Friday, May 22, 2009

The trials of pregnancy

Women just don't understand what we men have to go through.


worm said...

"Favourite 'male pregnancy' snacks include pizza, chocolate, crisps, and more inappropriately, beer.

why is beer inappropriate for a 'male pregnancy'? somebody should tell the writer that men can't actually get pregnant

Nige said...

And what's so appropriate about pizza, chocolate and crisps? A lump of coal would be more appropriate. I think this is 'inappropriate' as in 'bad' - a common usage these days...

Brit said...

From the article:

"The only problem seems to be that men are choosing to snack on unhealthier options such as sweets and cakes - and I don't think women can be blamed for their partner's drinking more beer!"


Worm, are you Will?

Right, I'm off oop north for a family wedding. Enjoy the weekend, fellas.

The Old Batsman said...

Might be a tribal chief thing. 'I have reproduced and now I shall grow large.'