Friday, July 07, 2006

On finding yourself turning into a personification of your own Quinglishness parody

We went to see an outdoor production of The Importance of Being Earnest* in Queen’s Square last night…

…soft rain fell, intermittently.

*The Importance of Being Earnest contains more laughs per minute than any other literary work except perhaps Austin Powers 2 and Orrin’s Collected Thoughts on Darwinism, so with a competent cast you can’t go wrong. This was a competent cast, but they didn’t quite have that little extra spark which can send an uncontrollable, constant, building wave of mirth across an audience throughout every scene.


Susan's Husband said...

What about OJ's Collected Thoughts on Airplane Manufacturing? That's shaping up as a good sequel.

Brit said...


By which I assume you're referring to this classic:

No man finds it easy to admit a mistake, but OJ does take it to hilarious extremes, bless him.

Brit said...

Sadly, he's deleted the comments in the above link.

It's just his way of saying 'You win.'