Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Pavement Panto™ 4: It’s official

Good news, everyone!

After all the street acting fun over the last week, I took a moment to drop Adam and Joe an email with my suggested name for the phenomenon. And guess what? They've officially adopted the term Pavement Panto™.

Quite right too.

If you listen to this week's podcast you can hear them discussing it, along with more very fine examples and a mention of your host, about 5 minutes in. Well done, everybody.


Anonymous said...

i remember them from, god, about 1994? - they were good, very odd people, clearly.

will said...

jesus are they still alive? my early years are still haunted by baddad at glastonbury

Brit said...

Alive and kicking ass on BBC 6 Music, Saturday mornings, and of course via podcast - they're one of the top iTunes downloads. It's free and recommended as they're probably the only genuinely funny DJs around.

Adam does a bit of acting these days - Son of Rambow, Hot Fuzz etc.

malty said...

Fame at last Brit, you will become an icon, I would have commented earlier but after reading Capt Bs article have spent the evening constructing a fall out shed.

Nige said...

Way to go Brit!