Friday, July 17, 2009

Mr Noseybonk

Mr Noseybonk - a poem for children

Mr Noseybonk lives 'neath the stairs,
Mr Noseybonk never says his prayers,
Naughty Mr Noseybonk,
Noseybonk Man.

Mr Noseybonk knows where to find you,
Mr Noseybonk, is he behind you?
Wicked Mr Noseybonk,
Noseybonk Man.

Mr Noseybonk never goes to sleep,
Mr Noseybonk, upstairs he creeps,
Can he see you, Noseybonk?
Noseybonk can.


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Gareth Williams said...

I'm sure the little ones' imaginations will provide the next and final verse.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see your training is going well, but you may want to consider starting Brit Jr. on Rock-A-Bye-Baby and then work up.

monix said...

I don't remember ever seeing this programme. It reminds me of an awful song my mother used to sing that started "Hush there's a grey man coming up the stairs." I still have nightmares about it and still don't understand why anyone, especially one's Mum for goodness sake, would want to terrify children.

Brit said...

To discourage trangression and keep them on their toes.

worm said...

EXCELLENT! even the name mr. noseybonk is scary.

I can seriously still remember the dreams I had about him in exact vivid detail, him bursting in the room, running towards me in speeded up motion, rubbing his white gloved hands together and his rictus leer bearing down on me

The aphex twin should have used a mr. noseybonk mask in his vidoes

Now can you write a poem about the Cybermen in Doctor Who please

Phyliss said...

Quite worthwhile piece of writing, thanks for the article.