Friday, June 26, 2009

After the freak show is over

What is there to say about Michael Jackson then? We might never know what really went on in that strange, sad little world.

But I've often thought that I Want You Back is the best pop song ever made, and Billie Jean isn't too far behind. All complete rubbish after Bad... but before that, dear me, he really was a star, wasn't he?

Afterthought: In fact, perhaps the finest Jacko moment was provided by Jarvis Cocker. Heh heh, rarely have I felt more proud to be British than then. Maybe that time we threw stuff at that tedious fool David Blaine when he was in the glass box, that was good too.


worm said...

agree with 'I want you back' - and watching him perform there at that young age its quite scary how utterly utterly slick a performer he was as a kid

I wonder when he died did he feel that the majority of people liked him or were against him?

Brit said...

What was there to be for or against though?

It's hard to feel anything much about his death because there wasn't a recognisable human being to latch onto. The occasional strange and whispered interview behind black sunglasses.

It's like hearing about the death of Mickey Mouse.

Gaw said...

That comment is spot on, Brit. Some chap on the radio was saying his dying 'young' would keep our memory of him fresh as per James Dean and Marilyn Monroe. But MJ ended up a sort of ancient child like out of that recent rubbish Brad Pitt film. An r&b Miss Havisham.

David said...

"An r&b Miss Havisham" is scarily accurate.