Thursday, November 10, 2011

Newsnight, Bryan Appleyard

I have become addicted to the nightly financial doom-fest that is Newsnight. This is eating into important reading and sleeping time and also making me depressed. What, I keep wondering, does 'the abyss' actually look like? Are we going to be just a bit poorer over the next decade or are we going to be eating each other?

Anyway, Bryan Appleyard popped up on it last night, talking (too briefly, Paxman was useless) about the brain. He has a new book out today called The Brain is Wider than the Sky. I'm halfway through the review copy (reviews and other exciting Yard-related things will appear on The Dabbler soon) and I can tell you you should buy it.

You should also go and read and comment on his blog, which is alive again.


Recusant said...

On again. Off again. On again.........

He's such a tease.

Buy a sack of beans. Get a pig. Plant some spuds. Acquire a shotgun. Preferably do all this on somewhere like Jura or Colonsay.

Alternatively tell the Germans that this is not a morality play were the sinners get to receive their deserved punishment and get the ECB do to what every other central bank does: stand behind its currency.

Oh, and let everybody else know that there is no painless solution and bullets need to be bitten.

Sean said...

Some tribes in Africa would eat the dead of the enemy after battle if they had fought bravely in order to acquire their brave souls, sort of like reading BA's book but less messy?

Maybe we should have a big christams party and eat Bryan for xmas lunch instead of buying his book, which of course would be a radical solution in a complex world.

Dont worry Brit I doubt you would ever be on the menu.

Mark said...

I share your feelings about Newsnight. Pundit after pundit in suit and spectacles (but no grin) talking enough gloom and disaster to buckle the legs of a Columbian drug donkey. All one can do is say rhubarb rhubarb to it all and wave one's chequebook at the pundits because the only thing they seem to recognize is money.

Tried buying Bryan's book here today but it is not yet available. No stock on pub day is a bit naughty. Will try again tomorrow. I am hoping to sneak in and place copies of his book on top of the displays of Stephen Pinker's book.

Brit said...

I'm doing a Q&A with Bryan for The D.

Any requests for questions?