obviously, will create in the least, wee levels of anger.

Anonymous said...

Furthermore, concerning the claim of racism… well, as Brit put, it was not a malicious form of racism; however, it was still racism, that to highlight, was brought about by one, through being angry and two, due to a method used in Christianity to convict. Not to worry anyhow, as I state, I will not do it again.

However, studying the Aryan concept, the white race, Combat 18, the Aryan Brotherhood, White Power, Nazism, Neo Nazism, and other such related subjects, this may have in itself, indeed contributed that little hint needed to push my writings over-the-edge. Wherefore, I will admit that I may have in fact been going through a little stage of having a white sensation; for, you could simply count the number of times that I have used the word – Norway, and wonder where one such as me is. On a more serious note, having a white sensation at this time in my little life and subsequent development, has indeed needed to come about, with having the looks of a pure Nordic, yet, living in the hodge- podge of genetics that is, to all intents and purposes, the makeup of the British Isles.

Even so, honestly, what I wrote was in pure wholesomeness and love. Nonetheless, the truth and subsequent facts of what I was writing was very dangerous indeed and furthermore, one particular method I used in the putting up of data was in fact added with a hint, yea, a dreaded mix, of attitude and that terrible Christian righteous fervour, which in today’s politically correct society is considered improper and in the case concerned, even racism. Well, that is if you are of another race than the one that you find yourself writing upon; however, that does not mean such writing has been written dimly or as in a dim light.

Anonymous said...

A very strange and funny thing is, is that even after writing all that I have, I do not actually agree with Brit’s article or like it. In fact, I too, think Brit’s humour is bad and if I or someone else for that matter turned that humour back in the direct direction of Brit, it would more than likely, make him either, scream or cry, – may all please, for future references, bear that in mind.

To reveal another facet, what has happened here is this - I have simply jumped at the chance to write upon a thread without having to create a large account and retain more passwords and user names than I thus far have had to do. Therefore, in one sense, you have withstood the worst of many years worth of knock-backs, for; I do have quite enough usernames and passwords already.

It is still extremely poorly written and that I accept; it actually felt like a great big wrestler throughout the whole course was holding me back. Is not such a metaphor and analogy translated - writer’s block? I surmise that it is. Wherefore, in places, please excuse the year-eight grammar and spelling and please do forget not, that I was managing between two and three words per day, as well as juggling many other stress-inducing trivialities.

Moreover, no, I did not realize that I could in fact have put my gobbledygook through the washer that is Microsoft word and then paste my little beauties here to be held in the awe, that I do so fervently desire, yea, to be literally, that overdosing brain food my wider audience is in need of.

Therefore, if something alarms you or upsets you, fear not, for it will be more than likely, not my whole answer and forget not, that things easily can be posted in a not so perfect fashion when the art of writing is concerned. However, for my bursts of anger due to the situations that I found myself in and consequently, the way in which I wrote upon the subjects’ concerned, I only ask that you please forgive me.

Anonymous said...

I will leave out the “God-bless,” for, I do realize that it can actually be offensive to some, especially when it can be deciphered that I walk not the steep and narrow path, and there is actually no real need to offend here.

I actually wrote another six thousand words and when I had finished, it would have been more like, thirty five thousand words, which I no doubt would have been able to turn into seventy thousand words, that yes, I do understand that that would have been calculated as, and thus, have been translated into, another four hundred posts or thereabouts. Nonetheless, I am happy to accept defeat, for; my spirit does in truth, not stop in the art of prompting me back to God. Wherefore, I do hope that I will not again write in the manner that I have upon this site, for as I have stated, I do truly realize that it is bursting with errors, even, unsoundness. Therefore, if you do notice a mistake or material that is something of an offence, please do not troll, for, as you can see, I am aware of my failings, to the extent that I am not even going to try to correct my errors and thus, I do, in all humility, bow in defeat.

It is that times again…

“Your piece is over-engineered!”

Well, I do have to let the Germanic loose to run free and even, to grab the rains from time to time too do I not? For, I do accept and move by way of democracy and such a sphere and facet of my makeup does indeed have need of exercise like all others - to produce the fruit so desperately desired, is that not correct?

Mindfully and for good reasons too, I do hope still, that you – Scots, do not breakaway…


Matthew Jones said...

