Monday, June 04, 2007

But it's all so 2003, dahling

A drawing which depicts Tony and Cherie Blair naked on the steps of 10 Downing Street is the centrepiece of the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition.

Artist and sculptor Michael Sandle, 71*, conceived the three-panel picture, Iraq Triptych, as a protest against the war.

"I suddenly felt overcome with anger at the way Blair has messed up," he told the Guardian newspaper.

Yes, suddenly he was overcome, poor man. No doubt destroying his previous work, "Horrors of the Saddam Regime Triptych" in his disgust.

*sic. Yes, I thought it should be 17 too.


Duck said...

What's with getting naked? First John Lennon does it to protest Vietnam. Then supermodels do it to protest fur. Then a bunch of Berkeley hippies do it to protest "whatever you got". Does anyone share my suspicion that lefties just like being naked?

Susan's Husband said...

Don't forget the Dixie Chicks!.

I suspect it's either about market share (if you're an attractive female) or pure distraction. It's also simple and mindless, two qualities that are always in vogue on the Left.

Susan's Husband said...

Now you've got Mr. Cohen all worked up. I'm not sure if he noticed the date on my post.

David said...

I did. I was talking about the comment, not the post.

Brit said...

It's a sound observation. I suppose nudity is the easiest, quickest, cheapest way of:

1) defying convention
2) attracting attention.

David said...

In the Supreme Court case I linked to, Justice Ginsburg implies, albeit subtly, that what was really going on was an attempt to use the First Amendment to convert the public beach to a nude beach. Just announce a naked political rally every Saturday, and then go in the water afterwards.

I suspect that the nudity is often more the point than the politics.