Thursday, August 05, 2010

Bodgett and Scarper

A day of DIY yesterday. I had three duties to perform: paint the living room; re-seal the bath; put up a coat rail.

Simple enough tasks, you say. Yes indeed, but I got a full day’s value out of them, and managed to beat my Personal Best in terms of quantity, variation and inventiveness of cussing.

This being a profanity-free blog I cannot, alas, reproduce the transcript of my day’s DIY here. But, rest assured, it will be anthologised in years to come.


malty said...

The beauty of paint, as opposed to wallpaper is that nobody stands behind saying "it's upside down"

Brit said...

Although at least with wallpaper they can't say "you've missed a bit". (Or even worse, "holiday there")

Although scratch that, wallpaper and I are implacable enemies.

malty said...

I do far more 'decorating', now there's a misuse of the English language, in Germany than I do in the UK, DIY is not the krauts favourite pastime and there is a shortage of retail establishments, not an accusation that can be levelled at Britain. The Germans have 'Bauhaus' and that is a misuse of the German language. Noticeably absent are B&Q and Homebase, some may argue that this is no bad thing. The typical project management exercise is as follows..decide what is wanted including plans A, B and C = 3 months, purchase the materials = 2 months, do the actual work = 4 days.

Having the stuff done by a 'professional', another misuse, is an option, but unless one is fluent in Turkish, Polish or Armenian then disaster beckons.