Saturday, December 04, 2004

Quinglish Watch

A record of diverse items which are as quintessentially English as the expression ‘quintessentially English’.

Why the English weather is the best

The Quinglish character
The other is in the Albert Hall - Why do the English find Hitler inherently funny?
Worlds apart - the British versus American cuts of Pride and Prejudice
A grand week out - the world tour of the Isle of Wight and English stoicism
The Society for Hosting Dinner Parties in Silly Places - eccentric adventurousness
No Great Britain Day Please, We're British - Patriotism is how you live, not what you shout about
The Birkenhead Drill - extreme queuing

Quinglish activities

I could murder for a nice cup of Rosie Lee - a look at tea-drinking
The Top 5 Great British Things That Everybody Moans About In Exactly the Same Way Each Year But Which Never Change and Never Will
Gunpowder, treason and plonk - Guy Fawkes as an excuse for a booze-up
How do you make a cheese roll? - the Gloucester cheese rolling competition

Quinglish History
Never mind Nelson, what happened to poor Basto? - Trafalgar and man's best friend
History is what you can remember - a look at 1066 and All That

Mortimer's Miscellany - a review of John Mortimer in action, including a good after-dinner story which you may wish to pinch
The Life of Whiteley - a tribute to one of the great English professional amateurs.

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