Thursday, May 03, 2007

Face values

The demise of BP Chief Lord Browne causes the BBC to wonder whether British business has a 'pink plateau'.

Or, given that poor Browne looks exactly like the intermediary stage in a morphing sequence between Tony Blair and George Bush, it could be that the judge just didn't like his face.


David said...

From the article:

and would being openly gay have hurt his career prospects?

He was Chief Executive of British Petroleum. What "career prospects?"

martpol said...

What "career prospects?"

Taking over the world and ruling it with the evil fascist US-Saudi-Kuwaiti dictatorship, of course.

Anonymous said...

We really must do something about that pink-perjury plateau.

David said...

Peter: This is a case where the repressed Brits are far behind us enlightened Americans. We know that perjury about sex is not a crime.

Harry Eagar said...

How veddy veddy British.

I cannot think of any overt homosexual executives of US businesses that I cover or that are widely and publicly known. It's a subject I never thought about before.

But then, I never thought it part of my job as a business reporter to worry about the sexual behavior of the people I cover.

Anonymous said...

Harry, do they teach sexual profiling in journalism school today? It would be fun to see the general reaction to a Branson-like poster boy for cool capitalism who revealed in a profile that he found sex a bit of a bore and couldn't understand why everybody was always going on about it.

David said...

Harry: Then I gather you haven't reviewed this book.