Friday, December 03, 2010

Wikileaks 2

Good article by David Aaranovitch in today's Times. It's behind the paywall so to summarise:

- confounding expectations, the Bradley Manning wikileaks prove that the US is on the side of liberty

- since they can't be construed by the anti-yank left as proving 'Bad America', they will be construed as proving 'Spent America'

Or as Aaranovitch puts it: We will be told that, properly interpreted, the WikiLeaks splurge shows how weakened the US is in the era of China, multipolarity and economic crisis. How it simply cannot do in the future what it did in the past. The suggested lesson in this is usually for the US to retreat still farther from close engagement in the affairs of the world, and leave them to Beijing, Hezbollah or (alas) Mullah Omar. Beware this latest manifestation of America-knocking.

Red Ken was trying to prove Bad America on last night's Question Time of course. The idiots clapped.


Sean said...

I was just thinking the same thing

we are on a certain wave length today it seems.

malty said...

The wonderfull, cowboy outfitted and curiously absent Obstmetre had them nailed...."more red meat", if those in charge and the parasites who crawl around those in charge weren't so gutless they would simply refuse to attend. Putting Dimbledope, the recipient of the order of nepotism, out in the cold hopefully out of our faces forever.

Peter said...

The "Spent America" thesis is best delivered in a tone of sadness and mourning of missed opportunity, much like a loving friend might react with palpable pain to your reckless dissipation. If only they had remained true to their founding ideals, they could have avoided their descent into imperial neo-fascism (or robber baron capialism) with its enervating, destructive waste of political capital. Extra points for recounting how Jefferson and Lincoln were formative influences and how, although you never told anyone at the time, you were secretly insprired by John Wayne. Your lengthy list of American folly and crimes should conclude with a resounding protestation of "one last chance" hope, which you graciously accord them as a co-lover of liberty.

The French Foreign Ministry has made an art form out of this.