Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The wage of consistency

Over here Nige notes some of the Ps from that wicked work, Ambrose Bierce’s The Devil’s Dictionary.

Here’s one Nige didn’t mention:

Predicament: The wage of consistency.

Concise, insightful and brilliant. I suspect that consistency might be greatly overrated as a virtue. Consistency, after all, is why free speech champions always find themselves in such predicaments as defending scumbags like the BNP. Fortunately I’m becoming consistently less consistent with every passing day.


worm said...

Due to overconsumption of beer, my consistency is changing rapidly to a sort of spongy cake dough. If I stand still long enough Im worried that I'll flatten and run into cracks in the pavement like a melted icecream.

Gaw said...

That Bierce really is something, isn't he? Never heard of him before now.

It's interesting how the world so often divides into two camps over this sort of question: those who prefer the lumpy mashed potato of empiricism versus those impressed by the consistently creamy mousseline of theory.

Brit said...

Wow, some fantastic imagery there, guys.