Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Cupcakes: The Massacre

Elberry sends me news that the cupcake craze has, inevitably and predictably, descended into hopeless bloody violence.

Mother smashes up shop that ran out of her favourite cupcake.

I can't honestly say I'm shocked, merely saddened.


David said...

It's the violence inherent in the system.

Gaw said...

Forget revolutions and crashes, our era will be remembered for The Great Cupcake Craze.

Nice publicity for the shop. I bet those fairy ones are selling like hot cupcakes.

Peter said...

It's the old, old story. You start with chocolate or banana and tell yourself you can handle it. Then you try Key Lime on a dare or Black Forest to impress a date. Before you know it, your sweet tooth fairy cake habit has put you on the wrong side of the law.

Rehab for you, toots. We'll ease the withdrawal with measured doses of our sugar-free zucchini cakes.