Friday, November 20, 2009

Paul Kingsnorth, calling Paul Kingsnorth

A comment on Ragbag by Peter B reminds me that the 'North, after promising to judge our crunchy eschatological competition and send the winner one of his books, has yet to make good on that promise - and almost two whole months have elapsed!

I therefore project this post into the night blogsky like the BatSignal, hoping that his trusty Google-reader will detect it and bring him swooping back here, in our hour of need, to bring us closure.

Or perhaps if you say his name three times, he will appear...

Paul Kingsnorth! Paul Kingsnorth! Paul Kingsnorth!


Gnobbly Bob said...

Moody. He's probably watching you from the shadows as you type.

Paul said...

Strictly speaking, this technique should not work unless you are also standing within a pentacle scratched into the forest floor and surrounded by a flaming ditch. However, it is raining here and I don;t have much else to do.

I can only apologise profusely for not having been back before to judge the excellent entries for the competition. There was much reacting and romanticising to be done. But I'm here now.

I've decided to award the runner's-up prize to an entry which was not strictly an entry at all, but a question as to what constitutes 'reaction'. I note that this question has not quite been answered. Of course, the problem with 'reaction' as a term is that it implies that those who employ it against others have the right to define what 'progress' is and isn't. Always very problematic in my view.

I'm amused, for example, to be called a 'crunchy conservative'. But most conservatives I have come across tend to think of me as something of a dangerous Trot. The Trots who have bothered paying attention to me, meanwhile, think I'm a fascist hyena.

But I digress. Without further ado I will open the envelope and award first prize to ...


The suggestion of a Guardian debate with Ahmedinajad. An excellent suggestion, which I would wholeheartedly enjoy participating in, and I'm sure infidels everywhere would enjoy reading. Get me Mahmoud, and I'm in.

Brit said...

Aha, take it back, Gnobbly Bob!

Thanks Paul, and congrats to Vern. All you need to do now is set up the call with Ahmedinajad, send Paul your details and a book will, I've no doubt, be winging your way.

And Paul - fully accept the point about crunchy con, which, I'll grant you, is an oversimplification of your uncategorisable place in the political spectrum.

Gadjo Dilo said...

...and then click your heels together three times, isn't it?