Saturday, May 02, 2009

Hiatus, Nick Cohen, Baked Potato

With swine flu currently ravaging the last few British survivors of the bird flu disaster, we're getting the hell out of the country.

I will be away for a week. Upon my return I will be going to see the great Nick Cohen hold forth at the Watershed in Bristol, so if there are any killer questions you want me to ask him, just say.

In the meantime, be good. And remember, as ever, to listen to what the baked potato say.


Jeremy Paxman said...

"Mr Cohen, Should the audience bulk buy your book because Christmas 2009 is closer than we think? Yes or no please. You can't wiggle out of this one.

malty said...

Just ask him how pissed he really was, or was he ?

David said...

For someone who claims to like England, you certainly leave it often enough. I suppose it's easier to think of England when it's not all around you.

Enjoy the vacay. In fact, make it a point to arrange for life to revolve around you and Mrs. B. Soon enough, and for years, it won't.