Monday, June 20, 2011

The Return of Isner Mahut

ToE readers will not be surprised to hear that Isner and Mahut have been drawn together once again in the first round of Wimbledon.

Isner and Mahut are perfectly balanced yin-yang anti-doppelgangers who, since they 'found' each other in last year's impossible tennis match, have been living together in a wooden hut high in the Himalayas, where they spend their days playing out endless chess stalemates and drawn games of noughts-and-crosses.

According to The Times on Saturday, the odds on Isner and Mahut being drawn together again, taking into account Isner's seeding last year, were 1 in 13,871.

But on ToE, we know that the Fates do not play dice. The odds were, of course, 1 in 1.


Sean said...

You will find me down th pub for the next two weeks, Girls getting excited about sport for two weeks is too much to endure.....Bad Zen all round.

worm said...

too true Sean, too true

Steve Finnell said...

you are invited to follow my blog

Brit said...

It's funny how Wimbledon uniquely appeals to women. Anyone want to analyse that (without resorting to crude sexism, of course)?

Steve - thanks but I have a prior engagement.

worm said...

I think it's the very real possibility of seeing Cliff Richard singing that excites their interest

David said...

Have you ever known a 1 in a million shot that didn't come in?

malty said...

The utter Englishness of it all, the setting.. suburbiana plus strawberriana, the only 'sport' that stops for rain, apart from cricket and who would mention that fact in this place. It's raining, oh dear, the poor diddum's getting wet then. Can we imagine the next Man U v Chelsea game, down it pours, off they run.
Apart from F1 the most boring spectacle on the planet.

Fear ye not, TDF soon, alpha males rule.