How sad and pathetic some of you actually are, we hate the English because of something that happened hundreds of years ago..... really. Are you that shallow and stupid that the only reason you hate another country is something that you have no personal connection with??? Get a grip, yes I admit, the some English are stubborn and arrogant with there pride, but can you really judge a country that has a population of over 50 million on others?? If you do then your just hateful and maybe the accusations of you being jealous of us is justified in your hatred. I don't judge the Scottish on typical stereotypes such as you all being violent and pissed up idiots. Time to get some perspective Scotland and grow the fuck up!!!

Anonymous said...

This is all lies!!!! This person clearly has no idea about the Scottish culture or their feelings towards England. We are incredibly proud to be Scottish and we think the English are a bunch of fat posh pricks.

Anonymous said...

How about an article on why the Scots Hate the Scots? The Campbells Hate the Macdonalds,Stornoway hates mainlanders,Glaswegians hate Edinburgh folk. In fact I live among the most hateing peoples on earth.But most of all with just love to hate the English.The reason for this is we have run out of people to hate in Scotland.

Balloch said...

Please will all those making comment in relation to dialect, please show a little consideration for the well educated Scots among you. Those who can spell,string a sentence together, produce correct pronunciation, dont drink, take drugs,and carry knives.It is a sorry reflection on our race that we do not rise to the challenge.Our football team,rugby teams,show true representation of a failing nation.Rise up Scotland,dont hate and dispise all those around you, compete and win demand respect but most of all be respectful,and be great again.

Anonymous said...

I'm not just going to forget what the English have done as a whole, I won't just set aside hundreds of years of rape, theft, and murder. My ancestors died for a cause! And a noble one at that! so my ancensestors problems was everything, my problems is you asking what the fucking problems is! P.S. I'm 12( and have a perfectly in tune piece of mind to share on this topic )

Geoff Miller said...

Its a pity to read all this as most Scots I have met have been really nice people.

BUT, there are a significant minority of, often lowland, Scots who have a real problem with the English.

They should remember that THEY raided, killed and robbed the north of England long before we retaliated.

The irony is that, as well as living off our backs and not even having invented the haggis,the lowland Scots have a lot more English blood in them than they dare admit as the Harrying of the North by William the Bastard led to masses of English moving into the Scottish lowlands. My fathers family is descended from such people.

Anonymous said...

I can most confidently state, after a few too many years living on the sad and ugly southern part of this island, that Scots are a lot different to English. Not for historical reasons, not due to the quite innocent nationalistic banter, but because of mentality in business, engineering, science, and personally as well. I am very glad to move to Scotland soon.

Like most continental Europeans, I probably have more problems with the English than the Scots do. The English can't work, do long-term business, drive, build houses, fight with honour, or even drink. That's just no way to get to Valhalla, you bums. And one more thing: what is this apparently genetic issue with women developing a thick layer of fat ON THEIR BACKS in England? I've never seen it anywhere else. Do something about it, it's not supposed to happen to prey other than seals.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy yourself!!

And the quicker you move, the better!!!

In fact, why don't you just go home and reveal, because the truth is, even a Scot reading this will know and inform you plainly, that a man of your intelligence is going to have a big shock when you arrive in Scotland. That is a certain observational fact that you are too nooby to comprehend.

And with such a post are you really going to be the type of person that Scotland needs or wants, to have hanging around? I can tell you with confidence, no you are not, you are best off going home to revel - honestly, leave us alone and leave the Scots alone for that matter, for, this is one of the most nonsensical and tripe pieces that I have ever read on this seemingly, God forsaken, inter web.

You talk a good one, that is for sure, but if I was a betting man, which thankfully I am not, I would put good money on you having no substance in any of the great things you claim, basically, if you came up my way, you would get knocked out with a jab for shear fun - unfortunately.

Honestly, you need to seriously re-evaluate.

Where do you get these people from?

Where do they come from?


Anonymous said...

Well, I do know where such folk come from... Mainly West Germany, and you get elements in Sweden and Poland - usually to a lesser degree.

And let me speak up and be straight, and no doubt I write as not only of myself, for I did indeed used to have to deal with folk like you in my own days of business - mainly, business men from West Germany, that held the exact same spirit, for that is how I see it - what you have is a spirit, that is common in West Germany and the other countries listed above to a lesser degree, and let me confirm, truly, it is a lot harder for us, (the English, and more than likely, Brits, on the whole) to have to have dealings with you than the other way around.

