Friday, October 22, 2010


Gosh, aren’t these cuts radical? The nasty Tories are trying to Roll Back The State for Ideological Purposes, is the line that Labour, Toynbee, the usual suspects, are taking.

And do you know that if all these desperate cuts announced are fully implemented (which I doubt) we will end up with a State that is the same size as it was all the way back in...wait for it...2007.

Radical eh?

(This startling fact I learnt from Economist editor John Micklethwait on Wednesday’s Newsnight.

He also explained the Big Society idea in a succinct way such that, for the first time, I grasped the point (‘Red Tory’ progenitor and ubiquitous commenter Philip Blond is, I note, woefully inept at explaining this area).

The Big Society is a project to reduce the demand for the State, not just the supply.)


malty said...

Say what you will about the bloodthirsty Thatcherite barons in the Tory party they have brought out N. Robinson's true colours, the only remotely usefull thing that he has ever done in his life was to deplacard that protester.

New BBC speke 'deplacard'....vent spleen, the taking out of ones own inadequacies on others.

Sean said...

Whisper it, in the next 15/20 years the size of the state will need to be shifted to its mid sixties level of around one third state and two thirds private. stage one, stabilisation!