Monday, March 14, 2011

Careless Whisper

On Sunday morning I was singing, as a chap sometimes will for reasons of his own which require no justification, George Michael’s hit song Careless Whisper.

Now few realise that George Michael wrote Careless Whisper in an unusual key, namely B Flat Whine Major. Achieving the strained falsetto demanded by this key requires long and dedicated practice, particularly for the prolonged “yoo-hoooo-oooo” which marks the climax of the line “No I’m never gonna dance again, the way I danced with yoo-hooooo-ooooo.”

It was during this practice that Mrs B entered the room and unfairly remarked that it was “the worst singing she had ever heard.” Naturally I swatted away her criticisms and redoubled my efforts.

You can enjoy more of my musical expertise here, where I curate a quartet of tunes loosely connected by the theme of sheep, including works by Bach and the Super Furry Animals.


Slogan said...

I have sung that song myself when playing SingStar on the PS2. I remembrer when trying to sing the way I danced with yoo-hooooo-ooooo I have to do my best not to pass out on the floor.

Brit said...

When I do it, my audience has to do its best not to pass out on the floor.

Because it's so stunningly good.

The Birdwatcher said...

I tend to sing whatever my daughter has been playing. Not because I like it but because she plays it loudly and often and it gets caught in my head. I sing it badly of course.