In one sense, I do actually see you and partition you as a disease - unfortunately.

I have nothing against Germans or anyone else for that matter, and I do actually have a German friend and I used date a German girl, that surprisingly, was very similar to dating a Brit. And my friend is cool too - pretty much British now.

However, the spirit that I write of, in some such folk, I cannot deny, and it is such a spirit that has led such a people into such nonsensical rubbish as that of Nazism and will again lead such a people into even more forms of bullshit, if it is not indeed eradicated, or in least, kept in check.

What is more, as you can piece together from what I write above, I do actually believe that such a spirit will increase and actually be the cause of the great, one and only "Armageddon."

Third time lucky...?

Indeed, a simple little spirit as seen above, will cause the world into war once more. Yes, fine, you can view me as being mad all you want. Time will tell. And what one believes is what one believes - we all believe in something or other.

Furthermore, if you think WWII was heavy, I would say, this next time, God willing, this people (the Brits) will blast you of the map, once and for all.

There is actually an old wives phrase from up north for folk like you and the spirit which you do indeed harbour and it goes like this "you are too big for your own boots," and please do not take that as a compliment.

Yes, we have own door knobs; however, never have I seen such a blinkered and haughty spirit as that which you find in the countries listed above, however, it is mainly West Germany. Nonetheless, we have our own, but they are not a patch on folk like you, that is for sure.

You say the whole continent cannot stand us, well, why are Southern Europeans flocking to Britain more than Northern Europe and why do they march with banners of Nazism and not British Imperialism or something similar, because they cannot stand you, not us.

Saying that, I do have a Norwegian friend that was once quite haughty with me too; however, that is understandable, with him coming from the great Viking culture, however, I think he understood that I would only have hit him once and the show would have been over. More over and in other words, I looked more Viking than he did, which I understood hurt a little. Well, it is understandable; however, the spirit above is way more demented - and crosses way over the line.

So, I do hope you learn and manage to put to death such as your fruitiness as seen above. Nonetheless, I do believe that I would rip you to shreds if I carried on; however, you are not worth it.

Great Wisdom you wield...

Get a life!!!


Anonymous said...

Here is another little British beauty "you cannot see the wood for the trees."

Now, let us analyze your observations. However, this is not ripping you to shreds, this is simply opening up your claims a little.

You write that we cannot build houses, do you not?

Did you not watch the late documentary on the Claridges Hotel, one of many may I say, profitable, full, brimming, successful, all the while, the rooms are only £7,000 per night, which may I add, folk are more than willing to pay. Do you have hotels at £7,000 per night, overflowing with guests?

Oh, we can build hotels, but not houses I suppose...

Well, how about this for size, the houses in my area are about four hundred years old currently, on the whole, and they will stand for at least a thousand years. Where else do you find entire communities that build houses that will stand for a thousand years?

I suppose we built The USA wrong too, and Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, The Falkland Islands and the others.

Oh, New Builds is it?

I have a British built New Build, and it stands on a two hundred foot North Sea Cliff top that is about thirty meters from the edge that leaves nothing but the sea and its floor, which may I add, regularly gets a dose of some of worst weather The Old Germanicus Oceanus can throw at it, and that will stand for between two and four hundred years.

Will your houses stand for four hundred years?

The West Germans do not even have their own homes, do you not stand in four hour queues, of one hundred people or more, just to get a decent let rate?

Yes, I know, seemingly, that the entire world is trying to push us back to a hundred years ago, to the secondary preference of letting; however, we will never turn back, for the political party that stands for our values in quintessential British built homes, that we can call or own, will indeed be among the political parties of the future that will succeed, and those of the contrary disposition will never get elected.

By the way side, what is David Cameron doing allowing folk to confirm his joys in the very unpopular sport of fox hunting this week. Again, if I was a betting man, I would put money down, that he has lost close to million votes, from that one little revelation. How can you be so nooby? Get with the times David, hire a game keeper and play badminton or something. And do not think that I do not understand such things, I am from Northern England, where a lot of it goes on, and I did indeed used to live in Scotland where, I did used to come across fox hunting in full swing, when out walking. Put it to death, honestly - you need to hire a game keeper, or you are finished. You are probably finished anyhow, again, because you are not with the times.

