Monday, September 07, 2009


A colleague today informs me, somewhat incredulously, that her daughter's first lesson at secondary school is Doublethinking.

I cried aloud in horror. It's all coming true, just 25 years later than Orwell predicted!

To my great relief, it turned out that I had simply failed to hear a space between the words. The lesson is, in fact, double Thinking.

This still sounds sinister, but in a 2009 kind of way, rather than a 1984 kind of way.


Uncle Dick Madeley said...

But you're overlooking the obvious: do they actually have lessons in 'thinking'?

Brit said...

Apparently so, which was the cause of my colleague's incredulity.

Further details made it sound like a kiddie equivalent of those dreaded team-building exercises you do on work away days.

Uncle Dick Madeley said...

To me it sounds more like a cunning plan the teachers have come up with in order to nip out for a quick cigarette.