Monday, May 21, 2007

Whatever happened to Terry and Julie?

The Kinks are to re-release Waterloo Sunset to mark the single's 40th anniversary.

Some songs are so ingrained into the national consciousness that they no longer really belong to the original artists, but to the country. Possibly to the Queen, in fact.

An original performance with excellent sound quality can be enjoyed here.


Hey Skipper said...

"Return to Waterloo" is even better, IMHO.

Harry Eagar said...

Hmmm. And how or why did it become so engrained? A very nice song, to be sure.

The Kinks were one of the few bands who could, at least on some nights, sound better on stage than in a heavily produced studio session.

I am particularly thinking of the Ducks on the Wall Tour, where Ray Davies ripped up 'Demon Alcohol,' on vinyl another of many wistful Kinks ditties, into a hell-fire rocker.

Brit said...

Because it's a perfectly constructed song with a simple, memorable tune and a simple, poetic lyric that speaks to a universal feeling.

The Beach Boys' 'God Only Knows' is comparable.