Friday, July 23, 2010

My biggest break

When, much later in my career, fawning interviewers ask me the inevitable question: “So, Brit, what would you say was your biggest break?” I shall reply “Sixteen.”

It two reds and two blacks. Nobody was more shocked than me, it was a full-size table and for the first red I had to use the absurd long wobbly rest. This gargantuan score was easily sufficient to win an intra-company snooker biggest break competition yesterday, by a margin of twelve. My prize: a 2010 Wacky Races calendar, good for five months.


malty said...

Snooker, the time filler whilst waiting your turn at the darts board, refuge of the unemployed, saviour of the Sheffield economy. Apart from darts, the only game best played when plastered.
Hope you took a photie, you know, for the looming retrospective.

David said...

Ooooh, that's a bad miss.