Nevertheless, getting back to the subject of building.

Personally, I am very happy with my Little British Built New Build, it is everything that I ever could have asked for. Well, yes, I do hope for the room that the USA and Australia provides, which one of my brothers seems to enjoy - almost at my envy. However, that is only one little complaint. Yet still, the house is Quintessentially British, which is what I always wanted, not something from another part of the world or that has managed to get its little dabs on it. It is a damn fine house, that I have total confidence in too, and confidence in all that came with it, in that, it will be more than adequate to meet all of my needs. I do hope my girl likes it too - deep down I know that she will. We really are so happy, yet you see depravity...?

I cannot understand it, that I may of said a few years ago; however, presently, I do understand, you are the depravity, well, the spirit that you like to manifest.


Only joking, it is good for the morale,

Your very own Pod

Anonymous said...

Even so, my I note, that my building company actually have their roots in Ireland, but then that matters not to me, for as you do know I do actually see the Irish as Britons anyhow. That said, my house is still quintessentially British. The Irish connection is actually very surprising, with Mr Barratt, the North East Business Tycoon passing away this week, anyway, the house is damn fine and the Irish can be proud of that.

"The English can't work."

Where do you actually glean your information from and how much do you actually know about this here, fine land?

Did you not know, that before all of the European legislation come to pass, that we worked more hours than any other country in Europe and maybe even the entire world - and that was policy.

What do actually do for a living?

I bet you do not even know what real work is? I liken it to a long fifteen round boxing match, each and every single day? Not that I have actually been in a long fifteen round boxing match. However, I have watched many mind, and I do certainly know what it feels like to go way beyond that which one thought he was capable of. Have you ever worked in a factory, or in a warehouse, yea, on an old a production line, or on a building site? In the rain, sleet and snow, yea, with great gales and the like, for eight to twelve hours per day - year in and year out?

"The English can't do long term business."

How long have you actually been in business for?

I deal with companies that have been chugging along for hundreds of years - many and varied.

We, as a family, if you add the years up, as a conglomeration, have been in business for two to three hundred years.

I reiterate, how long have you been in business?

The English can't drive?

Do you have a racing car driver in your family? More than likely not? I would probably drive you off the road. On a bike, cart, or car.

"The English can't fight with honour."

How many men have you actually fought?

How many fearful eyes have you ever had to look into before you smashed them?

Let me tell you, there is no honour in it, and I have had to learn that the hard way.

Did you have to learn the hard way?

Do you even know the way?

I suppose that you do not have any boxers in your family either?

Honestly, what do you actually know about fighting other men?

"The English can't drink?"

What do you actually know about drinking?

The folk up my way know that much about drinking that they do not want to know of its shadow anymore.

What you write could be considered to an English man as quite laughable.

Crush that spirit, for I tell you truly - you are a disease.


Anonymous said...

Listen, we hold our own weight in business, and we always have done. In fact, the entire world attributes capitalism to this very here, small Island, and what is more, they actually consider it a fine and dandy gift to the world. If that is true - who actually knows?

We also hold our own weight in engineering, and we have always done that too. Furthermore, are not about have of the entire F1 teams immersed in British engineers, and not many of the teams wholly or in part, British owned?

Yes, on the domestic side we are struggling; however, what is actually happening is that we are going through great teething problems, that are to our good nature in the free markets in part, and in part, by our great Americanization of the last couple of decades.

However, when Nigel Farage becomes Prime Minister, which I do hope will happen and that, The National Party do not beat him to the post, we will take back from the door knobs in Europe like our £60,000,000 that we give to you each and every day, and that to add, we actually think is a total waste of money, we build very own, brand spankin new domestic mark, in other words, our very own Volkswagen. Therefore, hopefully, we will be able to shut you up, before the alternative, which is,of us gearing up for war with you again.

You write of science, like you of such things, for, was not the last greatest scientific discovery made at our very own Manchester? Yes, the lead scientist is a Russian; however, is he not staying and leading a team to develop and manufacture the product - he is. Well, he must satisfied with his new home, for, I suppose that you believe that the Russians hate us too. Well, from the information that I have gleaned, the answer is actually the total opposite, for they do actually like us very much, and I can actually testify to that, by having sat and drank among their tribe while on holiday. Another surprising thing is, is actually how much they look and behave like us. Well, I am a Cleveland lad, and they seem very similar - well-grounded, if I can say that without venturing into the realms of pride.

