Monday, August 02, 2010

For the assiduous clicker

My stats inform me that several assiduous readers clicked on every single one of the links in the Private Pyschedelic Reel post below. That's pretty hardcore; I hope you emerged unscathed.

I will attempt to post this week, but I'm also busy building The Dabbler, which launches properly this month and today, in its nascent format, features a bit of Nige.

"The 1p Book Review" will be a recurring Dabbler feature. If you would like to recommend a book (fiction or non) that can be bought on Amazon for a penny (or a cent?), drop a line, with your choice and justification, to


malty said...

This is a development of the most worrying kind, learning that every time that I point an arrow at a bit of blue print someone out there is watching my every move very disconcerting, is it like our electricity meter, the more frenzied the clicking the faster the whizzing?
Does Nige charge 1p per review I hear myself ask.

Brit said...

Big Blogger is watching you.

But I don't know who did all that clicking, only that some someones did.

Nige said...

Less than that, Malty, less than that...