Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Environmentalism: the new Puritanism

Australians have been told to stop singing in the shower in an attempt to save electricity and water.

Power supplier Energy Australia says exercising the vocal cords in the bathroom adds an extra 9.08 minutes to a shower.

Singing, daydreaming, shaving, and other "nonessential activities" in the shower are adding to the average family's power bills and also contributing to global warming, it says.

"If the average family cut their showers by two minutes, they would save just over $100 a year."

Energy Australia says that if customers insist on singing in the shower, they should choose shorter songs.

The company is distributing 500,000 shower timers in the Sydney area to remind consumers to be more energy efficient.

Think how much energy we could save if all the human beings on the planet just committed suicide right now.


annalouise said...

Am hoping that the energy spent on delivering them doesn't outweigh the 9 minutes of shower power they are set to save.

Anonymous said...

With mobile phones keeping the birth rate down, (see today's Telegraph) we won't need to worry about the environment for much longer!

Duck said...

Just imagine how much the methane produced from 6 billion decomposing human corpses would contribute to global warming!

Peter Burnet said...

Australians shower?

The older I get, the more I learn.