Monday, July 12, 2010

Think of England: The poetry spin-off and blegging site

Visit the new Think of England poetry site here.

Nobody asked me to write Think of England and no reader should be under an obligation to pay for things that I have done for fun. But some readers are kind enough to want to show their appreciation for amusement I may have inadvertently given them.

Every blogger’s gotta bleg sometimes. I have 'supported' the RNLI for years without having actually done anything except set up an electronic Direct Debit and put a window sticker in the Focus. However, it occurred to me that I might be able to do something positive with the rambling nonsense resulting from the thousands of words splurged onto this blog.

I have therefore collected up some of the more memorable verses, torrents of doggerel and prose-poems that have appeared on this site and elsewhere on the internet over the last 5 years or so, and put them in one handy site here: More will be added over time.

So if you have enjoyed such things as The Blogger’s Lament or The Chav, or perhaps the prose-poem oddities such as John Portsmouth Football Club Westwood or In Ilfracombe, Hungover, and wish to show your appreciation any time, you could pop over there and contribute a few quid to the RNLI via the button on the sidebar. There’s no hurry.

If you do, you will earn my thanks and good opinion. And if you don’t you will not be diminished in my eyes, dear reader, as God knows there are enough good causes out there calling for your hard-earned dosh.



Gaw said...

I was admiring your 'Of England' poetry section over the weekend, as it happens. Were they there before? I don't recall seeing them - perhaps your new layout made them more apparent. There's some really interesting and beautiful stuff there. I shall return (with cash).

Brit said...

Some of them were on the old site - this is an extended version.