Friday, January 30, 2009


This will mean little to most readers of this blog, but Bill Frindall died today.

This is genuinely upsetting for me, far more disturbing than it ought to be. This must be because he was, literally, unique.

RIP Bearders.


No, thinking about it, it is upsetting because in my lifetime there has never not been a Bearded Wonder on TMS. I must have assumed he was a permanent fixture, but of course it turns out that nothing is permanent.


malty said...

As a non cricketer by birth I didn't take that much notice when y'all were discussing his passing but I've just read that he died of Legionnaires that is sad, even more so when he appears to have been the only one in his party to suffer.
In my wayward past I used to be involved with companies involved in the water industry and got to know quite well one of the leading experts on this disease, after a few pub lunch based conversations with this guy I decided it was a subject best not gone into very closely.
Apparently with modern commercial buildings, including hospitals, aircon / heating systems it's only the cold winters that prevent major outbreaks. The little blighter's only need a relatively short period at a certain constant temperature and bingo, multiplying like comments on Bryans Dawkfest blogs,

Crinny said...

I heard a programme recently about Legionnaires and learned that it is so named because the first recorded out-break of the disease was at a reunion of ex-Legionnaires in the USA. Now wouldn't Bearders have delighted in a little fact like that!
When I heard the news of Bill Frindall death Brit, I thought of you and guessed you would be sad.
RIP indeed!

Brit said...

I'm just about recovering now, Crinny.

And you'd have liked him, Malty. He was an expert curmudgeon.

Uncle Deetou said...
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Uncle Deetou said...

Sorry, I managed to delete my own comment... TMS won't be quite the same now. I'd always worried about Henry Blofeld leaving, I never even considered Bearders departure... very sad.