Monday, July 23, 2007

…But is Born Again

The most enjoyable (for me) and apparently most popular thing to come out of TofE has been the poetry.

I have put the best poems, and some new ones, on a new website:

This is an ongoing project, and I intend to use this blog to flag up additions as they emerge.

(If you are interested, you could subscribe to the feed – thus saving you the need to check up on this site when it isn’t doing anything much.)


Duck said...

Happy second birthday, Brit! I didn't realize that atheists could be "born again", but why not?

The new site looks very stylish, in a subdued way. It's a good showcase for your poetry, which is top notch.

So what other literary efforts are you pursuing? Are you looking to publish any essays in the future?

Brit said...

Thanks Duck.

the literary efforts will be crass, commercial sell-out freelancing, mostly.

One thing poetry ain't going to do is make me rich.