Wednesday, July 05, 2006


From Ananova, some short time before England’s traumatic but predictable exit on penalties against Portugal:

A man has bet £200,000 in cash on England to win the World Cup.

If England become World Champions he will win a world record pay-out of £1.2million.

The gambler, an Arab in his 40s, went to the William Hill in London's Park Lane two days before the tournament began with a Fortnum and Mason hamper holding £50,000.

He bet on England at 6-1.

It took staff 30 minutes to count the money which was all in £50 notes reports The Sun.

The next day the punter returned with two hampers with a total of £100,000. And he came back again on day three with another hamper with £50,000, making his total bet £200,000.

A spokesman for William Hill said: "Our eyes popped out when we opened up the first hamper. When he came back on the second day with £100,000 it took over an hour to count it."

I can only think that he was trying to make some sort of artistic statement, a la the KLF.


Oroborous said...

That KLF thing is just...

Pitiful. If in fact it wasn't a hoax.
Drug-induced, maybe ?

Brit said...

I think the consensus is that it wasn't a hoax. But was it art?

The KLF took eccentricity/stupidity to new levels - eg. they signed a contract not to talk about the burning for exactly 23 years, put the contract in a car and pushed it over a cliff - but they had about 3 absolutely cracking songs.

They also deleted their entire back catalogue.