Thursday, December 02, 2004

Think of England Rules


Think of England welcomes all comments, disagreements, criticisms and arguments, and will endeavour to answer them all, but kindly asks that profanity, blasphemy and personal insults be kept to a minimum.

If in doubt, imagine that all debates be conducted not in the manner of rival football fans after a dozen pints, but rather in the civilised way of well-bred and well-fed gentlemen around the dinner table, after the cheese and port have been served, but before they retire to join the ladies in the drawing room.

Think of England will remove any comments considered unnecessarily rude and sweary, as its Mum may be reading.

All comments are emailed to me, so you can comment even on really old posts and reasonably expect a response.

2. Suggestions, contributions and commissions

Please email me any suggestions for posts. Think of England also welcomes any contributions.

I also write for money. If you would like to talk about commissioning an article, essay or even a poem, just email me.

All original material copyright Andrew Nixon. 'Brit' picture kindly donated by Duck of The Daily Duck.

Thanks to all those who helped in the creation of Think of England, and curses to those who hindered.