Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Bloody hell, have you seen Coraline, the animated ‘family’ film? Last night Mrs B and I sat quivering in terror behind our 3-D glasses; it must be the scariest movie since The Shining.

I think it was at the moment when Coraline is frantically attempting to slam a door on the grasping claw of the demented Spider Witch who is trying to suck her soul into the mirror world where everyone has buttons for eyes that we agreed that we would not be showing this DVD to Brit Jnr for the foreseeable.


Willard said...

Was this proper 3D or the 3d with the horrible anaglyph specs?

Supposed to be a good film but I'm holding off watching it until I can see it without it inducing a migraine.

worm said...

is it scarier than the bit in the original charlie and the chocolate factory when they go on the freaky boat ride?

Brit said...

It's nearly as scary as Noseybonk, worm.

Willard - not sure of the spec of the specs, if you know what I mean, but the 3-D was quite subtle. Worked fine after the initial 5 mins of queasiness.

malty said...

Bet it wasn't as scary as Bambi's mum getting shot.

Sean said...

Imax 3d Avatar is the only movie on at the moment for me. Sure the narrative is a modern mashup, but goodness me what a ride.

Another trip to the Printworks in Manchester beckons.