Friday, May 15, 2009

Blow up Guido

Over at the Yard I once criticised Guido's 'project' to "reduce the esteem in which politicians are held."

This is mostly because I think Guido is hopelessly misguided and that he is both a product of, and a reason for the perpetuation of, the horrible insular world of the career politician which he claims to be attempting to destroy. Guido's blog is bad for British politics. Actually it's bad for humanity.

But it's also partly because I believed that reducing the esteem in which politicians were held was a literally impossible job, since they were already as low as they could go.

Obviously I was wrong about that but I'm still right about Guido's blog. Of course Guido has gleefully pounced on the expenses scandal, but it must be gutting for him that it was the frigging Telegraph - so Old Media it's still a broadsheet - that broke it, while Guido's 'finest' hour is an undignified squabble with the even more unlikeable Draper.


Gaw said...

Like some radical therapies Guido does a bit of collateral damage in helping along a cure. But surely, we all feel better having had McBride removed? Given that this also helped along an end to our Brown infestation, we should feel even more grateful.

Brit said...

No complaints about McBride's demise, Gaw, but my view is that he was just playing Guido's game. I hate the whole game. Like Homer's alcohol, Guido was the cause and the solution.

malty said...

Guido's blog is indeed a black or white affair, a child of the third rate Blair / Brown years, the problem is of course that the force field the labour party has created (Campbell, Mandelson et al) requires countermeasures that are not in moderation, otherwise they simply would not work. The appropriate level of force.

Our problem here is that we may chuck the baby out with the bathwater.

There are many decent, hard working MPs whose families will be suffering for some time to come. It can be argued that they should, in their position, have had the guts to stand up and be counted and that not doing so has made them responsible for their present predicament.
However, there but for the grace of the grand mufti, go us.
Absulutly stotting down Brit, probably dry in The Ship tonight though, they have a new barmaid, Polish, Iwona, wow.