Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Art, innit

At the Dabbler I write about Antony Van Dyck's portrait of Lord John and Lord Bernard Stuart, the second in a series of short posts about paintings in the National Gallery.

I'm keen as mustard on the visual arts but have never really found a way to write about them before, partly because I'm weak on the technical side but mostly because the primary impact of great paintings is ineffable anyway.

My solution is to dispense titbits and amateurish opinions. Luckily, blogging is the ideal medium for this form of....Dabbling.


worm said...

I very much enjoy your posts on pictures, you have a way of getting to the quick of things!

I enjoy the process of blogging in this way - choosing something you like, then, by reading more about the subject and then collating those thoughts and new facts into a post, you share something good with the world, and learn something new and fascinating about something that you love. Dabbling is a great thing

Gaw said...

Just like football art is all about opinions, Brian (Sewell in this case).