Let us conclude with personality...

No one has personality like the English, not even the Scots. Well, there is not much between the two peoples, which I, myself, am a member of both, so I do know what I talking about, and if any of the two has but the slightest edge over the other, that would have to be the English, I am sorry to say.

You actually verge on being a member of the great tribe of door knobs, my old friend from White Chapel has partitioned, it comes in his one and only favourite, simple little phrase "You Know Nothing!!!"


Anonymous said...

I write that dating a German is very similar to dating a Brit, well, it is; however, there is one small distinction and it that Germans do have a distinctive scent. It is in no way a more horrid scent, it is simply different. Blacks are the same, i.e. have a different scent, Asians too, Arabs, Spaniards, and no doubt all other peoples for that matter. However, this maybe a revelation to you, there is no distinction between a Scot and an English girl; however, how would I truly know that, by very default, having my genes come from both tribes. Nevertheless, there is also no distinction between the Irish and Welsh and the English. It must be the climate...

I write that is surprising how much we actually look like the Russians; however, is it? For you know that the Rusby's and Rus are almost certainly the members of the same tribe, for, you do know that "by," simply means the community of the Rus do you not, and that thus, do we get and have the Rusby's, that Kate, may I add, I do indeed enjoy to listen too.

I also know that we Brits have a distinctive scent to others that we know not of, for, one of black friends used to badger me something rotten to put a little deodorant on when we used to tour the isles in a little van, huddled together something rotten too. We were in a Christian band, if you are thrilled - not!!!

However, we all know that there is one claim that I have not commented on and yes, we all know that it is the worstof them all and it is that you liken our women to seals, whereby, both have uncommon and distinctive layers of fat upon their backs. Well, let me give here a counter argument, which is indeed my very own life's experience.
I have no idea of what on earth you talking about. In fact, I have dated from this here, dear land, girls/women that have been so fine and of such beauty that I do indeed attribute the great depressions that go through from from time to time, simply to, as having had the privilege of spending a little time in their company. It actually makes me sick, yea, ill. And it is indeed a sickness so pure. For truly, the girls that I have dated in the past, could have quite easily become blockbusting movie stars.

Have a good life my friend, as for me, I will stick with own dear, God given radar, and I would never, "in a month of Sundays," swop it for your radar, that is a certain fact - well, for me and my attitude anyhow.

God bless


Anonymous said...

I will tell something else too...

You destroyed Rover,

You have destroyed Mini,

And you have destroyed Rolls Royce,

And yet, you really do think that you rock the show. What would be a British man view... I will tell you... Wow!! you have a built a few decent cars, a couple of good household appliances, a couple of power tools, and some gearing, and maybe a niche product or too. Whoopity doo dah!! Do you know the real answer? Have a bun!!

However, everybody in world that is into creation, design and engineering knows exactly who it is that really rocks the show - the Brits and the Italians. After that, on the whole, comes the French, and then you, but then you are too dim to see and understand that.

Furthermore, The Americans are greater designers and engineers than you, but then you are too dim to see that too.

I do hope and pray that you never get your hands on another British marque again, and I do actually think that that will be so.

Oh, and I do actually believe that you have destroyed Lamborghini too, and I also believe that the Italians feel the same way, and are putting measures in place, like us, to never ever let you get your hands on another one of our pieces again.

Furthermore, I will be frank with you too, for, I do actually see and consider German-ness as ugly, on the whole, and British-ness, as beautiful, and so does most of the world for that matter. And do not think that I understand such things, for, truly, I tell you, I, more than likely, look twice as German as you, well as far as the ancient texts go, before, they gave us our very own distinction of being The Norse. Yet so, what is above is what I do truly believe, and think not that I do not understand such things as German-ness, for I do quite.

Yet still, on a more positive note, I cannot deny, that I do see and believe that your women are beautiful and in some ways, are more beautiful than Brits. However, when it comes to women, it does take me long to put the blinkers on, for again, truly, I tell you, I am indeed a love-struck Anglophile and I am indeed love-drunk with British-ness.

And writing of German-ness... I survive. Yet again, I tell you truly, if you go to Scotland and insult them with have the measure as you have done with the English here, on this little blog, they will indeed stab you to death, and leave you dead in the street - for the crows to finish you off.

