Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Website of the Week: Get Back to Work, George

Gorgeous George Galloway MP has struck another great blow for the credibility of his own Respect party and for the anti-American Left as a whole by appearing with a load of even less famous freaks as a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother, when he should be at work.

This magnificent site celebrates the fact: http://beta.cergis.com/george/

George, Think of England salutes your courage, your strength, your indefatigability and your skivability.


Oroborous said...

It's said that "any publicity is good publicity", but IMO that's only true if you're selling yourself...

If you're attempting to sell a concept or worldview, then it does matter how the public perceives you.
That's why widely publicized sex scandals tend to destroy the careers of American religious leaders, and why politicians kiss babies and like to have flags as their backdrops when campaigning.

Brit said...

Yes, it's good news for Galloway the shameless self-publicist, goodbye to Galloway the 'serious' politician.

Not that there was ever much doubt, but this bizarre career move burns the bridge.

I've heard they're going to ask questions in the House about why he's spending three weeks on TV instead of working for his electorate.

martpol said...

The man is unbelievable. Private Eye recently revealed that the only people who'd taken part in fewer Parliamentary votes were Tony Blair, the Speaker (who can't vote) and an MP who has been critically ill.

Still, having watched Big Brother the other night, I can see a possible motive: the cast of freaks and losers they have on there actually makes him look quite good...

Brit said...

Or they might have done at first. Latest update: Galloway performs extended impersonation of a pussy-cat.

If it wasn't so funny watching him commit career suicide, it might be quite sad.