Friday, January 02, 2009

My New Year's Resolution... to listen to what the Baked Potato say.

Thank you Baked Potato.


malty said...

They say absolutely nuffink Brit, consider the fact that pre baking they were plain ordinary spuds, the Aussies of course, as befits the fruit of the loins of thieving gits don't peel them, pre the open fire. The Poles ditto, this race of course is back in the stone age, have you ever been present at a business meeting in Gdansk with two Brits, one Swede and six Poles ? well believe me, they are talking gobbledegook ten to the dozen, mind you, the interpreter, Wanda, was eminently shagable, indeed she was immenently so, as was Ava Gardiner who, unfortunately, never gave me chance . Wanda, however, now there's a horse of a different colour. Amazing, the aphrodisiac effect of a Daytona purple M3 on an eastern European maiden recently released from the communist yoke. Her gaffa was well pissed off, thinking that she had given away the bottom negotiating figure, in Zloty of course.
I digress, happy new year, Obstmeters rock.
Frau Malty has just pointed out that shagable has two Gs, is that correct?

David said...

I always preferred the guy who said Donkey. Saw Vic and Bob live in Liverpool and the Donkey guy stole the show. Shame what happened to Lucas. He was funny as George Doors.

Brit said...

Yes, I believe Frau Malty knows her onions, M. Two Gs. Does she proof-read all your comments? Back in the Cold War we had this propaganda that all Eastern Euro women were squat moustachioed shot-putters. Then the Iron Curtain came down and turns out all the 'ovenias and 'ovakias are teeming with pre-feminist supermodels. What a gyp, eh?

Lucas is a good comic actor, unlike Walliams who can only do two voices: his own, and his own but camper. Little Britain started very well but jumped the shark in Series 2 with the incontinent granny. The USA one was the pits.

malty said...

Brit, only since she managed to break the 128 bit encrypted password used to hide the revelations of wrongdoings.