Tuesday, November 29, 2005

"Thank you, goodnight, and cry God for England, Harry and St George!"

In Letters to the Editor (today’s Times):

I say, chaps . . .
Sir, President Chirac can end his address to the nation with “Vive la France”; President Bush says “God bless America”. What can our leaders say to unite and inspire the nation?


London SE23

Here are my suggestions for expressions Blair and successors could use to wrap up speeches :

1) Carry on, Britain.
2) Tally-ho!
3) Confusion to Bonaparte!
4) Still, mustn’t grumble, eh?
5) Innit.
6) After all, worse things happen at sea.
7) Boyakasho!
8) Nice to see you, to see you…nice!
9) God Save the King!
10) So put that in yer pipe and smoke it.
11) End of
12) Right, anyone fancy a pint?


martpol said...

One that would seem to have lost its relevance would be: "It's half-ten, so let's all get out in time for last orders!"

Duck said...

Rule Britannia!

Brit said...

That's an idea: Like in Blackadder, all speeches should be "To Conclude with Rule Britannia in Full Chorus."


Yes, I suppose that and "It's nearly last orders, better get a couple in" or "better line 'em up", sum up why they've changed the licensing laws...

Duck said...

Or this:

"Britannia rules, Gaullie drools"