Friday, May 26, 2006

Auntie does it again

Here are three introductory paragraphs to reports of the current Bush/Blair summit:

From the Independent:

Bush and Blair admit that Iraq presents 'immense challenge'

Tony Blair and George Bush last night hailed the arrival of a new Government in Baghdad as "a new beginning" but warned that an "immense challenge" remained. Only when Iraq was fully able to defend itself would US and British troops be fully withdrawn, both leaders made clear.

From the Guardian:

Bush urges Blair to stay on as PM

Tony Blair might be viewed increasingly at home as a leader with a fast-approaching sell-by date but he is seen differently in Washington, with George Bush urging him last night to stay in power "as long as I'm president".

The comments came during a joint press conference at the White House during which the two leaders alternated between grave statements on Iraq and some light-hearted mutual ribbing.

And from the BBC:

Bush and Blair admit Iraq errors

UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and US President George W Bush have made a stark public acknowledgement that they made mistakes in Iraq.

Mr Bush said the biggest US error was the prison abuse scandal in Abu Ghraib, which it was now paying for.

From the very start of the Iraq invasion, Blair’s number one domestic enemy has been the BBC News.

Even here, its reporting is more negative than either of the left-wing, anti-war newspapers.

This is despite the Beeb's neutrality brief, or possibly because of it – a bit like the teacher who is over-tough on his own son or daughter in the class, in a conscious effort to avoid accusations of nepotism.

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