Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A Charlotte's Progress

Milk? Kingsnorth? Snarf? What is all this stuff? I hear you ask. Why aren't you banging on and on at sickening length about your wee baby daughter Charlotte?

Well fear not, because I am - at a new blog called A Charlotte's Progress.

This is a separate, invitation-only blog for the following reasons:

1) there are lots of nutters and slightly horrible people on the internet. I positively welcome them on Think of England, but don't really want them hanging out with my daughter.
2) Baby pics, videos and my nonsensical musings on Transformer-like prams are only of interest to a certain type of person.
3) I think it best to keep Think of England clear of babytalk, otherwise it might end up being little else.

If you are a person of type 2 and not of type 1, are a glutton for punishment or a sucker for a darling little chubbyfaced bairn, and would like to see the new blog, drop me an email at the usual address if you have it, or the one on the sidebar if you don't. Assuming you pass a rigorous vetting process and promise not to fill the blog with snarky comments or arguments about Darwinism, I'll then send you an invitation.

Meanwhile, TofE will carry on regardless...


Uncle Dick Madeley said...

A touching yet suitably English approach to this dilemma. Brit.

David said...

but don't really want them hanging out with my daughter.

Ah, that fleeting feeling of control.

Brit said...


Anonymous said...

Of course you will, Brit, but only if you start developing the necessary skills.