Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Today on Radio 4: Brit's Pick

Inspired by Gaw's post on Radio 4, I thought I'd point you to my recommended listens from today's schedule:

10.00 – 10.45
Ball’s Favourite Balls
Michael Ball invites guests to share memories of the balls, shuttlecocks and pucks that have played pivotal roles in their lives.

First in the hot seat this week is Lembit Opik MP, who vividly recalls the “dog-chewed and half-bald tennis ball” that first inspired him to embark on a career in politics. Later in the programme Michael is joined by Joanna Lumley, who talks movingly of a cherished childhood squash ball – and how she and her friends would use it, along with Labradors and croquet mallets, to re-enact famous polo matches.

12.00 – 12.30
I’ve Read a Lot of Books, But Only Good Ones
Author Sebastian Faulks hosts the panel game in which contestants must demonstrate that they have read an awful lot of books, but only good ones. This week Tim Rice and David Mitchell argue that they have read both One Hundred Years of Solitude and Love in the Time of Cholera, but not Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons. Colin Sell is at the piano.

14.15 - 15.00
Woman’s Hour Drama
Death and Dundee Cakes (13/58)
Mary and Elspeth visit Beryl for coffee, while Daisy goes on a rampage and June wonders if she’ll ever find a suitable replacement for the au pair. Do the powers of Morianna Eagleclaw, ‘Princess of the Dead’, transcend mortal understanding?

18.30 - 19.30
Paul Merton’s Silent Clowns: the Radio Years (3/4)
Paul Merton shares his passion for early comedy in this four-part series on the Golden Age of silent radio. Using rare archived recordings and live reconstructions, Paul shows how pioneers such as Nobby Trumper and Stan ‘Spats’ McGinty developed ingenious and highly influential methods of making audiences laugh, without the benefit of modern special effects or any kind of sound or speech, and usually in a single take.

21.00 - 22.00
You Say Potato, I Say Starchy, Tuberous Crop from the Perennial Solanum Tuberosum of the Solanaceae Family
New discussion show in which guests must choose to either grossly simplify or wildly complicate a controversial question. For the opening programme, Prof Richard Dawkins and Dr Rowan Williams respectively simplify and complicate the question: Does God exist? Kriss Akabusi facilitates.


Gaw said...

So priceless I'm speechless.

martpol said...

I like You Say Potato... so much I'd pay extra on my licence fee just to hear it. It could act as a sort of care home for Will Self, Germaine Greer, Peter Hitchens and Jeremy Vine.

Anonymous said...

Did you make "You say potato.." up?
If so, genius. If not, shoddy plagerism, for which I shall punish you by using it frequently as my own.

Brit said...

All my own work, and copyrighted, Peter.

David said...


No Good Boyo said...

This is inspired. If Mrs Boyo hadn't distributed my hat among the poor I'd tip it your way.

The Old Batsman said...

Too good. You Say Potato is approaching the status of monkey tennis.

Hey Skipper said...

By a half-dozen furlongs the funniest thing I have read this month.

Gadjo Dilo said...

Ha! Excellent.

Round Britain Piss
Presented by Johnny Vegas. Contestants from places called "The Midlands" and "The North" must find what connects seemingly disperate entities like Cling-film, Wensleydale cheese and Helen Shapiro before Johnny's bladder finally gives out and he has to piss all over them.

Brit said...

Come to think of it, the Yard would be an excellent guest on You Say Potato. On the complicating side obviously - he could start with "Are there such things as aliens?"

I might invite him.

worm said...

this post is pure brilliance, of a level only matched by the red leather codpiece worn by that bloke from Cameo in the Word-Up video