Monday, May 22, 2006

Talk about miscarriage of justice

From Ananova:

School trip arrested

A teacher who took his class on a school trip to a historic cathedral was arrested for giving unlicenced tours.

The group, from Budapest in Hungary, were in St Michael's Cathedral, in the Slovakian capital Bratislava, when they were all arrested.

Slovakian police said the teacher had broken the law by not having a licence to give guided tours and that the pupils had broken the law by listening.

I think we can assume that the pupils were unlikely to have been guilty of that charge.


annalouise said...

Miscarriage my foot, if you will go round giving unlicensed tours you will be arrested. That is the law.
Tis only a miscarriage if you don't commit the crime.
Moral of the story is don't take children to museums, art galleries or cathedrals - they don't like it and you're liable to get yourself arrested.

Brit said...

But since when have children ever been guilty of listening to guided tours?