Friday, January 21, 2011

The Eds

So with Balls back in the saddle, Labour have now managed to end up with perhaps its two most unlikeable people in its two top positions.

Strange thing is that due to electoral boundaries and the Coalition attacks on the public sector, there's a more than decent chance they'll win the next election.


Sean said...

Balls is the personification of the Brown years. The pair of them look nerdy, which they are.

too long to go to know how the next few years pan out....getting through this one in one piece will be a very good start.

They cannot run from this.!

Willard said...

And the scary thing is that I might even vote for them.

I know... I never thought I would think like this but, living in the area that experts predict will be hit the hardest by government cuts, I feel like I'd be an idiot voting based on my political principles over the reality of what's on my doorstep. The Tories know they can hurt this part of the country as much as they like and they won't lose a single meaningful vote. I thought they'd be different but it looks like I was wrong.

Brit said...

And that's the problem with our electoral system (though it still probably has less problems than any other electoral system). It actually doesn't matter whether you vote or not, because where you live Labour will win.

Be interesting to see what effect AV has, if we get it.

malty said...

It could get worse, Balls may retrieve his Whelan from the sewage works.
Politics has attracted some appalling people into it's ranks but Balls must rank equal first with Archer and Blair in the total tosser stakes, with Brown and Aitken running a close second.

Whole new meaning for the phrase 'I need more police protection'