Friday, January 13, 2006

The Gratuitous Nazi Reference Page

If you waste enough time on the internet debating lark, you’ll soon realise that few things are more popular than a comparison with the Nazis, Nazism, Hitler, Nazi appeasers, the Nazi-collaborating Vichy Government or the Goebbels propaganda machine.

The Nazi Comparison is designed to be a final word – the ultimate argument for which your opponent can have no possible answer

This page aims to be a perma-linked record of all the best Nazi References. Please feel free to report any good ones not on the list.

Remember: the more gratuitous the better, and double marks for two precisely opposite viewpoints both getting the dreaded comparison.

Key: C=Comparer; R=Reason given (if any)

1) George W Bush (C: the Left half of the world; R: you name it, really)
2) The United Nations (C: The Right half of the world; R: appeasing genocidal dictators)
3) The Roman Catholic Church (C: Lapsed Catholics, mostly; R: opposing condoms and other sundry items)
4) Atheists (C: The Religious Right; R: being atheists, like the Nazis)
5) The Religious Right (C: Atheists; R: being intolerant, like the Nazis)
6) Darwinists (C: The Religious Right; R: approving of genocide)
7) Tony Blair and the Labour spin-doctors (C: The Tories; R: propaganda)
8) The Tory party (C: the British Left; R: being fuddy-duddy and homophobic etc)
9) Fox-hunters (C: Animal Rights Activists; R: killing foxes is as bad or worse than killing people)
10) City folk who want to ban fox-hunting (C: The Countryside Alliance; R: the tyranny of the majority)
11) Israel (C: pro-Palestinians; R: just general dislike really)
12) The Pro-life movement (C: The Pro-choice movement; R: being evil)
13) The Pro-choice movement (C: The Pro-life movement; R: being evil)
14) The War On Terror (C: Harold Pinter; R: senility)
15) Harry Potter (C: Certain US bloggers; R: Hogwarts is racially prejudiced against muggles)
16) Those who think religion and scientific viewpoints are ultimately incompatible (C: a certain other blogger; R: you’ll have to ask him)
17) Ted Haggard’s New Life Church, Colorado Springs (C: Richard Dawkins; R: a service looks like the Nuremburg rallies)
18) Those who want to introduce a British identity card. (C: teenage debaters. R: ID cards would arguably pose a minor threat to civil liberties; anyone who does this clearly wants to establish the Fourth Reich)
19) Anti-prostitution laws (C: Sebastian Horsley; R: interference with his fundamental slap-and-tickle rights )


Oroborous said...

A funny list, AND a public service...

Unfortunately, those who would most benefit from reflecting on the lesson of the list are also those who are least likely to get the lesson of the list.

"Hogwarts is racially prejudiced against muggles" is complete rubbish - I mean, for other than the obvious reason.

Hogwarts is the ultimate meritocracy - if you have magical abilities, you get in; if not, not.

However, although the institution of Hogwarts isn't prejudiced in any way, the series of movies featuring the place are quite discriminatory - NONE of the featured characters are people of color, even those who are only featured for one movie.

No blacks, Asians, Latinos, Arabs, Indians...
Although they take care to show all of those types in crowd shots, such as in the main dining hall.

martpol said...

Great list, Andrew.

How about "Those who want to introduce a British identity card."
C: teenage debaters. R: ID cards would arguably pose a minor threat to civil liberties; anyone who does this clearly wants to establish the Fourth Reich.

Ben said...

Was watching Channel 4 news last night and they were concentrating on the Government's new war on Prostitutes.
One guy was interviewed, didn't catch his name but I think he was a Lord or a Sir Something, who was the author of "A Guide to Massage Parlours". He was strongly against any crackdown and compared banning prostitution to something Hitler would do!