Thursday, October 06, 2005

TofE would like to beat the rush and wish you all a Happy Christmas now

From the Guardian today:

'It's Christmas," Noddy Holder used to scream. But if memory serves, that ghastly record only came out about a week before the big day in 1973 (and then shot to the top of the charts). Noddy probably wouldn't have thought of marking Christmas in the balmy days of early October - but that was then. In 2005, Christmas starts NOW.

Pope Benedict XVI, the Archbishop of Canterbury and other fuddy duddies no doubt think Christmas should start, at the very earliest, in early December, with small, tousle-haired children lighting advent calendars in freezing churches. But somebody far more important - the boss of global superpower Tesco - has decided that it should start just as the cricket season ends.

My top 5 of Traditional British Things That Everyone Moans About In Exactly the Same Way Every Year But Which Never Change and Never Will

5. The Clocks Go Back to GMT in October and it’s Too Dark When You Leave Work

4. Tim Henman Fails to Win Wimbledon (this will soon be replaced by Andy Murray Fails To Win Wimbledon)

3. They Enforce a Hosepipe Ban in July Even Though it’s Rained Every Bloody Day Since Last November

2. The Great GCSEs/A-Levels Are Getting Easier versus Standards Are Improving Debate

1. The Shops Start Selling Christmas Stuff Before Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night

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