Tuesday, July 25, 2006


From Ananova:

Jockey faces ban for butting horse

A top jockey is facing a ban after head-butting his horse after it played up before a race.

Paul O'Neill butted City Affair at Stratford after he was thrown before a two-mile hurdle, reports the Guardian.

Having landed on his feet, O'Neill appeared to drop his crash-helmeted forehead on to his mount's nose.

The pair were reunited for the race and finished fourth.

Paul Struthers, a spokesman for the Horseracing Regulatory Authority, said O'Neill would face a disciplinary hearing for improper riding.

John O'Shea, who trains City Affair, said: "Paul rang me and said he was sorry for what
happened. I haven't seen it yet.The horse is a very, very difficult character, but I couldn't comment on the incident until I've seen it."

Perhaps it called his mother a terrorist.


Susan's Husband said...

Just another example of how soccer is the source of all evil.

Brit said...

The profession that came out worst from the Zidane incident was not footballers but lip-readers.

There were at least ten different interpretations of what Materazzi said to him. Apparently he insulted Zidane's mother, his sister, the rest of his family, his religion, his background, called him a terrorist and cast various aspertions on his sexual proclivities. Which is pretty impressive in just one sentence. Although if anyone could do it I suppose an Italian could.