Thursday, November 11, 2010


Astonishing to think that Iain Duncan Smith has turned out to be perhaps the most important politician of his generation.

Labour used to be about workers but it has somehow become the welfarist party, the only one to pretend that the most glaring problem in British society doesn't urgently need fixing. The creation of a hopeless, welfare-dependent sink-estate chavocracy is a national disgrace; it simply can't be allowed to carry on getting worse and worse.

It's still worth pausing to consider just how radical and active this Coalition Government has turned out to be. Before it was formed you'd have bet your bottom dollar that a Coalition would have fudged, compromised or avoided every issue. Yet the exact opposite has turned out to be the case: being in Coalition has enabled them to tackle the difficult issues head on without worrying about unpopularity. They're also remarkably open and unspun compared to Labour: for example, they've already announced next year's Budget date (23 March). The 'keep-it-secret-til-the-last-minute' political shenanigans of Brown and Darling used to be a nightmare for my business. Viva CamClegg!


worm said...

It always baffles me to read the comment is free section on the Guardian website and see all these hundreds of people proclaiming how claming down on benefit cheats is the work of 'the nasty party'. Surely the 'nasty party' is the one that allows benefit cheats to multiply & spoil the system for the truly deserving?

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Brit said...

Never forget that the purpose of being on the Left is not to solve problems but to announce that you care.