Thursday, January 05, 2006

The party for nice little boys and girls

From the BBC:

Lib Dems get 'youngest' president

A 12-year-boy has made political history and become one of the youngest-ever local party presidents.

Oliver Smith joined Amber Valley Lib Dems in Derbyshire when he was eight. He
became their president on New Year's Day after being elected in November.

He succeeds out-going president Keith Falconbridge, who being in his mid-50s, is more than four times his age.

He said he wanted to go straight into the adult section of the party in order to make a difference.

“Ollie will shortly have to start GSCE coursework," [his mother] said. "The spark of the idea for him to become president from me and we discussed it at length. We decided that later on he'd be snowed under with GCSE work and sooner was better than later.

"He's very keen to get rid of Mr Blair and Mr Brown as soon as possible - this is one of his campaigning interests."

For some reason, the punchline (verse 9) to Psalm 137 comes to mind.


martpol said...

Something of a contrast to the Lib Dems' leadership election, in which the main candidate, Sir Menzies Campbell, is 63.

I have a lot of respect for Campbell, who always sounds sensible and intelligent and avoids sensation. But is anyone really going to elect someone whose name is commonly pronounced "Ming"?

Brit said...

I've never been sure if it's 'Ming' or 'Mean'. Either way, he's doomed with that name.

He is a decent cove. But all the Lib Dems are just that: decent coves who can't really decide what they're for. The motto should be "Wouldn't the world be a better place if we could all just, you know, get along?"