Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Official state crustacean news

I bring glad tidings! You may recall that last October I suggested that Wikipedia’s List of Official State Crustaceans might mark the point at which there is too much internet, particularly as only Louisiana and Maryland had even bothered to nominate crustacean representatives (the crawfish and blue crab respectively).

But idly clicking on the Wiki page again, I was surprised and delighted to discover that the list has a new addition, as Oregon has finally done right by the Dungeness crab. The crab was officially ratified by the 75th Oregon Legislative Assembly last April, with this magnificent Resolution/prose-poem:

Whereas the Dungeness crab fishery is the most valuable single-species fishery in Oregon, making Dungeness crab an important part of Oregon's economy; and
Whereas the Dungeness crab is an iconic Oregon symbol; and
Whereas the Dungeness crab is the most delicious of the crab species; and
Whereas the Dungeness crab annual harvest begins each year on December 1, when Dungeness crabs are hard-shelled, full of meat and in their prime; and
Whereas the Dungeness crab harvest ends on August 14 to minimize handling, so that post-molt, soft-shelled crabs can fill out undisturbed; and
Whereas this management method has served the resource well for decades and ensures that the Dungeness crab fishery is truly sustainable; now, therefore,
Be It Resolved by the Legislative Assembly of the State of Oregon:

That the Dungeness crab is the official crustacean of the State of Oregon


Frank Key said...

That Resolution could have been written by Christopher Smart. Splendid.

worm said...

Is the Dungeness Crab of Oregon not a little bit lost?

Brit said...

I thought you'd approve, Frank. I was in fact considering sending it to you.

Frank Key said...

I suspect it may appear at Hooting Yard in the near future, with due credit of course.

Gaw said...

Our Dungeness crabs are probably radioactive.

worm said...

just think of the size of their claws

martpol said...

Inspiring stuff. I like the notion of a state assembly taking the time to detail their chosen crustacean's harvesting process and molting habits.

Somewhat disappointing, though, that the lobster gets not a single look-in on the list thus far. Come on, Maine.

Susan said...

You mean the Oregonians(?)haven't been introduced to Rick Stein or razor clams yet?

worm said...
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No Good Boyo said...

Wikipedia - giving meaning to Aspergers lives.