Well, that is if you actually venture out of the "Beverly Hills," side of town.


Anonymous said...

Man, yes-man, man, man, man, man, man... I know, what you are thinking, "Oh no, its uncouth Pod again."

However, man, I have indeed just been knocked down a peg or two...

For, I am a little mad into creation, design and engineering - that is as a hobby, I mean; however, I knew that the Germans had their hands in a lot of pies, especially, when it comes to vehicles; however, after just embarking on a little study, the size and breadth is more staggering than I first thought; just have a look into how many pockets Volkswagen has its hands in.

This revelation is not good for British-ness, it is far too much and has to be stopped. Folk that buy British pieces, buy British pieces for their British-ness, and folk like me, do not want even the slightest hint of German-ness in the mix.

Do you really think that the King of Saudi Arabia wants to buy a Rolls Royce with a BMW engine under the bonnet? His servants probably have BMW's. This is not good for any of us.

I am not too bothered, for, I know the Brits like the back of my hand and I know, that if they really wanted too, they could build a new set of pieces tomorrow, that would put the old ones to shame, and that, I do hope happens too.

My secular dream, I give above, it is, Nigel Farage becomes Prime Minister, we take back our money from Europe, and build our own Volkswagen. Why are we buying German cars? Can we not build better, just study a little, that is all I say, take a look at our history and the pieces thereof - Come on Nigel - raise your game, and make our secular dreams a reality.

By the way side Brit, I know that you to claim to hail from Bristol, well, when I was young lad, I thought that the Bristol Fighter T, was the finest car in the world, and I am indeed looking forward to Britol's return to the markets.

That is what I want - British-ness. And I sure that is what the world wants too, when they buy British-ness.

I loath it, when I read Germans stating that Mini's are German. Do you know, that a lot of Brits actually buy Mini's because they think that they are still wholly, British.

Friends, above is not good, especially with the guy above chatting so much shit.

No doubt his boss wants to give him a clip around the ear lug.

Well done, to James Arthur too, you did us proud lad. I walk past your flat all the time; however, no doubt, you will be moving on to the "Beverly Hills," side of town now. Good on you lad. Hit the Christian scene, that's where the real music is - cracking girls too. That is what I say!!!


Anonymous said...

Wynyard anyhow!!!

If you see me on Saltburn beach, I want a couple of free Golf tickets. Good on you lad!!!

I know that the guy above may not even be a German; however, I know that he is either German or Norse, it is not difficult to figure out, and further, I know how your mind works - sometimes good, sometimes not so good. Folk really do dig the Vikings too do they not, well, let me tell you something, they were right buggers, yea, they would wipe entire communities out - men, women and children, just for a little gold, and more so, a little land. As far as my family goes, it seems we are the dreaded Normans. I cannot help that, and I am as Christian as can be now - on a good day. Yea, more than likely the Normans that pushed through England, Wales, and then went onto Ireland. I am not proud of such things, I loath the Normans and the Vikings. You know, the Harrying of the North, were their very own people from Scandinavia and they cut them down like they were sheep - men, women and children. It is ever so sad, the history of the British Isles.

I also read of the great whohar at Mini, where the Germans are trying to cut the workers afternoon tea break and they are calling the workers worse than Hitler or Stalin, all because they want to keep their afternoon tea break. Listen, you are going about things totally the wrong way, you need to understand that Brits love, an afternoon tea break, where they like a game of cards and a little read of the papers. All you have to do, is say, "if you want an afternoon tea break, you have to finish fifteen minutes later in the day." You may have to fight for a couple of months, but folk would probably accept that - tea is addictive you know, and folk need a good cup of old rosie - to buck them up. What you need not do, is call them all of the names under the sun - for truly, that will only end in disaster.

And by the wayside, this one is for all the rappers, listen, if you want something new - to sell a few more records, get a Bristol Fighter T, it would go lovely with your Tekk 9.

Saying that, honestly, forget the whole story, and I say this, in the most good natured way - Get A Life!!!

I thought I would mention the Norman connection, because I know, above, I go on a tangent, writing about my roots; however, if I would have put up that seventy thousand words I write of, I would have connected it up something uncanny, which is great, because I really was walking a ledge of faith there.

God Bless


Anonymous said...

And oh, I almost forget,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year all!!!