Friday, August 06, 2010

Tempus Fuggedaboutit

Brit Jnr will be one year old tomorrow, if you can believe such a thing. A whole annus mirabilis has passed since that dizzy day when the world began. I forget what the previous world was like, but suspect it had more sleep and less fun in it.

We're having three parties in two days (ridiculous, I know), at the end of which I shall doubtless be plumb tuckered, while Brit Jnr will be as full of beans as ever, the rascal.

Updates will appear on her blog for those in that particular gang.


malty said...

As you stand there. a shadow of you former self, a tick in a corner of one eye, open neck shirt, all of the ties have been puked on, realising that you have become an expert on nappies, wind and poo, You can't remember the last time you had a full nights sleep, the pills the doctor gave you don't work, your hands shake slightly, you wonder what on earth to buy a one year old for a birthday present. The joys of parenthood, lets have another.
Happy birthday little one and go easy on your dad.

Brit said...

Thanks Malty. Yes one does become very concerned with poo as a parent. It's not pleasant but there it is.

Susan said...

Happy Birthday, Brit Jnr! Brit Snr, hope your day goes swimmingly (with more of the champers than the poo) x

Sean said...

The best thing about new babies is the smell of their skin. Dogs become very protective when a baby comes into the house, I am pretty sure their is a smell signal to the new born that switches something on deep inside. its wonderful, I will order another.

David said...

Happy B-day, Brit Jnr.