Thursday, May 25, 2006

Quinglish Watch: Rain Stopped Play

Communiqué received from Gloucestershire CCC this morning:

Gloucestershire County Cricket Club and The King's School regret to announce that this year, due to the appalling weather, the Worcestershire fixture due to be played at the Gloucester Festival, starting on Friday 2nd June, has had to be moved to Bristol.

Peter Lacey, Headmaster of The King's School commented; “We are extremely disappointed that it is not possible to hold the Gloucester Festival this year at Archdeacon Meadow this year owing to extreme weather conditions. Given the amount of rain that is forecast and the current waterlogged state of ground, there is no alternative.”


Susan's Husband said...

Wait, are you imlying that some years the weather in England is not like that?

Brit said...

Oh God it's been dreadful even by our standards this May. It's raining so much at the moment it's more like....August.

It's like the story of the Indian visitor to England in the summer who asked: "Why do you play cricket in your rainy season?"

Hey Skipper said...


It's raining so much at the moment it's more like....August.

And all the other months whose names don't rhyme with "dry."

Brit said...

Except that July is usually terrible as well.

To be fair, we generally have a decent summer for a couple of weeks in September.