Friday, November 18, 2005

It’s a brave man indeed who only builds in those life-saving ‘breaks’ every 23,000 dominoes

From Ananova:

Threats to man who shot domino-toppling sparrow

An animal worker who shot a sparrow after it almost wrecked a world record domino toppling bid has asked for police protection after receiving death threats.

Several international animal rights groups expressed outrage over the killing of the sparrow that toppled 23,000 of the four million dominos set up for record attempt in Holland.

Investigations into the legality of the shooting in Leeuwarden have also been launched.

A representative of the animal management company that employs the man said: "We have not made an official complaint as that would be no use.

"But if an idiot comes around here, we want a direct line to the police so they can come quickly to help us."

Organisers of the upcoming event have hired extra security staff following the death threats and an offer of £2,000 made on Dutch radio to anyone who topples the dominos prior to the event.

This extraordinary tale of those 'crayshee dutch' raises far more questions than it answers.

But surely any man who has seen 23,000 painstakingly erected dominoes prematurely collapse, yet still has the speed of thought, accuracy of aim and taste for cold revenge to shoot and kill a sparrow – a sparrow no less! – should be employed in some sort of James Bondish secret agent role in the War on Terror?

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